He judges your heart, what you want to be.

«  196       †          When He come into Galilee there, they, and was going to make... He said, "Hey, Who is this Fellow? Who is This? Well, this Man, isn't that... Isn't Joses and all them His brothers here? Isn't His sisters with us? Isn't His mother called Mary, and His daddy called Joseph? Where, where did you get a Guy like that? What school did He come from? He has no fellowship card. He, He don't have any credentials. Where did a Guy like that... Where did you get this at, anyhow?"
197    And the Bible said He was--He was offended. He said... Many mighty works He could not do; and just turned His back and walked away from them. He said, "A prophet is not without honor except he's among his own people, see, in his own county," watch, "or his own country."
198    There He is, properly a vindicated, the Messiah. Took no credit of His own. He said, "I can do nothing but what I see the Father doing." And He challenged them to ask if that was the Messiah.

«  199       †          And look at that little old ill-famed woman; she recognized it. She, she wasn't indocumated. The lamp wasn't... She was morally wrong, of course. No one would endorse that. The laws of God condemn that. She was morally wrong. But she...
200    See, God don't judge you upon your... what you are. He enjoy... He judges not how big you are or how little you are. He judges your heart, what you want to be.
201    And she didn't want none of that stuff. And when This flashed before her, That's what she wanted. No matter what she was then, she was ready to come. See? God judges the heart. Man judges the outward appearance. God looks upon the heart.
No matter what she was; that Light flashed, and that settled it. She caught the--the--the--the essence of Eternal Life.

«  202       †          Oh, my, how rich this is, to me, see, to see and know that it's the Truth. I'll--I'll stand by This. I'll let... The God of Heaven will raise up, and my voice will be on the magnetic tape of God's great time yonder, and it will condemn this generation in the last day. Cause, it's--it's on magnetic tape, then it'll be on the Eternal tape then. That's right. Condemn this generation of preachers who has a form of godliness, and denying the Power of the Word and Its manifestation when It's properly identified that He is still Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. I indict them, by the Word of God.
203    I'll have to get to another promise, quickly, 'cause we only got about fifteen minutes.

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