Mark might've raised up and said, "You know what? Brethren, let's just accept It by faith, because we're obeying." No, you're not fully obeying.

«  267       †        The ninth day comes on. "Well, now, He told us to go up here, nine days ago. Surely, don't you believe we've received It? I believe we got It when we believed Him. Don't you think so?" Oh, you good Baptists. See? Said, "I believe. I believe we got It, because He told us to come up here. And you know what I believe? I believe, as soon as we got up here, we obeyed what He said."

But what did He say? He didn't say, "When you get up there, you'll get It." He didn't say, "Wait five days, or nine days." He said, "Until..." That's it. "They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength." See?

 «  269       †        What do you do? Take His Word, act on It, and stay right with It. Each day, stand toe-to-toe with Satan with It. "It's written. It's written. It's written. It's written. It's written. It's written. It's written. It's got to come to pass. You're acting upon the Word (See?); then you'll see the miracle of God. That's right. But first you have to act on It.

They went up there and they obeyed the Word, they stayed there. The ninth day come. I can hear Peter say, "You know what, what do you brethren think?"

Mark might've raised up and said, "You know what? Brethren, let's just accept It by faith, because we're obeying." No, you're not fully obeying.

«  273       †        You said, "I was baptized in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost." That--that ain't fully obeying. See? You say, "I joined the church." That's not obeying. See? "I repeat the Apostles' Creed." That still isn't obeying It. "Oh, brother, I quit my lying and stealing. I don't do anything mean." That still ain't obeying. It's got to be a birth. There's got to be something happen. You've got to die, and Something be born in you.

Oh, after so many days they waited; nine days passed. They said, "Let's just accept It, and go on with our ministry. The world is a-dying out there; why should we wait any longer?"

 «  276       †        I can hear Peter say, "But you know, Something tells me that it ain't right yet. That ain't just exactly obeying the Word. See, if we expect to see the miracle that God promised us, of sending the Promise of the Father upon us, we've got to wait here until something happens. Because the Scripture said that it would come in this form; Joel said, 'I'll pour out My Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy. Upon my handsmaids and maid servants will I pour out of My Spirit. I'll show signs and wonders in the heavens and in the earth.' Isaiah the prophet said, 'And with stammering lips and other tongues will I speak to this people, and this is the sabbath day that they should enter in. For all this, they would not hear it.' Now, brethren, we couldn't walk out here like that, without even seeing any experience at all. See? We've got to have something, because He said, 'Wait here until you're endued with power.' Now, I haven't got any more power than I did when I come in here. I've been here all night; I've been here the next night; I've been here nine nights; I'm just the same as I was when I come in here. And He told us we would receive power, so let's just keep on waiting."

 «  277       †        Then all of a sudden when they fully obeyed the Word of God, then they saw the miracle of Pentecost. They saw Fire fall in the building. That Pillar of Fire come down in amongst the people; and big licks like cloven tongues set upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and begin to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

Something happened. When? When they--when they made their decision to--that they'd already received It? No. When they fully obeyed the Word of God, they saw the miracle of Pentecost. So is it today; you got to do the same thing.

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