Golden Nuggets from VGR #3

Golden Nuggets

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59-1223 Questions And Answers

  A Angel's a servant. We're sons and daughters. Which is the most thought of, your servant or your son or daughter? Oh, my. Prayer from a saint will go a million times higher than an Angel (Yes, sir.), because he's a son. Oh, whew, that's right, my brother, sister.
You don't... The church, I don't believe this side of--of eternity how we'll ever realize that what you are, the position that you are, that God has placed you, you Spirit-filled people. You're sons of God. Why, Angel's a servant. You're a son. An Angel can only bring you a message, but you have to act. Amen. You're the actor on the scene. You're the son. The Angels are servants to bring you the message. Said here, "I brought you this message for you to do so-and-so. This is from Father. I bring it to you." Yes. That's all it is. Amen. You're sons and daughters of God.

63-0714E Humble Thyself
Just keep praying, keep digging! Yeah, don't stop. Just like when Elijah told them, said, "Dig ditches out there!" When you get down, you hit an old tin can, say, "I'm too tired"? Throw it out of the way and keep digging. See? Just keep digging, 'cause we've got to dig. We've just got to dig, that's all. Cause, if you--if you expect to miss the Tribulation, you better start digging.

65-0829 Satan’s Eden

Here it is. The Holy Ghost is the action in you. It's a Life, not an emotion; not some sort of a fleshly evidence. But It is a Person, Jesus Christ, the Word of God established in your heart, to quicken every Word of this age. Right. Watch the Holy Ghost in action, not so much in demonstrations; but, in action, what It does according to the Word.

62-0311 The Greatest Battle Ever Fought
"All right, I open up my heart and my mind. Come in, Lord Jesus."

And grab the Faith, that Sword of the Spirit, THUS SAITH THE LORD. Scream, "Hallelujah!" Amen. Then cut down every enemy in front of you. Amen. There it is. Cut every enemy. If a--a old spooky spirit making you feel all... Cut that thing away, with the Word of the Lord.

But our strength, is, "The joy of the Lord is my strength."

"Get away from me." Whack! You cut him with the Word. Whether it be demon, whether it be enemy, whether it be sickness, whether it be disease, whatever it is, take that Word and pull It with the Sword. And if you whack it the first time, it don't seem to move, whack it again, and whack it again, and whack it again. And whack it until you chipped a hole through, like a little chicken pipping itself out; or an eagle, what you are. Pip yourself right on through that old shell of sickness. Cut your way out, and say, "Hallelujah! Where's the next one?" Amen. That's the battle. That's a soldier. That's the soldier of the cross. Yes, sir. Knock every enemy out.

59-0417 Jehovah Jireh

But remember, the Bible said that the Lord heard the child. Why? He's a seed of Abraham. God hears the cry of the children of Abraham. And if you are in Christ tonight, you are Abraham's seed. He never heard Hagar, his--his--the woman, the mother. She's very religious, but He never heard her. The covenant wasn't with that. It was with Abraham's seed.

Oh, if I could get that drilled into you. God's obligated; He swore by Himself and made the covenant unconditionally between Abraham and his seed forever. You are Abraham's seed if you are Christ's. If you are dead in Christ, you are Abraham's seed, and are heirs according to the promise. And the same promise that He made Abraham is yours. Oh, that ought to make everybody get well. To think that if you are the seed of Abraham...

62-0722 Show Us The Father…
Now, what does a tree have to do? When you plant it, the only thing you have to do is water it, and then it's got to drink. The leaves are in it; the apples are in it; the--everything's right in the tree. But it's got to drink. It's got to drink more than its portion. And as it drinks, it pushes out, pushes out leaves, pushes out blossoms, pushes out apples. But it's got to keep drinking, drinking, drinking, in order to push out.

And when we take a promise of God, drop it into our heart, we keep watering it with faith; and it keeps pushing out, pushing out. Hallelujah. When Christ is planted in our heart, the Holy Ghost, the only thing we do is drink in the Word of God. And it pushes out salvation; it pushes out Divine healing; it pushes out glory; it pushes out everything that we have need of; is right in us when we're planted in Christ Jesus.

Here's my interpretation of Him, about being the water. He is the inexhaustible Fountain of Life. You'll never ask Him too much. You can never believe Him for too great a thing. He delights in you believing Him for great things. You can never overdo it.

62-0601 Taking Sides With Jesus
Now, that's the way we are when you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, to you sick people now. To you that are borned again of the Spirit of God, when God planted you in Christ Jesus, which is the inexhaustible Fountain of Life, everything you have need of was put in you when you received the Holy Ghost for your life's journey (That's right.), for your healing, for your salvation, for your joy, for your happiness.

The only thing you have to do is push out, drink, drink, push, drink, push. Hallelujah. Everything's there. You just have to let it loose. Go to pushing; go to drinking; go to stirring; go to reaching out; deeper depths, higher heights, it's all there. It don't need some Divine healer to come by to heal you. The Divine healing has already been purchased at Calvary. The only thing you have to do, you're planted in Calvary in Christ, drink from the Fountain that never runs dry. Hallelujah. My, oh, my.

61-0723M The Ever Present Water From The Rock
But remember, the Rock never left Israel. Israel left the Rock; it forgot about the Rock being with them all the time. It was right there, went right with them to the end of the road. "It followed them." It wasn't out of speaking distance. It wasn't out of hearing distance. Or it wasn't out of seeing distance. And neither is Christ with the Church today; He's not out of speaking distance.

Some of you have backslid, and done that which is wrong, and you've lost that joy, and your Water is dried up. He's still in speaking distance of you. He follows you. He knows every move you make and everything you do. He's longing to hear you call Him on the scene.

64-0620B Who Is Jesus
They always do. "Where the carcase is, the eagles will be gathered." Not the chickens, the earthbound bird. The heavenly eagle will gather with the carcase. A chicken is his cousin, you know, he is down here where rats and everything else can eat him. But the eagle puts her nest way up there in a tree, nobody can get to that. The parasites don't bother them; they fly too high. Now, the predators and rodents and things is not going to bother them, he is an eagle. They like eagle Food. This is It. 

 51-0507 Expectations
I--I'm not the only person to pray for the sick. No, sir. Any Christian that believes in Divine healing is ordained to pray for the sick. You notice, one night I'll have you stand up and put your hands on one another, and if the person gets healed, then the person say, "Well, sister So-and-so had her hands laying on me." See? Or, "Brother So-and-so had his hands laying on me."
Many times a Christian has his hands laying on a sinner. He said, "A Christian man laid his hands on me and I got well." See? After all, it's the Lord Jesus that does the healing. See? It isn't who's doing the praying; it's Who's doing the healing and who's doing the believing. That's the main thing. It's your faith that heals you (See?), not mine, yours.

  60-0522E Adoption 4
"Gather all things through Christ..." As I said this morning, all the little nuggets that we find, these great little things, you can polish them in Genesis; you can polish them in Exodus; you can polish them in Leviticus, and bring them through; and in Revelations they'll end up being Jesus. You take Joseph; you take Abraham; you take Isaac; you take Jacob; you take David; you take any of those nuggets, those men of God, and see if you don't see Jesus Christ displayed in each one of them. "That He might gather all things into One, Christ Jesus."

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