..no believer should ever marry an unbeliever

23-3     Looky here, here's a little lady twist herself down the street. Here's a young fellow; his eyes catches it; he's a member of the church; he's a Pentecostal; he's whatever he is ; but the first thing you know there's no hold post in there.

She'll say, "Hello." He's got curly hair and kind of nice-looking, straight shouldered young man, maybe tried to live right. She starts walking up to him. Even a preacher... The first thing you know... What is it? This out here, the flesh desire, and the spirit down here, yet anointed, saying, "Don't do it, don't do it." But what will it do? It'll move right around, there the hold; there he goes. First thing you know he's trying to make a date with her. He's guilty of committing adultery whether he touches her or not. But a genuine borned again son of God... Amen.

 23-5     You can't do it yourself. It's totally impossible for a--a red-blooded male to walk before a female like that without something taking place. But when there is something on the inside, that little borned again something there... Though that man might've shouted, spoke in tongues, jumped, danced, everything else, anointed with the Spirit, done all the signs and wonders that God said in there, by His Spirit...

Jesus said, "Many will come to Me in that day and say, 'Lord have not I prophesied Your Name? Haven't I cast out devils in Your Name? Have not I...'" He said, "Depart from Me, you that work iniquity." What is iniquity? Something that you know to do, and don't do it. "Depart from Me, you that work iniquity, I didn't even know you."

But down on the inside of that man, if that little tie-post had been there, that Seed of God that was predestinated before the foundation of the world, I don't care what takes place; it holds him; it's there to stay.

 23-8     That's why that woman will wear them shorts. She's counted a prostitute the same as the woman in the act. See? She doesn't know that that spirit... How does she know? Her ultimate. What is an ultimate? It's the last word. The ultimate is the "Amen"; it's the end of all strife: your ultimate.

And if your church, a Pentecostal church that tells you that long hair stuff is just fanaticism, "You've got a spare tire on the back of your head," and so forth, them kind of things, the man is possessed of the devil; for God's Word said it's a shame for a woman to cut her hair. She'll dishonor her head. And if she dishonors her husband, and her husband is the church, and the church is Christ... She is a dishonorable religious prostitute: naked and don't know it. Naked? Don't the Bible said the woman's covering is her hair? Isn't the hair give to her for a covering?

5     And then in his wedding, instead of marrying among his own people, he went over and married a sinner, an idolater, worship of idols. He married Jezebel. And she was not a believer. And no believer should ever marry an unbeliever, under no circumstances: should always marry believers .

But Ahab had done this evil thing. And no doubt but what Jezebel was a beautiful woman. And he'd fell for what she looked like in the stead of what she was. That's... So many people make that same mistake to this day. And she had brought idolatry in the nation, among the people. And the people, the priests, their ministers, had fell victim to this great popular demand.

E-13     And this time came, and Abraham was determined that he did not want his son to marry an unbeliever. That would be good decision for a Christians today, who are sons and daughters of Abraham, to make the same decision about their children. Now, it didn't make any difference how pretty those unbelieving girls were, and how nice a women they were, but Abraham did not want his son connected with that kind of stuff. And so he had to make a time of decision on who he should marry. And then the time came that he had to make a decision on who he would send to select this bride for Isaac. And when that time came, he looked over all his servants.

God wants His people to be separated from unbelief and unbelievers. So many of you people make a mistake in this, sometimes letting your children play out here a little Oswald . See? I don't mean to be different now, and starchy, and so forth, and be some kind of a fanatic. I don't mean that. But you let a... You be sure who your daughter goes out with at nighttime. See, see? Maybe you raised her a godly little old girl around the church, and the first thing you know she gets out with Oswald or some of them, and--and he's a atheist, unbeliever, and her life will come up ruined and you don't know what he is. You see? Then he'll marry her, and look where your kids are, your grandchildren then. You see? Be careful. God wants His people to be separated.

E-16     Now, this borderline believer, as I called him a few moments ago, oh, he kindy had a mental conception of his theology, that he thought, "Well, there is a God, but maybe Baalim is god too, and the others is so forth." And his wife kindy got him mixed up in that. You know, boys, I'm telling you tonight, and you young ladies, be careful who you marry; you'll have a broken home the first thing you know. And it's not good to--sinners and Christians to marry together. Don't be unequally yoked together, 'cause that's what got Ahab . She was pretty little thing, yes, paint all over her face, eyes like a lizard, but she was a... The thing of it was, that... Did you know what? That's the truth. That's the... Ahab just fell for her, because she was, perhaps, pretty, because he couldn't have fell for her for character, 'cause she was a murderer; she was everything else. That's right. And Ahab fell for her because she was pretty. And then, he got hisself infatuated with her, and then she just ruled him with her finger.

 E-17     You know, the wisest man in the Bible outside of Christ died a heathen idolater because of a bunch of pretty women? Solomon. Pulled him away from God. All right.
Don't yoke yourself up unequally . And I've seen many people come to the platform, and be healed, and walk away, and mix up with unbelievers, and their sickness come right back to them again.

