I don't care how many albums Elvis Presley writes, of all the good religious songs, he's still possessed of the devil.

«  119       
And you know, you'd take them young Catholic girls, they come out with these little... (Now, some of you old boys is as old as I am.)... come out and go to this little thing where they had the knee-high. That guy, I guess, is in hell tonight. I don't know, I'm not his judge. But when he made that first little dirty song that slipped out on radio, without being censored, that "Roll 'em, girlies, roll 'em; roll 'em down and show your pretty knees." How many remembers that when that first come out years ago? That was the first slip-up right there. That's right. And when they got this fellow from Texas, and take them women out there and use them underneath clothes to make them look like they were something that they wasn't, and such things as that, and let them get by with it... And now what do they do? It went to creeping in. It's a spirit.


«  E-46       †        The other day, coming down the road, I turned on my radio. And there was a--a song, and I kept listening. I had to take nearly the song through, before I could tell whether it was, absolutely, a religious song, or the devil is trying to bring down the things of God to the level of the world. You can't do that. God be merciful.

I don't care how many albums Elvis Presley writes, of all the good religious songs, he's still possessed of the devil. He's sent more children to hell, and all the moves I know of, in all the world in this day. Pat Boone and the rest of them, even belong to the Church of Christ, and Elvis Presley, a Pentecostals are Judas Iscariot in the form of those men. The devil's trying to bring the high things of God so that they can mix them down here. The people won't look up above this; they just look here, say, "Why, it's all the same." It isn't the same. Get out of the land.

«  E-58       †        What do you do tonight? Let off on Wednesday night, maybe by six o'clock or seven o'clock. Maybe you don't even come to prayer meeting. You want to go see some old filthy television thing, of some woman married four or five times to some man; or man married four or five times, then say you love God, staying away from prayer meetings. That's right. Watch "We Love Sucy," or Elvis Presley, or some of them guys that's sold their birthrights for a mess of pot...

Elvis Presley was a Pentecostal boy: sent more souls to hell than Judas ever would. Sure, 'cause taking these young girls, and they say, "Why, he's very religious." Don't you believe such a thing as that. Religious? Satan is too. So was Cain. Don't you believe that. It's just the devil's works to get you kids out there on them floors with all this boogly-woogly, and all that nonsense, twist, and all kinds of stuff out there, vulgar living, half dressed.

«  111       †          In Africa, was out there one day, and they was talking about these, some of the kids was talking about these rock-and-roll songs that Elvis Presley and them was singing, Pat Boone and whatevermore, Ricky Nelson and all them others. I said, "They're a bunch of renegades."

Some little girl said, "Why, he's very religious."

112    I said, "So was Judas." I said, "Judas only got thirty pieces of silver; Elvis Presley got several million dollars." See? "They both sold out their birthrights." See? I said, "They're noth-... the very worst indebtment the nation's got." Still, just as deceiving as the filter of the cigarette, these denominations let those members come in. They oughtn't to even be... There ought to be a law that they couldn't sing religious songs. It's against... ought to be against the law for them to do it.

But the whole thing has become one great big pile of hypocrisy, and there's where they stay today. The true fil-...  [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] for the soul, says, "If you love the world or the things of the world, the love of God is not even in you."

«  E-8       †        My wife happened to be standing outside last night. "Just soon as the--" She said, "two or three passed the platform," said, "a group of people got up and walked out." Said, "One of them looked over at the other one, said, 'What do you think about it?' said, 'Aw, punk, there's nothing to that.' And another one walked out in a few minutes, said, 'Well, it was a pretty good show, wasn't it, not to have to pay to get in?'"

And that's the opinion of the starchy people of this world. See? That's their opinion. It's always been their opinion. It was there opinion... Their fathers had the same opinion and is in hell today. And remember, what if this would've been the truth they was listening at last night? Then they have blasphemed the Holy Ghost, which there's never forgiveness in this world or the world to come. Is that right? That's right. Best to keep still if you're not sure. So the Lord bless you.

«  132       †          You know what? The rich man is in hell, that one young rich man that refused. See, now remember, he had education, he had religion, he went to church, he was a good man, but he refused Jesus. See?

133    And this young man, he was educated, and he had religion, but he wanted Jesus. See, Moses would have been a much richer man than--than this young fellow would have been, 'cause he just had some money, probably farms and things like that, and maybe politics and so forth, but Moses was to be king over the earth. And he forsook all of that.


«  E-30       †        Even a lot of preachers trying to justify this Elvis Presley, which is nothing in the world but a modern Judas Iscariot. Judas Iscariot got thirty pieces of silver. Elvis Presley got a million dollars and a fleet of Cadillacs, but he sold out. He was a Pentecostal believer and sold out his birthright to become a rock-and-roll, and is inspired of the devil. And I don't pull any punches on it. No, sir. And a modern Judas Iscariot...

