"I got the baptism, the Holy Spirit." That still has nothing to do with it. That's just only a temporal gift for you. The real gift is your soul down in there, see, that was born of God

«  110       †          And this man, when he said, "How did you get in here, friend?" See?
It showed he come up some other way, and come in a window, come in the back way, but not through the door; not through the Door, the way that Jesus came, through self-sacrifice; giving your all to God, and walking to Calvary and be crucified with Him. And rise again, to wear His garment of sacrifice and death to the things of the world.
111    "If you love the world, or the things of the world, the love of God is not even in you." See? If you still have the love of the world, want to act like the world, and do like the world; you're try... you're... Yet, you're in the church, but a cocklebur in the patch with the wheat; shout with the rest of them, rejoice with the rest of them. All the spiritual blessings is right upon you.
You say, "Well, I prophesy." So did Caiaphas. So did Balaam. That has nothing...

«  112       †          "I got the baptism, the Holy Spirit." That still has nothing to do with it. That's just only a temporal gift for you.
The real gift is your soul down in there, see, that was born of God
, and that controls the whole thing to the Word of God and the will of God. And there you grow up, see, then you're a son and daughter of God. You're a child of God. And these things, as you come up... Like the mother, now you're in the bowels of the earth, trying to come forth. You're a son of God, coming forth, and you see the Word says, "I should do this. I should be born-again."
"Well, I belong to church." That don't mean one thing. See?
"I'm Methodist; my mother." That's good for your mother.
113    "Well, my, I'm Pentecostal. I belong." That, if you don't line with that Word, there is something wrong. See? Then, you see, your real father ain't God. See? Because, that real start in your soul, before there even was a spirit, it was your soul. That soul didn't come from God, then it wasn't a germ of God, to begin. You're deceived. You're in a patch of weeds and bearing the world's record of the weeds coming forth. Acting like the world, loving the world, is because the love of God is not in you.

«  114       †          And now there'll be false anointed-ones in the last days, not false Jesus. They wouldn't stand for that. But, "false," anointed. They are anointed, yes, sir, but they're anti-Christ. They're anointed with the Spirit, to do the signs and wonders that Christ did, but won't line up with His Word. See?
"Many will come to Me, that Day, and say, 'Lord, have not I prophesied, and cast out devils, in Your Name?'"
He say, "Depart from Me, you that work iniquity. I never even knew you."
"I was Pentecostal, Lord. Glory to God! I shouted. I spoke with tongues. And I laid hands on the sick, and healed them, cast out devils."
"Depart from Me, you that work iniquity. I never knew you."

«  115       †          See what I mean? Oh, little children, do you feel the need of that vitamin tonight, that something? There's a body waiting yonder. There's a body waiting to be received. People, don't be deceived. Don't be deceived. The Devil is a deceiver. Even the--the wedding garment, you must wear It. It must be.
116    Now we're at the evening time. The earthly body is now ready to be dissolved, and we're preparing to enter into the Heavenly. And we now feel the strange call, of God, to go to this great Eden. And before we can be born here, our little bodies cried for something that--that had to be provided, or we'd be an afflicted child here if we wasn't. God has no afflictions up there. They're, every one, perfectly lined up, the Bride just exactly like the Groom was, the Word manifested in Its season. God grant, tonight, children, each and every one of you! There is a Heaven to go to. There's a hell to stay away from.

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