we are all represented there in transfiguration

«  246       †          Look now at transfiguration, just before we close. Transfigure, transfiguration, we are all represented there in transfiguration. Look what we are seeing today. Notice just what we're seeing today, the quickening power of God. We was all there. There was the dead saints, represented in Moses; there was the resurrection; and Jesus Christ glorified. Elisha... Moses, Elijah, and Jesus, all standing on the mountain; the dead saints, the raptured saints; and Jesus glorified. Oh, my!

«  247       †          Well, you say... I heard a guy say. They'll say, "You people, why, if you had this kind of power, you ought to go out and tell people what you can do." Far be it from a real Christian, saying a thing like that. See? Surely, we don't claim no power. To...
248    But we do one thing. When they looked around, with all this power upon them, "They saw Jesus only." And the real, true believer don't care whether he's backing up a denomination, or nothing about it. He only wants one thing, for you to see that glorified Christ, makes any difference. A real, true Mount Transfiguration experience only glorifies Jesus Christ. It didn't glorify Moses, didn't glorify Elijah, didn't glorify themselves, didn't glorify nothing else, but they seen the glorified Christ. And any true believer, that's what's in his heart, to glorify Jesus Christ. That's what he's trying, get the people to see.
249    Not say, "Well, if you come join our groups, if you come do this or do that." Oh, don't do that. Don't do that.
250    See God's Word, which is Christ, magnified; and fulfill the promise of this day, in this great hour of resurrection. Notice. And it gives them joy, to know that we are with Him, a flesh of His flesh, and bone of His bones. What a joy! That's the only thing that a real believer cares about.


«  213       †          Dear God, we've had a fight with Satan this afternoon, on these microphones, knowing them people probably didn't get half of it, the bounding around on the... in the building like that. But I pray, God, that the Holy Spirit will take that which was meant to be, Lord, to let the people see that we're not some dead dragging bunch of hope-so's. God, we are alive now, quickened by the power of the resurrection of Christ. Jesus Christ lives in us. We believe that, Lord.
214    We claim no glory of our own. Like on Mount of Transfiguration, where every one of us is represented there; there was Moses, the one that died and raised again; there was Elijah, the quickening saints that'll be caught up at the last day. Oh, they seen then, when they looked back, they seen Jesus only. We know, Lord, we don't want people to see us. We're not here for that purpose. Far be it!
215    But, Lord, it does delight our hearts when we see Jesus glorified among us; when we see Him glorified, when we see His Word, which He is the Word; when we see we can read it here in the Bible, where He promised He would do it, then see Him work it right in us, O God, how it makes us feel humble, that we know that His living Presence...

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