The Devil believes and trembles


29 That's what's the matter today with the people, the new birth. They all dodge it. They don't like it. Oh, they have substituted something for a new birth: come up and believe, and that's all you have to do. The devil believes, himself, and you know he's not borned again. There's a new birth. There's something goes with it. It's kinda unfitting, untasting to the world.
Any birth is a mess. I don't care where it's at. If it's in the pig pen, or--or a hospital, a birth is a mess. So is the new birth. It'll make you do things you didn't think you would do. It'll make you get down at the altar, and cry, scream, wash the paint off your face, raise your hands, praise God, speak in tongues, and all kinds of things. The new birth will do that, because it's God's provided way to be borned again.

32 You have to die. You have to die before you can be reborn. Any seed has to die before it's regenerated again. Unless it dies, it abides alone. A man's got to die to his own thinking. He's got to die to the thinking of anything but God's Word, and come His way. That's God's ground. We don't meet Him on our thoughts. We meet Him on what He said do. That's God's provided way for us. People dodge it; they don't want it. But it's true just the same. It'll... It produces death, and you have to die, die to your thinking.
"Well, I know the Bible says it, but I can't understand it." Then stay there till God reveals it. That's right. It's got... That's the new birth.


E-57 If all that you have to do is believe that God is, and you will kneel down and worship Him, Cain was justified. The Bible said that even the Devil believes that to be the truth. And the Devil publicly confessed Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. That didn't save them. Brother, we... We'd better get straightened out. Going to be a mistake one of these days. Somebody's right and somebody's wrong.
You'd better take what the Bible said. You've got to be born again, not mythical think you're borned again, but when the Spirit absolutely kills everything in the world in you. You'll become regenerated, a new creature in Christ. Then you know the old things is passed away. If you still love the world, the things of the world, the Bible says, "The love of God's not even in you." Amen. That was plain, but, brother, it's not whitewashed. It'll wash you white. That's right. Excuse me slobbering. I told you I wasn't a preacher in the first place. I've been eating a lot of grapes out of Canaan, caused me to slobber...?... Canaan. Amen.

E-28 Notice, Cain back there, just as religious as he could be, walked up and made a beautiful altar, offered up his sacrifice, knelt down with all of his pomp, just like his daddy. He wasn't a atheist; he wasn't an unbeliever. No, sir, he was a believer. Exactly right. So there's such a thing as being a believer and yet being condemned. The devil believes and trembles. The devils when they seen Jesus, they publicly confessed Him to be the Son of God and asked for mercy. That's right.

There Cain knelt down, worshipped, fixed all the big lilies, I imagine upon his altar, and brought the fruits of the field, and laid them up there, and knelt down, and said, "Now, Jehovah, look how pretty this altar is; look at that old common altar that bunch of holy-rollers has over there. Just looky there what a little old common place they're worshipping in, that guy Abel, that little old stinky lamb hanging up there. Looky here what I have done for You. I've built this great church; I put everything down here. See what I am? I'm... I've done something big. It'll--it'll show psychology. It'll--it'll bring people in." Oh, my, that's the works of the devil. That's right. He said, "Now, receive me, Jehovah, You know I believe in it." And God flatly refused him. That's right.

43-184 And here is the conception. If any... If some of you was over at the Open Door the other night, when we were preach--preaching together... He said, "When I got my say-so..." Now, listen, little tabernacle, for your prayers and things that's helped out, listen to this. He told me that before, here at the house.
He come to my house; he said, "Brother Branham," said, "I've been dumbfounded." He said, "Is there something greater than this what I have believed and accepted, Christ as my personal Saviour? And I believe that I'm born again of the Spirit, but I have no witness of anything."
I said, "Brother, as bad as I hate to say it, the teachers has deceived you, your schools."
Look, as I--I can say that, I don't believe in thumbing your way to heaven, "Do you believe this in your churches?" I hear at least some through here... "The Bible says this, do you believe that?" The Devil believes and trembles. It ain't what you believe. Your spirit's got to bear record with His Spirit that you're sons and daughters of God, by being borned again and have received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

E-78 You're packing your letter from place to place, till it's wore out. Why don't you put your name in heaven once, brother? It'll stay there. See? That's right. You won't have to pack your letter around. Say, "I come in by letter of profession of faith." Profession of faith, the Devil believes hisself and trembles. That's no sign you're born again. That's no sign you're a Christian. Until you're filled with God's Spirit, you're still in darkness. That's right.
Notice, here He was. Profession of faith, packed the letter from place to place, brother, if that ain't a disgrace, I never told it. You need your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Then God will take care of it. Don't you believe that? That's what we need today, is one of those old time revivals.