And then even the ministers trying to upbuild that kind of a thing. And Elvis Presley saying, "Yeah, I trust God for all my success." How would a living, holy God ever give success to vulgarity. And a devil demonized thing that's absolutely been one of the greatest hindrances that this nation has ever been seen, is a guy like Elvis Presley, who sent millions of souls to hell by his old dirty, filthy rock-and-roll stuff. Certainly, I don't have any apology at all. If you can believe me to be God's prophet, remember there is a incarnated devil, absolutely.

57-0518  STAND.STILL
«  E-15       †        And this little lamb, he was nervous. And he was--he was eating all right, first, but then he become nervous. And he just couldn't stand still. There was something taking place that he could not see, and the lamb cannot smell his enemy. But there was something that--death lurking, that made him nervous.

I watched the scene. And then come into my mind, the beginning of the text that I want to use tonight. There was something warning him of a present danger. And that's the way it is in the nations of the world tonight.

I was reading the other day that where the psychiatrists in the United States are going to each other. And where the great singers like, and entertainers like Arthur Godfrey, and a lot of those people with their wise cracks and so forth, some of them have as many as three psychiatrists. A New York newspaper reporter took two years to search it down. That rock-and-roll, boogie-woogie Elvis Presley, a modern Judas Iscariot, that boy was a Christian in a Pentecostal church with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I know his pastor, his mother, and them well. Judas Iscariot got thirty pieces of silver out of Christ; he got a fleet of Cadillacs. But he's sold his birthright.

Red Foley, a deacon in the church, sold his birthrights, and taken his talents, and giving it to the world. They have to have psychiatrists to keep them up. Presley's had three or four heart attacks and yet in his teens yet. It's the strain.

57-0602  LIFE
«  E-29       †        But how perverted it is. That's death. And those will perish who have it. And we notice today... Now, I might be just a little bit old fashion on these things and kindly cut corners and mash hard, but it's to really... The intense of it is to show a point. Now, many today, they looked on program; they listen to records. They go into the little restaurants, and you can hardly eat for the--the great records they're playing of this rock-and-roll, and--and the boogie-woogie, and all those fancy fandangle, devil made, demon inspired records. And oh, I wonder what will be the final outcome when they find out it's not connected with that eternal One.

«  E-30       †        I'd imagine on that day when the sun refuses to shine, and all time stands still and melts into eternity. I'll imagine Elvis Presley will be all shook up on that morning, sure enough. Yes, his record will be a reality when he hears the bleating of the millions of souls that he sent to hell.

The thirty pieces of Judas' betrayal, silver beaten on the platter will be a pleasure up to side of Elvis Presley's doomed time on that morning. For Judas did it because that it was to fulfill a Scripture to redeem man. But Elvis Presley perverted the right thing, when he was a Christian, and sold his birthrights to a million souls in hell.

 «  E-31       †        I imagine Arthur Godfrey with all of his little Godfreys will be there that morning too, with his blondes, brunettes, and redheads. And it'll take more than a "Hail Mary," to ever clean his dirty soul and his conscience in the Presence of God. When he feels like that the dirty cracks, and jokes, and the things that he's led the millions to hell by it. And they call that life. Why, it's death, and they don't know it.

Now, notice. In this--this thing that you call life becomes so miserable till many times people take their life. So that could not be the life that God is speaking of, 'cause you cannot take God's Life, and neither can you give God's Life; that lays by sovereign grace in the hands of God alone.

 «  E-32       †        But this little mortal, perverted thing that you live in called life, you can take that when so desired. But to show that that isn't life, how miserable it becomes. This what we call life now is only a shadow or a negative.

We all like to rejoice, but we can rejoice over the right thing. That shows that we're hooked up with the real thing, when we rejoice over the right thing. But when we rejoice over the wrong thing, it shows we're hooked up with the wrong thing. So our life can tell right now what we are, which way our emotions are running. Do you see?

We are... If we're rejoicing over the world, and the evil things, our minds and our souls are inspired by below. Boogie-woogie, dances, heartaches, drinking, all these other things that we run after, it's from below. But if we rejoice in the Spirit, that we have Eternal Life, and we raise our emotions to God and praise Him, then we have joy. Then we have joy. Jesus said, "I... That your joys might be full..." But not full of the perverted life, but full of Eternal Life, above. So you can see, it depends on what you look at.

 «  E-33       †        Now, just for instance for the psychology part of it: psychiatric. Now let's notice just a moment this psychic view. Here is the picture of Christ and here is an electric fan. It depends on which one I look at. See, if my emotions is moved this way, or my emotions is moved that way... If I look at that, and long for that, and desire that, my emotions is set towards the fan. But if I look this way, my emotions and my desire is set that way. That's the reason Jesus said, "Whosoever looketh upon a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart." See? It's where your emotions is set, where your thoughts is.

