Tension - it's been a blessing thing to me

«  14       †          God bless you. No matter wherever go, there'll never be a place like this tabernacle here. It's home, sweet home. And I'm in sympathy with the Weaver family, and with this precious colored brother that died. I prayed with him a little while before he went, and a fine character. And he's at Home with God now, and it's all over. And you'd have to go anyhow, and we all know that. So we're... may the Lord rest their souls in peace, and someday we expect to join in a Land yonder, where there's no sickness, sorrow, or death. Until then, let's just do everything we can for the Gospel.

«  15       †          Speaking of tension, I was praying about it this morning. What would you do if you didn't have tension? Just think of it. Tension is part of living. That kind of encouraged me when I thought that. If you had no tension, you'd be like a rag doll, you wouldn't have no feelings. There'd be nothing you could work on. Like a husband and wife, maybe if she wants to do something, and they're trying to work together (especially Christians), and the other one wants... And then when you come together to... and find out what she's done; she finds out... See, the tension really brings you closer together. And somebody tells you that "Well," said, "just think of the little wife that went under a lot of tension when you wasn't so good, or the husband went under some tension when you wasn't so good. Then when it's all forgiven, look how you feeled about him. My, you just..." See, you got to have tension. That's all.

«  16       †          And just think, of feelings, what if you didn't have any feeling, no pains or nothing? What if there be no pain at all? You'd have no feelings at all. See? And if you had no feeling, then one of your senses would be gone. See? So, see, everything's just right anyhow. So, "God, just give us Grace to stand up to it," that's the thing. If I just stand up with that Grace, and stand there and say, "We know that when this life is over, the great one's on the other side where we're looking to go to." And now, we--we remember that all these things, that's a tension that...

«  17       †          Some people tries to introduce Christianity, that "you're free from worry. You're..." No, you're not. "You're free from tension." Oh, no! You add tension when you become a Christian, because you was kind of a slop--go, happy-go-lucky, whatever it was out there, not caring what you did.
18    But when you've become a real Christian, every moment you're wondering, "Am I pleasing my Lord? If I could hear from Him!" It puts you on tension, puts you on guard.
That's what makes you what you are. So after all, tension is a blessing. It's just the way you're looking at it. It's just the way you're looking at it. See? If you just look the other side, there's--there's... No matter how thin you slice anything, you still got two sides to it, you see. So you want to see both sides.
19    So tension... I think, "Oh my, it's... What's this tension? If I could've been born without this tension." Well, if I wouldn't have had this tension, I wouldn't have been what I am. I wouldn't have been a Christian, perhaps. It was this tension that drove me to Jesus Christ. See? So, it's been a blessing thing to me.

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