E-52 Heavenly Father, tonight, knowing that hour is close, knowing that we're living in the end time, knowing that those old trees are going on, here is that vine bringing tonight, filled with the Holy Ghost, bringing forth fruit, the evidence of the Holy Spirit, being among us. How thankful we are, Lord. We could raise our hands and praise Thee and praise Thee over and over for all Thy goodness and mercy. How wonderful and how marvelous are Thy ways. We thank and praise Thee with all of our heart.
Now, Father, we pray that You'll save the lost and fill with the Holy Ghost, those who are outside--those who only know You by the conception of the Word. Let them know that Cain believed the Word. Judas believed the Word. The devil believes the Word. But a man's got to be borned again of the Spirit of God. And when God comes in him, he becomes a new creature and believes everything that God wrote in the Bible to be the truth. O Father, we pray that You'll grant these blessing tonight, upon your people, and may many be filled with the Holy Ghost, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-76 The reward of the just waits for each believer. I trust that you are this afternoon while we bow our heads for a word of prayer.
Our heavenly Father, the way's growing drear, precious Lord, linger near. I pray that You'll be with us. Be with this audience, Lord, as seeing that the day of redemption is at hand. Knowing not what tomorrow holds, but knowing this one thing, that anchored in my soul...
O God, when I think of a poor lost boy, undone, alienated from God, raised in a sinful home, setting out yonder on a creek bank with a pole in my hand, crying, no peace, the great winds blowing through the trees saying there's a land beyond the river... I'm so thankful that You saved me.
And today in my heart, Lord, it's such a privilege to get to tell others, and to see that the work is confirmed by Your great hands of a vindication with signs and wonders following. How I thank You for this. Help us, Lord.
God bless the poor sinner in here today, the backslider, the unregenerated, that church member standing over there. Oh, yes, they know the Bible; so does Satan. The devil believes and trembles. Many of them, Father, saying that Abraham believed God and it was imputed to him for righteousness. But, Lord, You give him the seal of circumcision as a sign. And when a man is truly believing, I believe, Father, that You seal him with the sign of the Holy Ghost. "Grieve not this Holy Spirit whereby you're sealed unto the day of your redemption."
God, be merciful today when You're showing the greatest signs that You've ever showed since You were on earth in a body of flesh. I pray that You'll bless this audience, as we wait on Thee, Lord, and I pray that many will make their decisions to be filled with Thy Spirit, for we ask it in Jesus' Name.

246 Now, the Protestant churches say, "Well, how can that be, when they say, 'I believe Jesus Christ. He is my personal Saviour'?" The Devil believes also, brother.
There's got to be a regeneration, a new birth, a born again. And when you're born again, your name's put in the Lamb's Book of Life.

He said all would wonder. "Well, what, ain't I as good as somebody else? Ain't I as good as a bunch of you nitwit holy-rollers? I'm as intelligent. I've got them in... I've got degrees. I'm out of a college. I come from a good family. My people were church members before me. Ain't I as good as you? "
It said the whole world, Protestant and all, wondered, all except those whose names were written in the Book.
Why were names written? They're Abraham's Seed and are heirs according to the promise, elected before the foundation of the world. That's why they don't wonder. Notice here, now watch what he said. Watch these in the Lamb's Book of Life.

53 Now, God gave the Holy Spirit. I got another Scripture here in John 14:12. That's a very familiar Scripture with all the people here at the tabernacle. "Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on Me..." Now, don't let that word "believeth" kinda set you back. In a nominal church, say, "Yes, I believe. Sure, I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God." The devil believes the same thing. That's exactly. The Bible said he does. But the Scripture says in John that no man can call Jesus the Christ, only by the Holy Ghost. You've actually, by the Scripture... (Let me stop here just a minute 'fore I finish reading.)

