..our heavenly Father sometimes chastens us with sickness, permitting Satan to do it, to try us sometimes

«  E-11           Now, sometimes, I will admit this, that our heavenly Father sometimes chastens us with sickness, permitting Satan to do it, to try us sometimes to--to bring us back. If we go out of the way, then our heavenly Father might let something happen to us to bring us back. But it'll only be for the good. See? The chastening of our Father is not pleasant for a season, but finally it brings... All things work together for good to them that love the Lord. And if I was way away from God and out of the will of our heavenly Father, why, if God would just... That He could do something for me and--and help me to come back, why, I would appreciate our heavenly Father, wouldn't you?

«  17     Now, there is demons that comes into the soul of men, and that is, in the phraseology, that would be--that would be in the... I'd say this though, the demon that comes into the soul is something that torments the soul.
Many times you can see a person maybe of insanity. Now, they may be yet a converted person, filled with the Holy Spirit, and yet be totally insane. See? That's right; that has nothing to do with the soul. It's a tormentor (See?), something that torments them.

«  19   Now, all sickness, we have to find first that all sickness came from the devil. God is not the author of sickness. No sickness comes from God. God sometimes permits Satan to put sickness on you as a whip to bring you back to the house of God when you disobey Him. But sickness in its beginning come from the devil. Could you imagine a person would believe that God our heavenly Father would be the author of such a thing as sickness and death. Well, no, He isn't, never was, never will be. God permits death because of disobedience. God permits death. As one writer said, "All, that death can do, God harnessed it to a buggy, and it pulls us into the Presence of God, a believer." But a--the word "death" means "separation."

«  20   Jesus said, "He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath Everlasting Life." And He said, "I am the resurrection and Life, he that believeth in Me, though he were dead yet shall he live, and whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die." And we pack the bodies of each other over the saintless of our graves. "But he shall never die."

«  E-60    I want the hour to come where I... we won't have to have discernment, where I have faith without it. Now, I think a vision comes here, say... This woman, or this lady, or whoever it is. See, I don't know, man, whoever you might be, will come up here. I never seen you in my life. And yet, He shows me there who you are, what's the matter with you, where you come from, what you did to cause this. There has to be a cause for everything.

And what if somebody sinned. Maybe they did do something they ought not to have done. Maybe they ought to have done something they did not do, or something on that manner. And here they are with a... God permitting Satan to hold that curse on them, to bring them to something, to--to obedience. Sickness is sometime is a whip God uses to bring obedience.

And what if that person's standing there, and I say, "Oh, hallelujah. Glory to God. Praise God." Anoint them with oil, and pray over them, and I happen to cast that evil spirit off of them, and God permitted it to be put on there. I'm in trouble right then with God. See? See what I mean? I'm a... But when I see there that the Lord says a certain-certain thing. Maybe Satan just did it, and I see there's nothing in that person's life to hinder. Then I have faith to walk up there. I have faith, because I seen Him when He come to me and told me to do it. See? And then I...

«  E-61       †        Another thing is, maybe if they done something wrong, and I say, "You did a certain-certain thing," that's right. "Well, to make that right, I promise before God I'll make it right." Look back again and see them well out yonder years to come, still well. Then you know God's already spoke it, just waiting for you to say the word. That's all. See? That's what takes... That's the way I watch, make my ministry slow. Take each case and watch it, then I know what I'm talking about. See? I know exactly what to say to the person.

Now, there has been times... I've seen death over a person. I wouldn't say nothing. I just say, "The Lord bless you. Have faith in God. God will heal you. You just have faith." Go on like that, knowing in my heart that they're not going to live, because... Well, you just don't want to tell them that, 'less--'less you have to. If the Holy Spirit reveals it, you know it's been done many times. Tell them, "Might as well make ready. You're going. There ain't nothing going to save you."

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