when you think on your past, it'll either drive you to God or drive you away from God

«  E-39       †        I say this in a mixed multitude, but I want you to understand me as your brother. When a baby's born, if it's on the floor, if it's on a straw tick, or if it's on--in a decorated hospital room, it's a mess anyway you take it. But it brings life. That's what the new birth is. It's a mess, but it brings Life. It brings Eternal Life. Amen. It brings Life. Life, I don't care what level it's on, I want to have that Life, while we live forever. Men join churches to dodge that; they sell their birthrights as Judas did.

 «  E-40       †        And he heard the trinkling of that silver as it trinkled into his hands, and he cried, "I betrayed innocent Blood." I don't want nothing standing between me and the Lord like that at the end of the road. I trust it won't you.

"I have betrayed innocent Blood." And he took the short route. He took a rope and went and hung hisself. When you think on your past, it'll either drive you to God or drive you away from God. You might take the route of sin, backsliding, smoking, try to puff it away. You might go down to the saloon, and get a whiskey, and try to drink it away, when you defiled yourself, and defiled others, and lied, and stole, and cheated, or deny the Gospel that you're trying to represent, to have finery and look like the rest of them, and act like this people of today.

 «  E-41       †        God wants you to be different. He requires different. You'd be just as guilty as thirty pieces of silver. You can take the short route, sure, but there never was one. Look back in the Bible times. Those who came to Him when they thought on their ways like Peter, he found mercy. Those who took the short route is in eternity, out in yonder somewhere without God, without hope, without Christ. Take the road to Him; it's open. That's right.

The Roman soldier, after he had pierced His side with his spear and seen the water and Blood gushing forth, and seen the sun go down in the middle of the day, the rocks and the mountains rent out, and he hear the thunder and see the lightning without a cloud, he smote hisself upon the chest and said, "That surely was the Son of God." He thought on his ways. He seen what he had done. And down at the foot of the cross he went, so we're told. He thought on his ways, and he turned to God's testimony.

 «  E-42       †        Pilate, after trying to wash his hands of Jesus, ten years passed, and he was still trying to get the Blood of Christ off of his hands. Maybe ten years from tonight you'll be trying to shake this message off your hands. But he washed, and he washed, and he washed, and there was no way to get it off, with too much pride to turn to the Man that he had killed. He finally plunged hisself to death over in Switzerland in a pool of water, which the legend is, that on every Good Friday the blue water bales up.

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