Golden Nuggets from VGR #4

Golden Nuggets from VGR

It’s the most important thing in the life of the Bride of Christ: The Word. It wakes us up in the morning and puts us to bed at night. During the day, it encourages us that our Lord Jesus is mindful of His children, even through the worst tests and trials.

We hope these little Nuggets from the Lord will give you the lift you need to keep pressing the battle today.

Doesn't matter who's going to be President. I know Who's going to be King. He'll be King. And I know it takes something to stand. But God help me to shut my eyes to denominations and everything else and look to that spiritual sight yonder, that He's the coming King. I'll serve Him. If it's death, let me die; if it's my family, it's my loved ones, if it's my denomination, it's everything, let me serve Him. I'll stay to Him. That's the warriors of God, like was with David, that had their hands on their sword, walking at his arm. That's the way God's warriors walk: ready.

58-1228 Why Little Bethlehem

Let everything go wrong. Let everybody else prosper. Let errors prosper. Let the men who “have a form of godliness, deny the power thereof,” prosper, and shove you back. But if you know where you stand, you’ll stand. Regardless, if the whole world turns you down, you’ll stand just the same. You won’t vary from that Word.

60-0911M As I Was With Moses So I Will Be With Thee

If it's against God's Word, be against it. That's your enemy. Anything that's against the Word is your enemy. Everything that's for the Word is your brother. He's a part of you.

65-0829 Satan’s Eden

And while it's daylight, I think this, I keep this in my mind, and it's good for you dear Christians to remember that this is the only time of all ceaseless ages beyond the time to come, that you'll ever have the privilege of working for Jesus Christ. This is the only day. And we don't know whether we're going to be here tomorrow or not. See? So I believe it behooves us to move with all that's in us and do everything that we can.

56-0403 Shepherd Of The Sheepfold

Angelic beings associate together. Oh, I hope you get that, that just dropped right down, free. Look. And if you've got the Holy Spirit in you, then you're a candidate for association with the unseen world and the Supernatural.

56-0617 Revelation Book Of Symbols

You know, God trains every child that comes to Him. And the Bible said, "Every son that cometh to God must be chastened of God." And if we cannot stand chastisement, then we're not children of God; we become illegitimate children.

56-0428 God’s Covenant With Abraham

I want you to notice. Every man that ever has the spiritual revealed truth of the will of God, makes preparation for the fulfilling. I hope that goes way down deep tonight, way down on the fifth rib, on the left side.

55-0225 Glorified Jesus

That's what a real Christian does. You pray and humble yourself, and keep before God day and night in order you might give yourself to somebody else.

56-0617 Revelation Book Of Symbols

How beautiful that is of the Holy Spirit, our sustaining strength to carry the Church on. If they failed to eat manna, they died. And if we fail to eat on the Holy Ghost, we die. If we fail to pray through daily, all the time, keep under the Blood, you'll wither up and die in your Christian experience.

50-0716 Believest Thou This

But it's the attitude of the people that brings the results. That's the reason at Pentecost they had to go to an upper room and pray until the Holy Ghost came, 'cause they got in one place and one accord. It's the atmosphere what brings the results. You believe that? Let every man and woman in this building this morning, boy or girl, get everything from their minds but the Lord Jesus, and believe that He's standing present right now, and you'll see something happening that'll cause headlines in newspaper in the morning. That's right. It's atmosphere.

56-0129 The Supernatural

In every age we have exactly the same pattern. That is why the light comes through some God-given messenger in a certain area, and then from that messenger there spreads the light through the ministry of others who have been faithfully taught. But of course all those who go out don't always learn how necessary it is to speak ONLY what the messenger has spoken. (Remember, Paul warned the people to say only what he said, I Corinthians 14:37, "If any man think himself to be a prophet or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the COMMANDMENTS OF THE LORD. What? came the Word of God out from you? or came it unto you only?") They add here, or take away there, and soon the message is no longer pure, and the revival dies down. How careful we must be to hear ONE voice, for the Spirit has but one voice which is the voice of God.

An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages, Smyrnaean Church Age Chapter 4

In every age it was the same cry. Hear what the Spirit says. If you are a Christian, you will get back to what the Spirit is teaching, that is, the Word of this age. Every messenger to every age will preach that Word. Every fresh and true revival will be because men have gotten back to the Word for their age. The cry of every age is the rebuke, "You have left the Word of God. Repent, and come back to the Word." From the first book in the Bible (Genesis) to the last book (Revelation) there is only one reason for God's displeasure--leaving the Word; and there is only one remedy to regain His favor--back to the Word.

An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages, Smyrnaean Church Age Chapter 4

He told me if I get the people to believe me. That seems strange for me to have to say this, "You believe in me?" Said, "Aren't you supposed believe God?" You must believe that. You must believe God and believe Christ, and believe the Holy Ghost. Then after believing all of them, God wants you to believe me.

50-0300 Gifts And Callings Are Without Repentance

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