When the rapture takes place, will all believer's families, wife and children go? They are in faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord?

« E-45       †       All right, Jimmy, have you got them, my boy? [Brother reads a question: "When the rapture takes place, will all believer's families, wife and children go? They are in faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord?"--Ed.]

Yes, yes. Will all the family go in--in the--in the rapture? See, yes. See? Now, if you notice, the rapture is going to be a universal thing. And how... Did you all get that lesson all right Sunday? You all understand it all right about how close we are at the time, "The Seventy Weeks Of Daniel"?

You all were there Sunday, wasn't you? Yeah. All right. Well, I think, Brother Welch, you got the tape of it. And some of you could play it. And--and you got the map of it, I believe, haven't you? And you just draw it out and--and to them that wasn't here, maybe explain it to them (You see?), so they--they can get it. I want you to see just by the Scripture that I haven't got one word to say into it. The Scriptures just prove it, that we're--we're at the end time.

« E-46       †       Now, we was talking today, the brethren. You say, "Well, Brother Branham, if you believe that the rapture is that close, then why do you go fishing?" If I put my mind to it constantly, it would almost run you wild. When you think of the tens of thousands of people out here in sin that don't know Christ. And I think that "Here I am, what can I do?"

But here's what I think. I cannot save one unless God called them. See? I can't do it. And I couldn't save them anyhow. But "all the Father has given Me will come to Me." So if He don't tell me where to go, then what can I do? See?

So, the thing I do, is just not be--not be all weary about it. That'd be worse than ever. I'm happy about it. I'm just--just all packed up and ready, you know, when it comes, Lord, here I am. I'm just waiting.

« E-47       †       And now, here's what happens. The--the raptured saints, as you noticed on the chart Sunday... Now, the early Pentecostal brethren--or the late Pentecostal brethren don't give that--those back churches room enough there, I don't believe. But I believe that every borned again Christian... And how are we borned again? When we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ (See?) and accept...

Now, I don't believe just because you say in your mind you believe. I believe your life tells whether you're really a Christian or not. I--you say, "What..."

Today, the lady down there said something or another about being a--a Christian or something another. And she said, "And what denomination?" See, right quick they want to know what denomination.

I said, "Don't belong to any denomination, just a Christian." You see. A Christian...
« E-48       †       You say, "Well, a Christian means a Campbellite." No, that's--that's... They just call them Christian, but that don't mean Christian. I know a many people that I'd think belong to what was called the Christian Church that wasn't Christians. And the Christian ministers will tell you the same thing of the Christian Church, that they got many members that not Christian.

But Christian is not a church that you belong to; it's an experience that you have had of being born into the family of God.

« E-49       †       Now, notice in that--the rapture will be universal, because He said, "There will be two in the field, and I'll take one and leave one. There'll be two in the bed; I'll take one and leave one." You see, when it's dark on one side of the earth, where it's two is in the bed, it'll be harvest time on the other side of the earth, when there'll be two in the field. See? And it shows it'll come one great big rapture; it'll come right out from the world. See? "Two in the field and I'll take one and leave one. Two in bed, I'll take one and leave one."

« E-50       †       Now, we--we see that... And then everyone that was found written in the Book was delivered in that day of that--before that tribulation. So, if your children, your mother, your loved ones, whoever they are, if their name is written on the Lamb's Book of Life, my precious children, you'll be right there.

No matter where we're at, if--if I... Flying overseas, and the--the airplane explodes in the air and I--you never even find a piece of me in--in--in this body, that won't have one thing to do with it. See? I'll be right there just the same. Don't you worry about that. I'll be right there to shake your hand and--and praise the Lord with you, and crown Him King of king and Lord of lords. See?

I suppose maybe, of Paul's body, there isn't even a speck of dust left, hardly. But all the materials that made his body up is somewhere. So, they'll be gathered together at that day.

« E-51      †       When you die, you actually do not die. A Christian cannot die. There is no such a thing as death for a Christian, not in the Bible. Like when Lazarus... He said--they said... "Our--our friend Lazarus sleepeth," Jesus said. See, He never said he was dead. Said, "He sleepeth."
They said, "Oh well, if he's sleeping, I--I suppose he's doing all right then. He's must be getting along better." So, He had to talk their language.
He said, "Now, in otherwise... In your own language, he's dead. And I am glad for your sake that he wasn't there. I'll go and awaken him." See? Oh, yes. See? Sleep, see He still had His own... See? "For your sake--for your way of knowing it, he's dead. But to Me, he's asleep, and I'm not going to--I'm not going to raise him up. I'm just going to wake him. See, I'm going to wake him up."