 «  E-34       †        And then we can rejoice on, because that we are the children of the promise, on the great eternal Church of God who has Christ's own promise it can't fail. That's right. The world thinks that we're crazy. "Oh, this is life. Whoopee." I am, this day, to see a young lady who went to a--an psychiatrist. She's thirty-five years old, never smoked, never drank in all her life, a very fine girl. Her people are Christians. Her father's a doctor. And she was--gave her life to Christ at early stage. And what did she do? She goes out, and she finally gets to a place, to a college where she was teaching and a psychiatrist there.

 «  E-35       †        He set down to talk to her and he said, "You mean that you have never been kissed by a boy?"

She said, "Not one time in all of my life."
"You mean you've never had a little drink and been in a party?"
Said, "Girl, you don't know what you are missing." Now, him being a psychiatrist, he swung the girl's mind until now she has become so evil and so bad, till she don't even want to hear the Name of Jesus spoke in her--in her presence. And even her father and mother can't even see her no more. And she's lost her mind and this next week will go to the institution for shock treatment.

 «  E-36       †        It's because that she turned her thoughts from Christ unto what that psychiatrist was a moving her mind. And that's what we're here for this morning, is to move your mind, and your thinking from the things of the world unto the things of God which is eternal. And that's what preaching is for is to pervert the thinking to a higher, and better, and to the place where Christ is, until you become converted, then your mind reaches for those things which are above.

Now, but life in this other place gets to a... The girl, they're thinking she might take poison at any time. Sure, life becomes so miserable, that type of life, until they kill themselves, take poison and everything.

 «  E-37       †        Now, but God in His great economy for mankind, has made man in the way that He wanted man to be. Now, He made man to thirst. Did you notice David here said, "My soul thirsteth for Thee (Oh, I love that.) as in a dry lands where there's no water." Just imagine. Said, "My soul is so thirsty, God. I'm thirsting for You just like I was in a land where there was no water." He must find water or perish. "My soul is thirsting for Thee."

Now, God made a man with a thirst. That's a part of the human being, is his thirst. But God made the thirst in man to thirst for God. And the devil has perverted it, and make it thirst for his kingdom, for the world. Do you get it? The thirst in man is godly, for God made the man to thirst, thirst for God.

«  E-54       †        Jesus was asked by the devil to perform a miracle when He first got started, said, "If thou be the Son of God, perform a miracle here before me." Now, that devil hasn't died. And he even gets in churches, even in preachers.

"Now, perform a miracle here before me. Let me see you do something; I'll believe you, you divine healer. You great miracle worker, if you're the Son of God, make these stones bread; let me see you. I'll believe You." He got in the Pharisees, said, "If thou be the Son of God, come down off the cross and we'll believe you."

A Roman put a rag around his eyes, and hit Him on the head with a stick, and said, "Prophesier, tell us who hit you. Prophesy now, prophesier." God don't clown for nobody. He never opened His mouth. No, He never said a word. He didn't feel any virtue. But the woman that approached Him right and touched His garment, she got virtue. She got her desire. This other guy was condemned; he went to hell for it, no doubt. What's the difference? It's your attitude, what kind of an environment you create around you by your belief or unbelief. So get away from all your superstitions and create around you an environment. That's the difference. It's the environment that makes the difference.

A hen should lay over her egg to hatch it. But put it in an incubator under the same warmth condition, it'll hatch anyhow. It's the environment that makes the difference.

«  E-34       †        And this fellow with his wine bottle up, drinking, having a big time, he said, "Just a minute. All you all, listen to me. Turn your radios on now." The vulgar, dirty, filthy things that's permitted, uncensored programs... When did it start? Look back through the history. It started back there in the days of Clara Bow. And with this scheming, ungodly Texan, went out there and made these women's underneath clothes that made them look sexy... And this begin the first vulgar song, they let pass, was about the ladies rolling down their stockings and showing their pretty knees. They've got by with that. And now it's uncensored: they can say and do what they want to. The devil's took the thing without firing a shot. That's right.

What do you think them Hollywood prostitutes in hell today would do if they could return? They'd make it different. But their influence upon the world, has set the world in a flame of corruption.

 «  E-35       †        Oh, blessed be the Name of the Lord. What ought the influence of the Christian church to do, set the world aflame with Christianity. But instead of that, we try to pattern after them. Christ is our example, and not some Hollywood star, some television star.

"But we're modern. We smoke Pall Malls." And you'll go to hell for doing it. The pictures of the girls out here with cigarettes, beautiful looking women, that's a deceit of the devil. Look at her a few years after she smoke, with TB, laying yonder, dying, a wretch. But it's modern. They can put it before the young people.

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