If You Keep Your Soul You Will Lose It


E-28 If He was infinite at the beginning, there never was a flea, frog, fly, or anything else ever come on the earth but what He knowed it before the world was ever formed. Amen. Think of it. He knew you; He knew me. In order--knowing that our hearts would hunger and thirst after Him, He had to make a remedy. His great love, and His great power, and His great law constrained Him to do so. He couldn't do nothing else in order to be God, but to make a way.

So when He looked down through the stream of time, from this end of the fall here, up to this end of the fall, you know what God did? God did nothing else but speak right then of Jesus Christ coming, His own Son, which He was--He was tabernacled with on earth, came down to--out of the heavens, was made flesh and dwelled among us, redeemed us, went right back up, and standing up here on the other end. And oh, that great highway that Isaiah saw, across the place, crossing the span of time, Christ is standing at the other end, the receiving end.

E-29 Here I was illustrating a little something for the kiddies the other night, and was telling about the father of Moses and the mother, and how they was giving the little baby back, committing it back to God Who gave it to them. I said, "Now, if you save your soul, keep it, you're going to lose it. If you give it back to God, you'll keep it." And it's spoke five times in the Bible. Now, and I said, "If--if the father and mother of Moses kept him, they would lose it; if they'd give him back to God, they'd keep him."

E-30 And how that that day when they pushed him out in the flags and bulrushes, how God rose from His throne, great robe drop around Him, walked out there, and He said, "Come here, Gabriel, all you Angels, come out here. Look down here; I've got somebody believes Me. I give it to them, and they're giving it back. They can't keep it, because the witches of hell will get it." Them old women going around busting their little heads, and throwing them, and fattening up the crocodiles on them...

Said, "We'll... If we keep it, they'll kill it; we'll lose it, but if we give it back to God, we'll keep it." And in this little bark that you're sailing in tonight, you've got a precious thing in there; it's a soul. If you keep it, you'll lose it. Go on keep it, go on out to the world and act like the rest of them; you'll lose it. But if you'll give it back to the One Who gave it to you, you'll keep it. Amen. Just believe Him.

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