. Then, we are united under One vindicated Headship, that is, Christ, the Word of God

«  517       †          As the Head was took from the grave, so must the Body follow Him back to Eden. Where, the Head of the family, the Man, the Bridegroom; the Bride being the Body of the Bridegroom, must follow, the Bride, because that's the Head. And the Head is revealed, and come back with Eternal Life; and the Body must follow that, because it is Husband and Wife again. Amen! And as long as you're pregnated with the same Word, which is His Body; you've took His Body, become in Him, when you took the Word. Not the creed; the Word! Oh, my!
518    Wouldn't that make a text for this afternoon, to go on? Huh? My, wouldn't that be wonderful? See? Just think of it now, what it is.
519    Therefore, the Body cannot recognize... Don't you fail this. The Body, therefore, cannot recognize any other headship but the Word. Cause, the--the Head is connected with the Body, and the Head is the Word, and it's the same Word, one Headship! Therefore, denominations, and holy fathers, and everything else, is dead dung. There is one Headship, that's Christ. The Body only recognizes one thing, the Word!


«  528       †          Therefore, it's the Word, or nothing. That's right. He, the Word! How do you know it's right? He, the Word, is vindicated. See? He, the Word, properly vindicated, is the Headship, the Head of the Church. He is the Word, the Headship. He is properly identificate, identified, vindicated, by His Own Spirit being in the Church Itself, the person. Showing forth Himself, in vindication, is the direct proof to the entire Body. You don't need creeds, then. Denominations has perished. But the Headship Itself, recognized in the Body by personal identifications, see, identifying Himself, proves the Headship to the Body. Then, we are united under One vindicated Headship, that is, Christ, the Word of God [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] not under any church.

«  529       †          Then, our Headship is a Kingdom. "The Kingdom of God is within you," said the Bible, Jesus. The Kingdom! We are not a denomination. We belong to a Kingdom, and the Kingdom is the Word of God made Spirit and Life in our own life, bringing to pass every promise in this day, as it did in that day when the Word and God was one. And the Word and God is one in His Church today, making It the Headship of the Body that is redeemed, to bring the Message in the last day; and be taken up from the dead, in the resurrection, to go back and restore again, as Adam and Eve, in the beginning in the garden of Eden. The threefold mystery of God, His Body! Oh, my!

Notice closely now, like in types, Israel of old.


«  321       †          I see where there cannot be any hope left, Lord. There is coming a... If they ever start turning those bombs loose on each other, Lord, there--there--there'll be no battle front. They'll, they will destroy one another. And, Lord, it's hanging there, and yet the Bible says the whole heavens and earth will be on fire. God, I see the hour appearing.

322    I think of the assassination of the President, and then see that other evil man come in, without letting the man have a trial, and shot him down, in cold-blooded murder. O God, one is as guilty as the other. They have no right to do that. Evil in our own nation, supposed to be a Christian nation, what a poor example we are, Lord, of Christian. Forgive us, Lord, of our sins.

323    Help us, O God, especially Your Church, them that's baptized into that mythical Body of Christ. Which, "It's the Spirit that quickeneth," You said. And as the Son of man ascended up, so shall His Body ascend up. And He is the Head; His Church is the Body. O God, it's the Head that guides the Body. Let the Headship of the Word guide the Body of Christ. And may I be part of that Body, Lord.

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