You believe you're saved. You act like you're saved. You say you're saved. And you associate with those that are saved, and it works salvation

«  E-21       †        I'm a Baptist, but that... Not... I'm a Pentecostal Baptist. I got the Holy Ghost, so that changed my things a little bit. But look, brother, that would almost make me shout, to think that I have a right to anything that He died for. He put it in the deposit box at Calvary, and give me a checkbook, said, "Write whatever you want to. I'll take care of it. Just send it up to Me." Oh, my. That's wonderful. There He is to make...

Now, how do you get saved? Let's take it in a child-like form where every believer, no matter if you're--what church you belong to. And your pastor, if he's a right man, he will tell you that--that you can only be saved through faith, not through works, through faith. Now, you believe that He saved you.

Now, first thing, that comes from the heart. You believe it. Then you walk up and confess it. Say, "I accept Jesus as my personal Saviour. I believe He saved me." There's not a physical thing in the world that you could prove that you're saved. Your eyes are the same color, got the same shirt on you had on. Go outside and the old gang says, "They ain't nothing to that." But you believe there's something to it, don't you.

Now, how... What if you say, "Well I'm going to see how it works out." It'll never work out until you keep your testimony going.

You believe you're saved. You act like you're saved. You say you're saved. And you associate with those that are saved, and it works salvation. Is that right? And the same thing will take place by Divine healing. You believe you're healed. You act like He healed you. You say you're healed. And He's a High Priest of your confession to make good anything that you confess that He's done before--fore the Father. There it is.

«  228       †        Remember, you can only be saved by your personal faith. You can only be healed by your personal faith. You believe this to be the Bible? God's Word. You believe your pastor to be a man of God, whatever church you go to? If you don't, you should leave it. Get to a man that is a man of God. Then if you believe him, believe he's telling you the truth, then accept it. Your own personal faith in Christ saves you. No matter how good your pastor is, how godly, saintly your mother is, how--how real the Word of God is, how much you cry, how much you pray; it's your faith that saves you. By faith are you saved.

Now, the same thing applies. No matter how... God's Word said that He would send this in the last days. Two straight sermons now, I brought natural Israel and spiritual Israel together. We're looking for the Joshua of this day, which is the Holy Spirit, to lead us to the land. He has to speak through somebody, because He's a Spirit. I've told you what He's told me. Now, you believe and be healed.

«  E-32      Now, He cannot heal you, or cannot save you, or do one thing for you, until first you accept it, and believe it, and confess it. That's right. You've got to confess it. Not, you got to feel it, you got to confess it. He's not the high Priest of your feelings; He's the high Priest of your confession (That's right.), what you confess.

Now, if you'll get prayed for, or set in this building this afternoon, the Holy Spirit would move in here and you'd feel His blessed Presence, and hear His Word going forth, saying, that He healed all and so forth like that, and seeing the power of God. Here it go forth, and knowing it's for everyone, and you'd walk out, say, "Well, I feel just as bad as I did we I went in." He couldn't do a thing for you.

And you say, "Well, I'm... I--I accept it now." And then in the morning you get up and say, "Well, I still got that headache; I still feel as bad I did." Then you've dropped right down. You'll never live above your confession. Let the saintliest person in this building right now, just make up in your mind that you're not a Christian any more, that's when you become not a Christian. See?

When you go out, and say, "Are you a Christian?"

"No, I used to be, but I--I'm not no more." You're fallen from grace right then. See? It's faith. See? It's either faith or unbelief. You're possessed with those two powers, either faith or unbelief. If you've got faith, you're saved because you are a believer. If you haven't got faith, it--you're a sinner


Brother, sister, if I ever wanted to be sincere, it's now. After all my mistakes in showing... What I want, reason I brought these messages previously, that God shows there that He's merciful. Moses made his mistakes, a great man like him. Then when Joshua come up, he's going to make his too. But God said, "As I was with Moses, so will I be with you." Now, look at God, two years ago, pointing that Scripture right to me, "As I was with Moses, so will I be with you. I'll not look at your mistakes." He knew that this hour was coming. Now, it's here. See? Right back again, 'cause God can never get away from it.

"By faith you're saved." How many knows that? Though many, how many good men prays over you, how many good preachers preaches to you, you've got to have your own personal faith for salvation. Is that right? It's your own. I don't care how many good sermons you hear, how many good churches you belong to; it's your own personal faith that saves you. How loud you cry, how much you beg, how much you scream, how much you dance in the Spirit; you're only saved by your faith. Is that right? That's the only way you're healed.

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