Jesus was not "Just a man", but God in Flesh

635-215 When the Roman soldiers went back one time, listening at Him, said, "Never a man spoke like this. We never heard a man speak like this."
It was not a man speaking; it was God. Yes, sir. Man didn't speak like that. A man tells and speaks the Scriptures; Jesus makes the Scriptures live. A man don't live like this: "The Scripture says this here; here it is." Man can say the Scripture says it, but that's about all he can do. But Jesus could say, "I and My Father are One; My Father dwells in Me. He that's seen Me has seen the Father." Nobody else could say that. Amen. Hallelujah. That's right. "He that's seen Me has seen the Father." Nobody else could say that.
No wonder them soldiers said, "There never was a man spoke like this." He don't speak like a scribe or a preacher; He speaks with authority. And even the devils obey Him, and the winds and the waves obeyed Him. They thought He was a man, but He was God. See, He was misunderstood.

635-218 Said, "Why, you're--you're born a bastard. You're born out of holy wedlock, and you try to teach us? Why, we know you're mad and got a devil. You're a Samaritan, been over there and got them devils on you. You're trying to teach us, us holy rabbis?"
He said, "You're of your father the Devil."
Yes, they misunderstood Him; they didn't know Who He was. That's what's the matter today, people trying to make Him something that He isn't. He's not just a man; He's God in man: no third person, He's the only Person. Yes, sir. Sure, they misunderstood Him.

36 When I seen them rainbows about as wide across as that halo is, that Angel of the Lord, but there were three of them running into one, oh, how it helped my heart to know that God, that Jesus is not just a man as people think He is, just a prophet, as this modern idea today thinks that Jesus was just a prophet. He's Jehovah of the Old Testament made flesh and dwelt among us. And there that sure did comfort me. Then thinking on that subject, that God had sought so many people...

158 One day when I started to preach these seven church ages, and I called Jack Moore, a great theologian; I said, "Jack, Who is this Person that's standing there, 'There's One like the Son of man standing there, hair as white as wool.'" I said, "He was a young Man; how could He have hair as white as wool?"
He said, "Brother Branham, that was His glorified body." That didn't ring the bell. But when I went in the room and started praying, He let me know what it was.
See, I've always preached that He was Deity, not just a man; He was God manifested in the flesh, God, the Attribute of God of love, the great Attributes that come down displayed here on earth of God. Jesus was God's love, which built a body that Jehovah Himself lived in. He was the Fullness of the Godhead bodily. What God was, He manifested through that body. That body had to die so He could wash the Bride with His--with His--with His Blood.

34-3 Jesus: the reproach for the Word, the Divine Son of God, standing there, Emmanuel, what a reproach, let the unbelieving sinner bind Him, spit in His face, and jerk handfuls of beard out, and dare Him to do anything about it. The reproach for the Word, what? To fulfill the Father's Word.
Oh, but remember, He must stand the reproach of death. God, Who cannot die, and the only One that could die to save a sinner; no one else, no second person, or third person could do it. God Himself is the only One can do it.
Here He was; He said, "There is no man ascended up but He that descended down, even the Son of man, which now is in heaven." Amen.
They said, "Our fathers eat manna in the wilderness." And there He said... "And you say that You're the Bread of Life."
He said, "Before Abraham was, I AM. I'm the Bread of Life. I am the I AM."
They said, "You're not fifty years old and say that you saw Abraham."
He said, "Before Abraham was, I AM." And then let sinners bind Him, the denominational church bind Him... You remember, the last days this rich Laodicean church, they put Him out even of the church.

7 Jesus... "No Man has seen God at any time, but the only begotten of the Father has declared Him." See? In other words, God was identified. The--the Person of God was identified in the Body, the Lord Jesus Christ, so He was the express image of God. Or, God expressing Himself through an image (See?), through an image, Man. God expressed Himself to us, and He was God, not a third person or second person; He was the Person God. He was God Himself, identifying Himself, so we could feel Him.
I Timothy 3:16, "Without controversy, that's argument, great is the mystery of godliness, for God was manifested, or made known, in the flesh." Isn't that wonderful? God... And we could never understand God as He moves through a Pillar of Fire, and so forth, as He did. But we understood Him when He become one of us (See?), when He become Man. Then He could talk to us, and we could feel Him, handle Him, touch Him, and everything. And as the Scripture plainly says that we have handled God (See?) with our hands, touched Him with our hands...

3-2 Well, if you'll turn the picture like this and look (and you can probably see it from the audience), it's Christ. See His eyes looking here just as perfect as it could be, wearing the white wig of supreme Deity and Judge of all heavens and earth? Can you see His eyes, nose, His mouth? Just turn the picture from this (the way they had it), this a-way, the way it's supposed to be. And you... Can you see it? He is supreme Judge; there's none other but Him. And that is a perfect identification again, a vindication that this Message is the truth. It is true. And making Him, not a third person, but the only Person with the white...
See, you see the dark, His face, His beard, and His eyes? And notice, He's looking; from Him comes this Light shining on the right-hand side to which He's looking to. And on the cross that's where He looked, to the right, where He pardoned the sinner. In the light of His resurrection we still go forth in His Name.

E-34 But there is those who go beyond that boundary. I believe Him to be God: Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. That He wasn't just a prophet, that He wasn't just a man, that He wasn't just a teacher or a good man, He was the Divine Jehovah God living in a body of flesh. You'd ask me, "Who is this?" That's what my opinion of Him is. He's God manifested in the flesh to take away the sins of the world. Who is this? Not just a man, not just a prophet, but the Emmanuel, God with us. Then not only with us, but in us, through us, God in the midst of us.
Then, if that is true, a supernatural God cannot change His nature to fit people's nature. People has to change their nature to fit God's supernatural plan. And that's why people cry, "Who is this?" It's God in the midst of His people. They don't understand it. God will never come to your level; you'll have to come to His. God will not come to your requirement; you have to come to God's. And then when that requirement is met upon a promise that God made to redeem the people. If that requirement has met, your entire being changes; your thinking changes. Your habits change. Everything about you changes. Your desires change. Your living changes. Your habits change. You change. Everything about you changes, 'cause there's a new life in you.

E-71 God in His universe. You believe it? God is in His Word. Do you believe it? Watch how He keeps His Word and confirms It. Look what He told Abraham. Look what He told the apostles. Look what He told the prophets. Look how He promised in this day. God's in His universe. God is in His Word. Now, God in His Son. You believe God was in His Son? Now, we have to hurry.
God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. You believe that? One comment on God in His Son so we can hurry.
I was talking to a woman not long ago that belongs to a church that does not believe that Jesus was Divine. She believes that He was just an ordinary man, a prophet, or something, but wasn't Divine. He was either God or the greatest deceiver the world's ever had. He was God, God manifested in a body called Jesus, His Son. Not just a man, not a teacher, a philosopher, but He was God manifested in the flesh.
I Timothy 3:16 said, "Without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness. For God was manifest in the flesh, seen of Angels, received up into heaven." Well, sure. He was God.

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