He wouldn't bring you in, if you wasn't worthy. He knows your heart.

E-51    The 12th chapter of I Corinthians said, "By one Spirit we're all baptized into one body and become members of that body." And then it's not what I've done, what I am, who I was, or nothing about it; it's what God has done for me in Christ. And we are perfected with our Sacrifice.
He makes no mistakes. He wouldn't bring you in, if you wasn't worthy. He knows your heart. That's right. He knows what you are. He knows your motives. He knows what you are. There's traps all along the road. Sure. The devil will cause you to stumble, and you say, "God, I didn't mean to do that. God, You know it." You're still perfect, because there's a perfect Blood offered for you everyday, and a bleeding Sacrifice hanging before the throne of Almighty God. That's right.
Now, how did you get in there? God, by foreknowledge...
Now, God said that Jesus... Now, put on your caps. Get open your heart. Look. The Bible said Jesus was the Lamb slain from the, where? Foundation of the world He was slain. Why? God, the Father, when He looked down and seen how...
Jesus never come just to die a haphazard death. He never come, say, "Well, maybe somebody'd have pity when they see the way I die and everything." No, it wasn't. God don't run His business like that. God runs His business perfect. That's right. He knowed exactly what was going to take place. That's where He could foresay. He knows exactly what He... He's not willing that any should perish. He's not willing. But if He's infinite, He knows who will and who won't. Therefore, you can rest assure. If you have received God and been filled with the Holy Ghost, you're anchored to your eternal destination. Correctly. See, He foreknows.

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