Life is like a leaf hanging on a tree


E-69 Oh, if you don't know Him tonight, friends, receive Him. Won't you do it while we bow our heads just a moment for prayer. Sorry the time is getting so quickly away. I want to ask just a moment, is there a sinner here tonight that doesn't know Christ and have never accepted this ensign? If you've tried to achieve... Say, "Now, Brother Branham, now just a moment. I keep the golden rule."
Brother, if that would've stood, Jesus would've not had to die.
Say, "Brother Branham, I've become a member of a very prominent church."
That's all right, my brother; I appreciate that. And I appreciate you keeping the golden rule. I appreciate you keeping the ten commandments. But if the golden rule, a church joining, or any of those things would've saved you, Jesus died in vain. Jesus said Himself in St. John, 3rd chapter, "Except a man be borned again, he will in no wise enter in."

E-70 Life is like a leaf hanging on a tree. After while the life leaves the leaf, and goes back to its roots. The leaf drops off. That life is buried in the roots till the winter's passed. In springtime it brings back another life, another leaf.
That's the way of a Christian that's on the tree of life. This old hull here might drop off. That is true. But the life goes back to the God Who gave it. See? If God give you your life, you're borned again, there's only one life that can ever live, and that's God's Life in you. And if that life is in you, then it will only go to where it come from, back to God, to come back in that great millennium with a new leaf, or new life, or new--or new body that will never fade and fall away.

E-71 Our seasons denote that God is with us, that God is here. He commanded nature. And now, if you have never received that life, and if that little leaf would drop off tonight, this little leaf that you are here on earth, you know it would never raise again. If you're not born again and haven't received the ensign in your heart, the evidence, the Holy Spirit, not just imaginary... You can't imagine it.
I spoke somewhere the other night, and said, "What if the disciples had waited nine days, and said, 'We'll accept it by faith that we got the Holy Ghost,' and go on?" They wouldn't have had it. See? They stayed there until they knew it was there. Something had happened, something that they could put their hands on and say, "This is it"; just like Noah could say, "This is it"; just like Moses could say with his stick in his hand, "This is it."
"How you going to conquer, Moses?"
"With this stick I'll conquer. That's how I'll do it."
By Jesus Christ, by the Holy Ghost, I have conquered, I have...'cause He conquered for me. And now my life is dead, and hid in Him, and sealed by the Holy Ghost. It's there. If you haven't that experience tonight, sinner friend, would you come while we bow our heads just a moment?

E-72 Our heavenly Father, now I commit the audience to You. There might be a wayward person here that may never have the opportunity again. We just hear it on the telephone, a few moments ago, or awhile ago, Brother Tommy Hicks, a precious servant of Yours, his brother that he'd cried to, begged to, just a few weeks ago even sent him a letter and said, "Brother, receive Christ."
But he was making so much money to buy him a $100,000 home, a new Cadillac, he didn't have time to do it. "Think I'll do that later on, Tommy." But it's too late now. It caught up with him down in Mexico. O God, be merciful. Let people know that there's no more coming back to try again; this is the only opportunity. And death does not change the soul; it only changes its dwelling place.
Now, Father, I pray that if there's a soul here that knows that they are made up of this triune being of both soul, body, and spirit, that inside of the pulp that they live in is a spirit; inside the soul that controls them is a spirit, inside the five senses is a spirit, and if that spirit isn't the Spirit of God when this other drops away, it can never rise again. But God, I pray Thee that they will receive You now, and catch this beautiful ensign of the Holy Spirit in their heart and be saved tonight.

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