18     For instance, a few days ago I was called in on a--a scene, or on a--a little something going on. There was a fine young man, very fine boy, he was going with a little girl, very fine little girl out of a fine family. And this boy, all of a sudden, came up with some kind of an idea, and he just walked away. He did something wrong to the little girl, and much as promised her to do a certain thing and then didn't do it. And instead of coming to the girl and apologizing like a--a gentleman should do, he--it just wasn't in him to do it.

And the father and mother called me to the scene, and said, "We would desire to know what is wrong with our boy."

Now, it's not easy to do sometime, but you must be truthful and honest. Therefore, the boy was a Christian, as far as a believer. He had repented and had been baptized, and had his position among the believers, but yet had not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And no matter how much he thought he had, to--it--it...?...

 21    You thinking you have, and having It, is two different things. You might be able to try to say you have; you might be able to show some evidence of some emotion; but unless your life is vindicating what you're professing to have, you still haven't got It. No matter how many emotions, how much you jump, run, sensations, speaking in tongues, or shouting, or whatever you might lay it upon (which is all right, I believe in all that too.), but unless your life copes with your testimony, then you haven't got It. 'Cause the fruit of the Spirit vindicates what you are, just like the fruit of any tree tells what it is. Jesus said, "By their fruit you shall know them."

 22     Now, this young fellow's parents. His mother is German. No reflection on the German, but there's a strain in that family. And, that is, they'll just set, and you can talk to them, and they'll just stare you right in the face. Now, they got... This girl's sister, the mother of this boy, her sister, I have come down the street, many morning, and this young lady be setting out in the yard, and I'd say, "Good morning to you." She'd just look at me. And I'd stop, and I'd say, "Sure a fine morning." She'd just stand and look right at you: an intelligent woman. And I'd say, "Come up to see us sometime." She'd just stand and look. Well, her brothers are that way, father and mother is that way.

 23     Now, the father of the boy is strictly an Irishman, moody, and high-tempered, high-strung. That's his whole family like that, except one other out of the family, converted . Now in this, this boy...

This father and mother, both are Christians, filled with the Holy Ghost, and they have brought this young man up in the way of the Lord. And now the young man's about seventeen or eighteen years old , something along there, very fine kid, and he's--he's been a real model boy at home, nice kid. And he's got a brother that's just vice versa.

But the girls, the mother's family, lives close to the--a fine church. But do you think they'd ever come over there? No. And they know it's right, but it's just not in them to--to ask forgiveness or ask pardoning. They just won't do it. It's just not in them.

26     Now, the genes in the father and the mother of this boy, no matter how much they are converted, still remains the flesh that's been interbred out to this boy. Therefore, the boy has got a complex in him, just like from his mother's family, and they are not forgiving, they will not apologize, and that's where that boy stands.

Now, I said to the father, "No matter how much you've raised him up..." I said, "Now, look at you, out of your family: all of them, drunks, and--and fighting, and shooting, and cutting, and so forth."

"Now look at your family," to the mother. "They're a bunch of people, just set there and won't speak, very independent, and so forth, irreverent to religion." But I said, "It's not you. You're the only one of all your sisters and brothers, and you're sweet, kind, and forgiving. What does that? And your tree's part of that family tree, yet you have received the Holy Ghost. That's the thing that made you tender and sweet. It's not your people anymore; it's your Christ that lives in you."

I said to the boy, "Look at your family, practically all of them are drunks and so forth." I said, "And how moody, and--and high-tempered and high-strung, but you're not. You're kind, forgiving. What is it? The Holy Spirit. You're no more what you are; it's Christ in you." I said, "Now, that same thing has to happen to your son."

 30     And the father raised up and said, "My son went to the altar. He was baptized correctly, in the Name of Jesus Christ, and water baptism in the pool." Said, "I know my son has come to Christ."

I said, "That may be all right, all the outward motions. He might be identified as a believer with the believers. But until he's regenerated, born again, I'd advise that young man to never marry a woman. He'll make hell on earth for her, until that gentle, sweet, forgiving Spirit of Christ comes in . Then that will be a paradox in itself to take the very nature of a boy that's bred between father and mother. And yet, in his intellectuals, he's trying his best to overcome it. He can't do it. He'll never overcome it. Christ will have to overcome it. When he lets Christ in, then he's already overcome then. It'll be a perfect paradox, when a man is borned of the Spirit of God.

 32     I've seen critics stand off and make fun, and carry on, of a Holy Ghost revival. And after while, God get ahold of that same man and change him, and here he stands right in the pulpit preaching the same thing that he once hated. It's a paradox, how that God can take the unbeliever and make a believer out of him.

Now, I wonder if a man thinks that miracles is passed, I wonder what kind of a scientific medicine you could give such a person to change that disposition in them to take that hatred and malice and strife out? There's no one can explain it. But it's a paradox, because it's a miracle of God. When a man is changed from the person that he is to a new creature in Christ Jesus, he becomes a new creation. He's no more what he used to be. He's absolutely a new creation in Christ.

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