54 You are not converted until you've received the Holy Ghost. That's right. You are believing unto... The Holy Spirit has spoke to you, and you've publicly confessed Him. The devil has the same thing. "I believe Him to be the Son of God." So does the devil. But you're walking on towards Him. When Peter had been called and justified by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ... And in John 17:17, Jesus sanctified them through the Word, for the Word was the Truth, and He was the Word. I John says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelled among us."
He was the Word, so He sanctified them. He said, "Father (speaking to the Spirit in Him), I sanctify them through the Word." Himself, a-laying His hands upon them. "Thy Word is the Truth." Just merely spoke Him into existence in the womb of a woman. Oh, totally impossible for Him to be any other way than this Word of God to make Him manifest. "I sanctify them."

E-66 Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? There's plenty of balm here. There's plenty of toxin. It's a promise. What's the matter? It's because the people don't want to receive the prescription. They got doctors here that can write it. It's already wrote.
You don't have to write it any more. It's already wrote. Just say what's already been written. Then take it like that. Not a little sissified handshake, a little and say, "I'll say the creed, the Apostle's Creed. I'll say 'Hail, Mary' every once in a while, burn a candle.'" Nonsense. Repent or perish. Not "I'll believe, and accept and believe."
The devil believes too. That don't make you saved. But you got to be borned again. If you're borned again, you're borned of the Word of God, 'cause He is the Word and the Word is in you, and it punctuates every sentence with an "amen." Amen.

20 Now, there's so much today, friends, that's called Christianity, that's not Christianity. Now, I just hate to say this. But I would rather stand here and be real popular among the people, and--and everybody patting you on your back, and everything like that. But then I've got to meet that group at the judgment to give an account for it. So I--I just have to be honest.
Now, we can look upon congregations, and upon the world today, upon what's called Christianity, and find out it's a million miles from Christianity. And it's predicted in the Bible to be that way. Now, many accept Christ in the way of saying, "Well, I believe Him." Why, the Devil believes the same thing. See? And many of them tries to accept it upon emotion, say, "Well, I spoke with tongues. I danced in the Spirit." I've seen witch doctors do the same thing, and devil-dancers in Africa; sure, speak in tongues, and drink blood out of a human skull, and call on the Devil.
My mother is a Indian, half Indian, and--and her people. I've seen them take pencil and lay it down like that, and watch a pencil run and write in unknown tongues, them stand there and interpret it, calling on the Devil. Sure.

23 See, you can't go by emotions. See, your life that you live testifies what you are. See? No matter what kind of a sensation, you cannot base Christianity on any sensation. It's a life. Jesus said, "By their fruit you shall know them." Not by their profession, not by what they say. And Jesus also said, "You draw nigh unto Me with your lips, but your heart is far from Me." That's--that's their profession. See, your life tells what. And if a man says that he believes God, and denies one Word of this Bible, or changes It in any way, why it's got to be wrong.

109 The evidence, as I said the other day, we try to place evidence. Luther said, "Believe and walk out." The devil believes too.
Wesley said, "Shout, and you got It," but he found out he didn't.
Pentecost said, "Speak in tongues, and you got It." They didn't.
Christian Science said, "Love, and you got the fruit of the Spirit," but they haven't. They deny the Divinity of Jesus Christ.

What is the evidence of It? When that spirit that's in you can punctuate every promise with a "amen," and God will confirm it. That's exactly the way it was with Jesus Christ. Oh, yes. They had--they had more fruits of the spirit. They had all kinds of evidences. You can't pin any evidence down to anything but God Himself manifests His Word. That's the only true evidence that there is that you're a Christian.

226 While we have our heads bowed, and I trust our hearts bowed, would you, would you, my dear brother, though you be member of church... And I hope that I haven't hurt you by saying what I have said. I... It's all right to belong to church; we should do that; but, O brother, just don't accept that; you must be borned again. That's what the great Prophet Shepherd said, "You must be borned again." He said that to a theologian, "You've got to be born again."
And when you're born again, it just isn't because you believe. They say, "You're borned when you believe."
But the Bible said, "The Devil believes also." Now, notice, it's not that; it's an experience.
You say, "Well, I've lived a good life."
So did the apostles, but they wasn't borned again until they received the Holy Spirit
. They wasn't even converted until they had received the Holy Spirit. You remember the night before the betrayal--or on the betrayal, just before the betrayal took place? Jesus said to Simon Peter, "When thou art converted, then strengthen thy brethren." And Peter had followed Him for three years and a half, and had cast out devils, and healed the sick, had preached the Gospel, and still (according to the Word) was not even converted.

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