Adam, breathed the breath of Eternal Life, and he become an eternal person with God

27-6 Now, but here Jehovah Witness in their book, it says that the breath that you breathe is the soul. Now, that cannot be right. The breath that you breathe is not soul. If it is, you're--you're... One time you're one kind of soul; next time you're... Somebody else has breathed that soul. Look where you'd be. Now, the breath is wind, and wind is what you breathe into your nostrils.
Now, they take the Scripture from back, "And God breathed breath into his nostrils, and he became a living soul." Now, I want to ask you something. If he was a man, what kind of a breath was he breathing before that God breathed this breath of life into him? See? What kind of breath... He was a breathing, living, man. Well then, if that be so, then every animal is a living soul, 'cause they breathe a human soul, and our soul, and altogether. Then Jesus wouldn't have had to die; the animal sacrifice would've been sufficient. See? So, brother, the argument don't stand.
But what God did, He breathed the breath of Eternal Life (Amen.), then he become a living soul, a soul that can't die. Now watch now. We're going to get into honey plumb to your elbows. Notice, breathed the breath of Eternal Life into his nostrils. And he became an eternal soul, 'cause God breathed (not what nature done, but what God did)--breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and he become a living soul.

28-3 Then you say to me, "Adam died, Brother Branham." But remember, before Adam died he had a lamb that redeemed him. Hallelujah. Those who He foreknew He has called. He got a lamb to redeem them.
He was a type. Adam fell. Then the lamb was provided for Adam, because already in his nostrils had become the breath of the Eternal God; and he become a living soul. He was a son of God. Not his breath, as the African word (I don't know what the Greek word is for it right now,), but the African word they call "Amoyah," which means "the wind, an unseen force." Animals breathe amoyah. Sinners breathe amoyah.

28-5 Then why would we struggle for Eternal Life if that's the eternal soul breathed into us by breath. Why would we struggle for Eternal Life? It backfires, brother. See? It--it just can't do it. But God specially, upon Adam, breathed the breath of Eternal Life, and he become an eternal person with God. He had power like God: he was a amateur god. He was god of the earth, not God of heaven now, god of the earth.
And someday the sons of God will again become gods. Jesus said so: "Is not it written in your law, 'Ye are gods'? Then if you can call those who He called god, who God visited, how can you condemn Me, say, when I say I'm the Son of God?" See? Now, we're getting into something deep. Now, watch this when we drive it down.

29-1 Now, here they are. He is now a son of God, but he makes a mistake. He knows he's doing wrong. Now remember, Adam was not deceived. The Bible said so: I Timothy 3: "Adam was not deceived, but the woman was the--deceived, was in the transgression." Adam walked with Eve, because it was his wife. Same as Christ, not deceived by Satan, but walked into the death with the Bride. He went to be with the Bride, so He could redeem the Church.
Adam knowed he was wrong, so he just walked out with Eve. See? But there was a lamb provided for them, that they were redeemed. And these lambs today, that were foreknown by God and God has called, there is a Redeemer. "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him; and all the Father has given Me will come to Me." Is that right?
So there is a provided Lamb from the foundation of the world, where their names are put on the Lamb's Book of Life. A Lamb was provided to make a way of grace for every one of them to go in the resurrection: a provided lamb, Adam's lamb.

29-4 Now notice, as Adam had a provided lamb. Now, that's the Church today. I don't mean the--the church. You know what? I don't say this to be sacrilegious, and I don't mean it to hurt anybody's feelings. I'm not here to do that, 'cause I've already explained myself; I'm here to help. But what I'm trying to do... You know what? Actually these churches are not churches. There's only one Church. These are lodges (See?); they are lodges. I ain't got nothing... It's all right, but I--I want to prove that to you in a few minutes, that they are merely lodges. You belong to the Methodist lodge, to the Presbyterian lodge, or to the Pentecostal lodge, as far as that goes, that's... You see? Lodges... See? You cannot... See, churches are actually lodges where people with the same idea drift together. But the Church is one. And you cannot join the Church; you are borned in It. And when you're borned in It, you're a member of It.
Just like my family. I've been in the Branham family for fifty-three years; they never did ask me to join the family. Why? I don't have to join the family. I was borned a Branham. And you're born in the Church. Now, these others are lodges. Did you ever think of that? Yes, sir.

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