You don't accept It; It accepts you

39-3 Heavens and earth have met. God and man is reconciled. A restored Eden has begun. See? All the curse is gone, just like all the curse of sin is gone when the Holy Ghost accepts you. See, you don't accept It; It accepts you, 'cause it's God's attribute. See, if It's the Holy Ghost, means God's Spirit, and it's the attribute, the thought of God has accepted you, because that you were ordained for that purpose.
See, yet you was borned in sin, but God had that attribute, and here you expressed yourself here on earth, and He comes down and gets you. See you're back here; here's where you belong. See, see? Sin's lost its power. Amen. That's right. The desire of sin has done gone from your heart when the Holy Spirit comes in. You are a restored person. And then when the earth is restored by the same thing, there can be no more cursing, no more storms, no more winds, no more taphoons--typhoons, rather; you're reconciled. Man and God has met.

E-18 Here not long ago, when one of the great famous churches, many of their members setting here tonight. When I got an article out of the newspaper where they even wanted to take blood out of their hymn books. Blood, the blood songs out of the hymn book. Said, "We don't have a slaughter block religion; we want something nice and pious."
Well, that down on the equal of Buddha, or some of those others. Listen, you take the Blood out of there, you got no more salvation. That's all. 'Cause blood only co... Or salvation only comes through Life, and Life is in the Blood stream. And the Blood was offered and only through the shedding of the Blood is their remission of sin. I like the old fashion Blood strowed religion; that's me. 'Cause God looked upon there, and He suffered it. And that Blood was shed for us, and we've got to accept that.

E-19 And then, just by accepting it won't only do, God's got to vindicate back that He has accepted you. That's the thing. You can accept Him, but then if He accepts you. Stay right there until He does accept you. And then when He does, He seals you into His Kingdom by the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Then you have, you're secure until the day of redemption. That's right. "Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you're sealed (until the next revival, no, huh-uh,) until the day of redemption." Is that right? There's no ups-and-downs, ins-and-outs; you really get into God. If you're really in Him, not just impersonating something, but you're really in Christ, you're one alternative, your whole heart's sold out; every bridge is burnt behind you; and you got your affections set on things which are above; and you run the race with patience that's set before you. Amen.

134 One Body... How do we come into that Body, how do we get into it? By one Spirit we're baptized into one Body. And when in that Body, free, guarantee of the resurrection. "God placed upon Him the iniquity of us all." Not by "one handshake," not "one church letter," but by one Holy Spirit, Jew, Gentile, yellow, black, white, have all been baptized by one Spirit into that one Body, through the Blood of His Own covenant. "And when I see the Blood, I'll pass over you," and are free from death, free from pain, free from sin. "He that's born of God, does not commit sin, 'cause the seed of God remains in him and he cannot sin. No sin... "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your heavenly Father is perfect," Jesus said. How can you be perfect? You can't do it. You was born in sin, shaped in iniquity, come to the world speaking lies. But when you accept Christ as your sin-bearer, when you accept Him by faith, you believe that He saved you, and He died in your place and took your sins, then God accepts you and baptizes you into the Body and cannot see no more sin. How can I be a sinner when there's an atonement on the altar for me?

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