Statistics shows that ninety-eight percent of the people are saved are saved before they're twenty-one years old

«  E-86       †        Someone else that hasn't raised their hand, would you put your hand up, say, "Jesus, this is me. I'm coming now"? God bless you over there, sir. You here, God bless you, little girl.

«  E-87       †        Someone else put up your hand? I wonder while we're... God bless you, my brother. If you believe and notice here in the building in the healing service, how God healed the sick, how He knows the secrets of your heart... I know there's a dozen or more in here should raise your hand. I know it.

Oh, you--you claim to be a Christian, yes, but that's not what I'm talking about. Pharisee did too. I'm giving you an invitation.

With your heads bowed, and while the piano, or the organ's a-playing, every one of you that raised your hand, and you that didn't, won't you come down here and stand just a minute for a word of prayer? Won't you come right out of your seat? Come right down here and stand here. If God will hear my prayer to open the eyes of the blind, give sight to them who never seen, ears to the deaf and the afflicted, if He will do that, certainly, He will heal your soul. My soul is moved tonight. Oh, He's here.

 «  E-88       †        God bless you, brother. God bless you, sister. Someone else, raise right up. "I surrender all. All to Thee my blessed Saviour. I surrender all."

Would you come right down here, stand right along this side of it? It may be the last time you'll ever have an invitation. Maybe you never will, no more, be able to do this. It might be the end of the road for you pretty soon. Why don't you come now, stand right down here?

 «  E-89       †        God bless you. God bless you, son. Just stand right here, if you would. Someone else? God bless you, little boy. Look at the little fellow coming down about twelve years old. Shame on some of you old people, your heart calloused, smutty, and black. Statistics shows that ninety-eight percent of the people are saved are saved before they're twenty-one years old. You get so set in your ways, and you think you're right. "There's a way that seemeth right."

Will you come? Won't you make your way down here at the altar? Look at them kneeling here, come here. God bless you, young lady? Up in the balcony, you that raised your hands, will you come down?

I give you an invitation to the same Jesus Christ, that someday you're going to bow to anyhow. You're either going to die a sinner, and no mercy, no mercy then... Now is the day of mercy. Remember, when one day meets the other one, the day that...?... And when this day of grace meets Jesus Christ, it's the day of judgment after that. That's right.

 «  E-90       †        Come right on down; that's right. God bless you. Four young people coming to the Lord. Amen. No matter what your sins are, brother, sister, Jesus is here to forgive you.

The little--little lady coming, hurrying, getting to the altar. That's the way to come. That's the way to come right on down. God bless you; that's fine. Many of the rest of you needs your place right here. Won't you come?

What about the brother that raised his hand? You really meant it, didn't you, brother? Didn't you, sister? Didn't you really mean it? Come down now and kneel down here at the altar with us, will you do this? Come on while I give you the Lord Jesus, promising you this, that He will forgive you of every sin. Would you come? God bless you.

«  E-91       †        Many are coming, coming down out of the balcony. That's right. Just come right on down; we're waiting for you. Come right on down. Come right now, around the altar, plenty of room. There's room at the Fountain for me, plenty of room. Come right on out now. God bless you, brother, that raised his hand; they helped him out back there. God be merciful. That's the way. Come right on; don't let Satan rob you. Don't let the outside crowd, don't let the--the world today rob you. Come. God bless you, brother, coming right down to meet Him.

«  41       †          And the father and mother with the... praying constantly that--that their son would not turn out just an ordinary man, that he would be an extraordinary man. All parents want that. Did you hear Jesus refer to that commandment, "Honour thy father and mother," then stopped? See? And that's the ambition of any parent, to do the best for their children, that they can, educate them, give them things maybe that they wasn't able to get. That's the way I feel about my children.

42    I think, sometime, in going to school, now; I think, send Becky and Sarah and Joseph into these high schools and things, where all this going-on is at? I think I'll take them and get back into the mountain, and--and raise them up there with the... like the Indians live.

«  43       †          But here is what it is. What's in the kid is going to come out. No matter where it is, it's got, it's going to come out. If it's evil in there, it'll come out in the Indian camp. If it's good in there, it'll come out in any camp. See? It's what's in the kid, the make-up of the kid, what's on the inside of you. And what you are now is what you're probably be the rest of your life. You're on a changing spot.

44    Do you know what? Eighty-six percent of the conversions to Jesus Christ is done before twenty-one years old. It shows it. Statistics shows it. Eighty-six percent that come to Christ, come before they're twenty-one. You, after you pass that age, you become more molded or set in your ways. Oh, it's possible, sure. They come, seventy and eighty, years old, but it's very rare. See?

45    You make yourself when you're young. You set your ambitions to what you want to do, and what you're trying to achieve in life. You think of it. And as you think, of course, your mind, it's presented into your mind by an unknown something that--that dominates your mind. And then when it becomes in your mind, then you speak it, that you're going to do it. And then your ambitions drive you to it.

«  179       †        Lord Jesus, we thank You for that little thing. And it's a... It should be a rebuke to older people to see that when that little heart is tender and young, she wants to come. So little, Lord, shows that You can deal with a heart when it becomes humble and simple. And may it be an example, Lord, that You can deal with people. And I pray that You'll be with the little girl and help her. May she get older, and stronger, and bigger, to where she can be baptized in the Name of Your Son. Grant it, Father.

«  E-79       †        Isn't that strange, them little boys up, not over ten, twelve years old. You say, "They don't..." Oh, yes they do. "Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not. Such is the Kingdom." Their little hearts hasn't been pulled through too much stuff yet. They're tender, and they can easily receive Christ. The Spirit knocks, and all they know to do is say, "Yes, Lord." I love those little fellows that does that. All right. Anyone else just before we pray now. I see the young lady over here, and--and a young man and a woman back in the back. I see you way back there, and a young girl. That's fine. God bless you.

All right. Now, lay your hands on one another, you that's sick. Now, you that's accepted Christ as personal Saviour, immediately after this prayer, I want you to come up here and stand around the altar where we can pray for you. The Lord bless you.

«  E-70       †        Now, He's merciful to you. He knocked at your heart, and you raised up your hand. "Yes, Lord, I'm wrong." That was the Father. Now, will you confess Him enough... would you just stand up to your feet? I won't ask you to do nothing else, just stand to your feet so the people can see that that was God knocked at your heart? Now, remember, real true children," God knocked at my heart. I want to stand to my feet, just let the people know." God bless you, sir. God bless you, young man. Someone else stand up. That's right.

All right now. "I now believe." Just stand up just a moment, just a moment. Please, just stand up just a moment, every one. That's fine. Would there be another want to stand just at this time, say, "He knocked at my heart. Never raised my hand, but I'm going to stand for Him right now. I will stand right now. I believe I will stand for Him right now, because He knocked at my heart. I never want my heart to get in that bad condition like that. While it's tender, I will raise."

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