Don't Be Crabby - I think, one of the horriblest things is to see a--a man or a woman that's constantly complaining

«  8       †          And I don't try to... I do not try to--to say too much about it on, you know, around people complaining. Because, I think, one of the horriblest things is to see a--a man or a woman that's constantly complaining. I've always thought, "God, keep me from it." See, that--that weakens faith all the time, you know. You just--you just... if you--if you... I know as they get older, each one of us, we're going to get something happen and something happen. And I know those little things are going to keep accumulating, that's as you get older, they just got to. But I think one of the most horrible things, is for Satan to crown some person's life: a crabbed old man or an old woman, you see. I--I hope that I don't get to that place. I hope that I can bear it, my burdens, and--and get to a spot to where... I want my life crowned with the Glory of God: His longsuffering, gentleness, peace, meekness, and filled with the Holy Spirit.


«  164       †          I'm getting old. I know that. Each day I get a new ache and pain. Every one of us do. You might as well tell the truth. I thought, "God, don't let me..."

One of the most miserable things, is to see a man or woman who has never accepted Christ, and just lived an old mossback church member, meaner than Satan himself, and see him out there, with crabbed old something, "Well, I tell you, I don't believe in the..." God never... That's a--that's a... That's the horriblest crown that Satan can crown a life with. A grouchy old woman, about sixty or seventy years old, with fat hanging down under her arms, and the wrinkles all over her face, and her hair bobbed up, in four or five different colors, and strutting herself down in a pair of little shorts; if that ain't the crowning of Satan, I never seen it, or some old crabbed man.

«  165       †          O God, I know I... Give me grace to never complain. And I want my life, Lord, I want my people's life... God, grant that our life could be crowned, no matter if we suffer, whatever takes place, how many turns against me.

I know this one thing in my life, as I get older, my friends, the stream behind me, will soon be running out, narrower and narrower, as I go down the road. And I know one thing, it'll come to pass after a while that there'll be nobody come to me and say... ask me advice. The ones who know me in my younger days will be gone on, if I shall live. My friends will get fewer and fewer, as I get older now.

166    And I know that someday I've got to die. I hope that God never lets Satan crown me as an old crabbed, indifferent man, and my wife an old nagging woman, or your wife, or you that way. I pray, brother, that our lives will be crowned with the fruits of the Spirit; love, joy, long-suffering, gentleness, patience, Truth, faith, in the Holy Spirit.

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