I'd probably went out there and been interceding for her right away. And then, see, that, God didn't want us to do that, perhaps. So, "We know that all these things work together for good to them that love God."

«  4       †          About three nights ago, or two nights, I had a phone call near midnight; and it was to pray for some woman that was in the hospital. And they called me, and said, "Pray." And I forget the name that they gave me, that... Said it was a friend to Mrs. James Bell, our sister here at the church, a colored sister, very loyal, fine woman. I believe the name was Shepherd, was give me. So I got out of the bed and knelt down, and--and told my wife. The phone ringing, woke her up. And I said, "We must pray for Mrs. Shepherd, a sister that's called, that's a friend to Mrs. James Bell." So we prayed for her, got back in the bed.

 «  5       †          And then along about ten or eleven o'clock, the next day, I got a call again. It was Billy. And he said, it wasn't Mrs. Shepherd, said it was Mrs. Bell, herself, not Mrs. Bell's friend. "It was Mrs. Bell, and she's in the hospital, very seriously." And rushing out to the hospital, but she was gone. The Lord had called Mrs. Bell, Home.

 «  6       †          Mrs. Bell has been a faithful gatherer with us here at the church, for years. Her husband, James, and I, worked together, with my father, many years ago, out, running... We run these spurs in, from the Pennsylvania, into Colgate's here, many years ago, I guess thirty years ago, or more. And we love Sister Bell. She was a grand person.

 «  7       †          And I understand she had a acute attack of gallbladder condition, and they... Her physician, that knew the case real well, was out of town at the time. And a new physician came to look at her, and--and advised emergency operation, and she never survived it. And--and she was... I think her... Way I understand it, that her regular physician wouldn't have prescribed the--the operation, because she was heavy-set and her gallbladder was bad. And she had stones, I think, or something in it, and--and the Lord had been merciful. She had had those attacks before and the Lord had taken care of those, many times. But just happened to be that... Well, if we bring it to a full measure, we'd say this: God had called for Sister Bell, and that's the way it had to be taken, you see.

 «  8       †          And how that even missed, brought it around to me, that I thought it was Mrs.... a Miss Shepherd. I didn't know Miss Shepherd. The lady may be here, this morning, and I may know her if I look at her face. But, it was said it was a Mrs. Shepherd. And whether it was all done like that, so that if it... If I know it had been Mrs. Bell had been in that shape, I'd probably went out there and been interceding for her right away. And then, see, that, God didn't want us to do that, perhaps. So, "We know that all these things work together for good to them that love God."

 «  9       †          And I'm sure that Sister Bell loved our Lord. She was a good woman. Now, she's one of us. In here, we don't have any lines of color. The family of God doesn't draw lines of color. Whether we're red, brown, black, or yellow, doesn't matter, white. Whatever it is, we are brothers and sisters in Christ. And so we--we love her. And we'll miss her, the tabernacle. How will I miss, Sister Bell's, them great, big, coarse "amens" back there in the corner. And taking her up home, she'd talk about the Lord Jesus.

10    And if I understand it right, never knew it till just a few moments ago, but I think her funeral is to be held right here in the church. [Brother Neville says, "That's right."--Ed.] This coming Tuesday at ["One o'clock."] one o'clock. And I think you and I are to officiate ["That's right."] in this funeral service.

 «  11       †          But, just in a congregation, that we're one weaker this morning. In respect of our Sister Bell, let's just stand to our feet just a moment, as we bow our heads.

12    God of life, Who gives and takes life; as Job of old said, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away; blessed be the Name of the Lord." Some years ago, You sent Sister Bell among us, to be a fellow citizen with us, of the great commonwealth of God. And we thank You for every inspiration that she was before us, how that she loved to sing and to testify, and would be so filled with the Spirit till she could scream out and shout. And she wasn't ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for, to her, It was the Power of God unto salvation. Seeing her years number up, and the time comes when we must all answer. And Thou hast taken her from us, this morning, to be in Thy Presence. For, it's truly that, when we leave here, we are in the Presence of God.

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