...it becomes a living soul

«  329       †        When a baby is being--a baby is being formed in a womb of a mother, soon as it's put there... See, see? But first it's a spirit. As that spirit begins to take on flesh, a little germ of life begins to take on flesh, and as soon as it drops from its... Now, in the womb, it's a little, quivering, jerking muscles. We know that. That's cells. Just like you take a horse hair and put it in the water, it'll cap over and it'll move, and you touch it and it'll jump. That's the way a baby is.

But as soon as it's borned in this world and breathes its first breath, it becomes a living soul. See? Because as soon as the earthly body is born into the world, there's a celestial body, or a spiritual body, to take a hold of it. And as soon as this natural body is dropped, there is a heavenly tabernacle waiting for it: "If this earthly tabernacle be dissolved, there is a heavenly tabernacle waiting for it." Just as soon as--as the baby's dropped into the earth in flesh, there's a spiritual body waiting to receive it. And as soon as the spiritual body--the natural body is dissolved, there's a spiritual body waiting yonder (See?), a theophany we call it (See?), a theophany.

«  14       †        Did you ever notice a little baby when it's born, its little muscles twitching and jerking? But when it comes to the earth, it receives a spirit, and then it becomes a living soul. And as soon as the soul goes back from that little body, there's another one waiting for it. See? Because, first, God makes the soul and spirit; it just goes to the bodies. And--and when we leave here, we only change dwelling places and go to another one. "For if this earthly tabernacle be dissolved, we have one already waiting." So that's our consolation.

«  169       †          The moment when a mother is fixing to have a baby, you notice, I don't care how cruel she's been, and how mean. You know, a while before that baby is born, the mother gets gentle. Why is it? When them little muscles in that womb is twitching and jumping like that, there is a heavenly body waiting for it. And when it comes from the mother, the doctor or the midwife, whoever it is has to pick it up and shock it, spank it, shake it, or something, and then it catches the breath of life. And the little angelic spirit comes into it, the breath of life, and it becomes a living soul. And when we have Christ in our heart, and Christ becomes real in our heart, it's a little baby. "If this earthly tabernacle be dissolved..."

170    Jesus said, in John 14. In closing, I'll say this. He said, "Don't let your hearts be troubled; if you've believed in God, believe in Me. For, in My Father's Kingdom is many tabernacle. I'll go and prepare a place for you." When this earthly tabernacle be dissolved, we have one. "I'll go and prepare a place for you, that where I am, there may ye be also." Wants to be with Him.

171    Then I know, as this little child cries, for the new birth has been formed; when all other life breaks away, all mortal life and everything is gone, then it'll take something to shock me, and it takes death. Death gives you the shock, when it strikes you, but it only borns you again in a new Kingdom, over on the other side where there is no sickness, sorrow, no old age, or nothing. God help us.

«  52       †          Now, remember, the Bible said, "If this earthly tabernacle of our dwelling, if it perish, be dissolved, we have one already waiting." Just as the little baby, its little muscles, in the mother, are twisting and turning. And, but just... See? And you notice, you can take a woman, if she is ever so foul; but when she's become a mother, a little while before that baby is born, there's a kindness about the woman. Get around her, there's always something, she's more tender. Why? There's a little angel spirit waiting to receive that natural body. Just as soon as it's born, the breath of life comes into it. And God breathes it in there, and it becomes a living soul. Now, just as this baby is being born, then the spiritual body is there to receive it.

And now, when this body is dropped here, in this earth, like the baby is dropped, also there is a immortal body waiting to receive the spirit back into itself again. Oh, what a great thing! We are--we are now in Christ Jesus, (amen), babies, babes in Christ, children of God, waiting for the full deliverance, at the Coming of our Lord Jesus, the... to receive us up unto Hisself, when the body, this mortal, will take on immortality.

«  52       †        It's just like a little baby. When a little baby is conceived in the mother's womb, it's just flesh and blood, jumping, quivering. But as soon as it's born, you don't see it, but there's a spirit and soul hanging near that mother to come into that baby just as soon as it's born. Just as soon as that baby is born, God has created a soul and created a spirit to be in that baby just as soon as it's born into this world. That little baby becomes matured, and it begins to learn; then it becomes a living soul when it knows what's right and wrong. Then it's got, just like Adam and Eve, set before a tree of right and wrong. It makes its choice. And then it becomes intelligent. It's growing all the time in God's great economy.

And finally it comes down to the end of the road, for this physical body. And just as this body is deteriorating and going away, there is one being prepared to receive it. Just as soon as it leaves here, this soul that's in us now and this spirit leaves this body and goes to another, a young one, a good one, a better one, a one that won't get old, or one that won't pass away. Why, He's a good God. But certainly He is.

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