But every man, no matter whether he's the pope, priest, bishop, whatever he is, he dies because he's a--he's a hybrid. That's exactly. He was born between Satan and Eve.

«  81_       †        That's what's the matter today. You want some kind of a phony make-up, with screaming, jumping, speaking in tongues, or something, instead of waiting for the real Word of God to be made manifest through the Bride.
82    Them kind, that takes the Word, is God's true Bride bringing forth Children. They can't die. A Child the Bride brings forth on the Word, can't die, because It's the Word. Amen. Did you get it? She can't die, 'cause she's... That Child can't die, because he's a Word-Child, he's a Seed-Child, he's an Eternal Child. Hallelujah!
83    That's exactly what Jesus Christ was, a spoken, Eternal Child. Didn't have to die, but He did it in order to pay the debt. That's the only way it could be paid. Nobody else could do it; they was all sexual born, after the Devil, his plan. You got it now? See?

«  84_       †        But every man, no matter whether he's the pope, priest, bishop, whatever he is, he dies because he's a--he's a hybrid. That's exactly. He was born between Satan and Eve. And they call it whatever you want to. It was Satan and Eve. The original Word had nothing to do with it. The original Word was Life. He had hybrid It, and it brought death.
85    And when the church, today, that's called themselves Pentecostal, called themself Baptist, whatever they want to, when they hybreed this Word with dogma, it produces a dead child. And she can't have no Life in her. She's dead, and her children is dead. God said, "I'll throw her in a bed of worldliness, and kill her children." God said so, in Revelations. How many knows that's true? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] "Put her in a bed of worldliness," that's where she's at, "and kill her children, even with fire." We watch where the... What happens to the tarriers that's among the wheat? Be burned.
86    Oh, you can't make the Word lie. It's the Truth. Sometimes your scruples up, and we might make It wrong. But if you'll keep It running straight, It'll run one-two, one-two, one-two, one-two, right on.

«  87_       †        "Throwed her in a bed of worldliness." She can't bring forth nothing but dead children. Then, if a denomination can only bring forth a hybrid child, why do you want to belong to it for?
88    Now, brethren, that's the reason I'm against it. She's a "whore," to begin with. The Bible said she was a "harlot." That's plain words, but I told you I was going to talk plain today. That's what she is. She commits spiritual fornications, by taking dogma and creed instead of the Word, teaching her children to do the same thing.
89    Now, her children are come from the womb, dead. She's got to die, that's exactly right, just the same as every man. Listen. Just as sure as every mortal person that breaks the womb of a woman will die, so will every person that's born by them will die, 'cause she's a hybrid, illegitimate, and her children are illegitimate. That's correct. I hope that don't go over your head.

«  90_       †        Now, Jehovah had a bride, once. Adam had a bride. Jesus had a bride. Jehovah had a bride. You know that? He had to put her away. She become a whore, so He put her away. That's exactly what He said. She become a whore, prostitute. What caused her to do that? I wish we had time to read it. I may get to some of it, after while. Right now... It was in the time of Samuel, when Israel had a King, a God. And she was a virgin. She was going to produce something. And what happened? She begin to look around and see the other nations had kings, so she wanted to be like the rest of them.
You backwashed Pentecost, that's exactly what you done.

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