If You Say To This Mountian..(You Are Deity Speaking)

E-26 Now, when Jesus said, "If you ask the Father anything in My Name, I'll do it," now that's just right straight down off of the shoulder. "I will do it." And He was... Now, it's on conditions: if you'll believe when you ask. Now, in Mark 11:22 we find out that Jesus said, "If you say to this mountain, 'Be thou plucked up and cast into the sea,' and don't doubt, but believe that what you have said will come to pass; you can have what you've said," See?

Now. Now, the thing... You just couldn't get out here and say, "Mountain, move down." You've got to have a motive and objective to that. You see? And that... You've got to find out first if it's the will of God, and then your motive and objective to the will of God, and then, speak to it, and stand there; it'll come down (Yes, you see?), if you get the conditions right. But you've got to have the conditions right.

12-5 And you--you must test your motive and objective first. First, find the will of God, and then find your objective, and then test your motive and see if your motive is right. Then as Jesus said in Mark 11:24, "If you say to this mountain, 'Be moved,' and don't doubt in your heart..." But as long as you got doubt in a heart whether it's the will of God, or your motive or objective is wrong, how is it going to move? But when you know that your motive is right, and it's the will of God, and your objective is right, it's got to move. That's all, or God told something wrong.

That is the very reason when I go to the platform in churches, no one has never heard me mention those things on platform, those issues; I just let them alone. See, that is up to you men. I'm here to help you win souls to Christ by a Divine gift. You see? See, it don't make any difference; you do your baptizing. But then when it come...

E-34 Then I begin to think of it, about what He did with the prophets. And it got... After I was speaking there for awhile, inside myself, just thinking, till I become so conscious of Something near, till I was talking to Someone.
And Something said to me, "That's in the atonement, for if a man or a woman is so consecrated and surrendered to God, that God just moves in and uses their voice, and it isn't the man speaking, it's God that's in him speaking..."
I thought, "That's right."
Something said to me, "Who do you think... How do you see those visions on the platform? How do you see those visions out here? What is it? Do you think it's your own wisdom, that you could predict something that would happen every time to the letter? Do you think it's you speaking? Would you think sometime when the Holy Spirit gets into a message, and you don't know what to say, what is It speaking then? What is it when a man will speak with a tongue that he doesn't know nothing about it? What is it that will interpret that same tongue, neither one of them knowing anything about it? Is it the individual, or is it the Spirit of the living God?"

I said, "That is true. I see it. It's God that's speaking, and all the Church needs is a step closer to Him, a more of a consecrated life to live with Him."

E-14 In our Scripture tonight, the previous chapters, Jesus had said to a tree, "No fruit grow on thee, or, no man eateth from thee." Then He said, after this verse, "If you say to this mountain be moved..." Not "If I say,"; "If you say to this mountain be moved..."Now, we know that man could not move a mountain just by speaking to it. The only thing could do that would be Deity. So then, if the mountain is before us, and our objective is right, and our motive is right, then it isn't us speaking any more; it's Deity speaking. Then it has to move.
I truly believe that the church is on the brink of one of the greatest outpourings that it's ever had in this age. I believe it. I can't say the Lord has told me, but it's just something inside me, just catching a hold of something, that I haven't seen all my life till just now.
And how glorious it is to know, just before the coming of the Lord, that these things are happening.

Now then, this Word He has left behind on the printed page is a part of Him when you accept it by faith into a Spirit-filled life. He said that His Word was life. John 6:63b. But that is exactly what He is: John 14:6, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." Romans 8:9b "If any man have not the Spirit of Christ he is none of His." There it is, He is Spirit and He is Life. That is exactly what the Word is; that is exactly what Jesus is. He is the Word. So when a Spirit-born, Spirit-filled man in faith takes that Word into his heart and places it upon his lips, why that is the same as Deity speaking. Every mountain has to go. Satan cannot stand before that man.

91 Now, if He is the living Word, then this wrote on the Bible is part of Him; then if you can receive this into Him, which is the Word, this Word comes into you by faith makes It alive, because the... Oh, catch That. The Word comes into you, if the Holy Spirit's in there, It's alive as soon as It comes in, and every promise is true. Nothing... "Therefore, if you say to this mountain 'Be moved,' and don't doubt in your heart." Because what? You are Deity speaking. You believe it? The Bible said so. And whatever you say shall come to pass if you'll not doubt, if you can get all of the--the world bred out of you, let the Holy Spirit make you a full son or daughter of God (no world, no condemnation, no doubt). What is it then? It's no more you; it's God in you. Then you take His Word; It's a promise, and say, "Father, it's Your promise." "Satan..." Something's got to move. See, see?

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