« E-52       †       And so, you--you notice when Jesus Himself died... See, there's three parts of the body. A soul... Three parts of us, soul, body, and spirit, as you seen the seven church ages; I had it drawed out: five entrances to the body, see, taste, feel, smell and hear, and conscience, and so forth to the soul. And--and then to the spirit, there's one avenue: that's the--your own free moral agency, that's make a decision. You see? You can turn it down or--or you can accept it.

And so now, when a person accepts Christ and is saved, your whole household, your whole family, every family of the earth will be saved. Now, when... or go in.
« E-53       †        When Christ died, He committed His Spirit to God before He left the--the cross. He said, "Into Thy hands I commend My Spirit." And the Bible said His soul went to hell and preached (that's His conscience and what He was... ) to the spirits was in prison and His body went to the grave.

Now see, He was behind a barricade of Scriptures. He couldn't rise for three days. And His Spirit was back up here in the Presence of God. Now, after three days, that barricade was taken down, because the Scripture was fulfilled. And His Spirit went to the soul, and the soul went to the body, and He rose up. He said before He died, He said, "I have power to lay My life down. I have power to take it up again."

Now, think of it. Every one of you in here, as far as I know tonight is Christians. Now, look. The thing that's in you now, the Spirit that's in you now is the same Spirit that will raise you up. You have power to lay your life down. You're doing it right now for Christ. And then you have power to take it up again. See? You have power to lay it down and power to take it up.

For it's the very Spirit of God that's in you that raises you up, is the very Spirit of God that was in Christ that raised Him up. So, you have power to lay it down; you have power to take it up.

« E-54       †       And when you die or--and you--our loved ones or somebody goes on ahead of us, they're not dead. Their spirit's with God. Their soul is under the altar of God. Their body's in the grave, and they know right where it is at.

So, what happens? When the Scripture's all fulfilled, like in the Bible it said, "These souls are under the altar, was crying, 'Lord, how long, how long?" They want to come back to earth and be in bodies. He said, "Just a little longer till your fellow servants has suffered like you have for the testimony of Christ."

Then you see when that Scripture is fulfilled, then them spirits descend right straight under the altar there and take up that soul. That soul goes right down and picks up the body, and there you are, raised again. Think of it. The Holy Spirit that's right in this building tonight, the Holy Spirit that's right here in my heart will raise me up at the last day.

« E-55       †       This Holy Spirit that's in me now, will see to it that I have a young immortal body and never go with... The Holy Spirit that's in you will see that the gray hairs will fade away and whatever it is.And you--and the old age, if you're so old, and whiskers down, and walking like that, it don't make one bit of difference. That same Holy Spirit, He will just snap it right back at that day, just at a young man and woman. That's the Bible. That's right. The Spirit that's in us right now, right now. Not one that will come, the One that's in us now. It's God in you now. And He will raise... You can raise yourself up. And why can't you do it now? Because see, there's Scripture holding you; you got to wait till the rapture.

See, there you are. You got to stay right there. See? You're not allowed to get this high. If it would be, why, we'd--I'd say we'd build us a little private world. You'd be living over in one world and me on the other one, and then there would be no coming of the Lord Jesus. And what would it be? See?

« E-56       †       But you have power to do it. Just the least little shadow of God could do anything. 'Cause see, He's--He's omnipotent. You know what omnipotent... He's infinite, infinite, infinite and omnipotent. That's infinite; there's just no... Well, you--you--you just can't explain it, you know. Infinite just is like on a camera, infinite. It's just from there on.

And then omnipotent is all powerful. He's all the way... Standing out yonder and looking through a glass, and I can see a hundred and twenty-million years of light space, when that--when that astronomer had taken me up to look--let me look through that big glass that night. Could see a hundred and twenty-million years of light space...

«  347       †        40. Brother Branham, when this rapture takes place... When the rapture takes place, will the young children that do not know right from wrong go in the rapture? If their names are on the Book. Yes. That's right. See? All right.

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