The evidence of the Spirit was those who could receive the Word.. (What is the new Birth then?)

«  66       †          Today I was talking with my good friend, Doctor Lee Vayle, who is present now. And he's quite a theologian, and so we usually have some--have some pretty good discussions on the Scripture. Very smart.
And he asked me one time what I thought about the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost, "Was it speaking in tongues?" It's been many years ago.
I said, "No; can't see that."
He said, "Neither do I," said, "though I've been taught that." He said, "What would you think would be an evidence?"

67    I said, "The most perfect evidence I can think of is love." And so we got to talking on that.
And then I thought that sounded pretty good so I just held that, "If a man has got love."

But one day the Lord, in a vision, straightened me out. And He said, that, "The evidence of the Spirit was those who could receive the Word," neither love, nor speaking in tongues, but it's receiving the Word.

«  68       †          And then Doctor Vayle was saying to me, that, "That is Scriptural," he said, "because, in John 14, Jesus said, 'When He the Holy Ghost is come upon you, He will reveal these things to you, that I've taught you, and will show you things to come.'"
So there is the genuine evidence of the Holy Ghost! He has never told me anything wrong yet. That, "It is the evidence of the Holy Ghost, is he who can believe the Word." You can receive It.

Cause, Jesus never said, "When the Holy Ghost is come, you'll speak with tongues." He never said, the Holy Ghost come, you'd do any of those things. But He said, "He will take these things of Mine and show them to you, and will show you things that is to come." So there is the genuine evidence of the Holy Ghost, according to Jesus Himself.

«  212       †        318. What is the evidence that a person is really filled with the Holy Ghost?

John 14:26: He will... "When the Holy Ghost is come (See?), He will show you things to come." See? He'll be a... He'll perfect it; man-mades won't do it; and He is the Word. When He the Holy Ghost is come, He will identify Himself in you with the Scripture. And that is the true sign that the Holy Spirit is in you, because It is the Word.

Now, look. What if you spoke with tongues? I just want to ask you that. Jesus said when the Holy Ghost come what He would do. And what if you spoke with tongues, jumped up-and-down, shouted, and everything else, and then come to the Word; and I'd tell you the baptism of--prove to you by the Scripture as I have, that the baptism using the title of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is absolutely a misunderstanding in the Scripture; nobody was ever baptized like that, and you go ahead and hang with it anyhow? Could you tell me the Holy Spirit in you would do a thing like that? How can It deny It's own Word?

«  126       †          But what is the evidence of a believer? That will but believe the identified Word of the hour. It's always been that way. The people get It scrupled up, in all kinds of traditions, and religions, and denominations, and educations, and so forth. But God comes along, with His Word, and confirms It for the hour. That's the evidence.
127    Look upon Him and see. He said, "If I don't do the works of My Father, believe Me not. Search the Scriptures, in Them you think you've got Eternal Life; They testify Who I am. If I don't do what the Scripture says that I shall do, then don't believe Me." See? And still they didn't know it. And after walking with Him, and here identifying Hisself back after the resurrection, and showing that, that it was Him, by the Scriptures.

«  233       †          Look, Christ in you makes Him the center of Life of the revelation. See? Christ's Life in you makes Him the center of the revelation. Christ, in the Bible, makes the Bible the complete revelation of Christ. Christ in you makes you the complete revelation of the whole thing, see, what God is trying to do.
234    What is the new Birth then? You'd say, "Well, Brother Branham, what is the new Birth?" It is the revelation of Jesus Christ personally to you. Amen! See? Not you joined a church, you shook a hand, you done something different, you said a creed, you promised to live by a--a code of rules. But Christ, the Bible, He is the Word that was revealed to you. And no matter what anybody says, what takes place, it's Christ; pastor, priest, whatever it might be. It's Christ in you, that is the revelation that the Church was built upon.

 «  148-1       †        SMYRNAEAN.CHURCH.AGE  -  CHURCH.AGE.BOOK  CPT.4
They are like the children of Israel who came out of Egypt and stopped short of the Promised Land. Now those children of Israel left Egypt about two million strong. They all journeyed together, all saw the same miracles of God, all partook of the same manna and water from the smitten rock, all followed the same cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night but ONLY TWO reached the Promised Land. ONLY TWO WERE TRUE OR REAL BELIEVERS. That is correct because the Word tells us that the rest died because of unbelief; and because of unbelief they could not enter in (Hebrews 3:19). Then since that is so, and only TWO ENTERED, then the rest were not true believers. What made the difference? Two stayed with the Word. When the hearts of the ten spies failed at Kadesh Barnea, Joshua and Caleb did not stagger for they believed the Word and said, "We are more than able to take the land." They knew they could because God had said, "I have given you the land." After all those Israelites saw of the power and goodness and deliverance of God they did not enter into rest, which is a type of the Holy Ghost. So you can see right now that very few will ever believe all the way to receiving the Spirit of God.

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