Golden Nuggets Quotes from VGR #2

Our health may be failing or the world may seem to be crumbling around us, but just a little Word from the Lord Jesus makes all the cares of life fade away. That's where confidence rests. The right Bible verse or quote from Brother Branham can do more for our spirits than all the words in the world. We hope these few Golden Nuggets that have circulated around VGR recently will be an equal blessing to you.


Now, there's something strange about you, sir. Satan has desired to take your life. You're all tore up. You think you've sinned away your day of grace. You think your life is ruined. Do you love Jesus? What makes you love Him? Before there could be anything to there make you love Him, there has to be a Creator to create the love in your heart. Is that right? If you'd sinned away your day of grace you would hate Jesus. But you love Him, and you're all right. And the devil's just lying to you. You're nervous. Come here and I'll cast him away for you if you'll believe. Do you believe it?

53-1108e Expectancy

Suffering for His Name's sake is growing pains of His grace. Yeah. Suffering for His Word, see, is growing pains of His grace. Yes, sir! Just remember, it's the grace of God has been given to you. Oh, my!

64-0112 Shalom

But when you've become a real Christian, every moment you're wondering, "Am I pleasing my Lord? If I could hear from Him!" It puts you on tension, puts you on guard. That's what makes you what you are. So after all, tension is a blessing. It's just the way you're looking at it. It's just the way you're looking at it. See? If you just look the other side, there's--there's... No matter how thin you slice anything, you still got two sides to it, you see. So you want to see both sides. So tension... I think, "Oh my, it's... What's this tension? If I could've been born without this tension." Well, if I wouldn't have had this tension, I wouldn't have been what I am. I wouldn't have been a Christian, perhaps. It was this tension that drove me to Jesus Christ. See? So, it's been a blessing thing to me. So then as Paul said, as though when he had a tension or something or another, he had consulted the Lord to--to take it away from him three times. And the Lord said, "Saul... My Paul, My grace is sufficient." He said, "Then, I'll glory in my infirmities. Then when I'm weak, I'm strong." See? As long as it's to the will of God, all right.

63-0818 The Uniting Time

And sometimes we think that, our burdens. I might inject this right here, that, we think our burdens are so heavy sometimes, that there's nothing like it in the world. Do you know all those things are good for you? They are all to mold you, make you. Prophets and sages was molded on the backside of the desert, in the hot, blazing sun, through tribulations and trials, and persecutions. And these things that we have today, there's nothing happened to us that hasn't happened to other Christians, before. Other Christians has had to stand in the hour of darkness like this, and even be fed to lions, for their testimony.

63-1216 We Have Seen His Star and Have Come To Worship Him

God knows how to do things. He'll even make the works of the enemy praise Him. When, we think sometimes it's all "we got to do this and do that" to make the clock tick just right. God's timepiece is ticking perfectly, and Jesus will be here right on time. He won't be one second behind. Everything will happen just exactly the way God said it would. So, whether we do it or whether we do not do it, it will be here just the same, 'cause God has spoke it, and it will be so.

63-1216 We Have Seen His Star and Have Come To Worship Him

Don't fear John, Don't fear little flock. All that I am, you are heir to. All my power is yours. My omnipotence is yours as I stand in your midst. I have not come to bring fear and failure, but love and courage and ability. All power is given unto Me and it is yours to use. You speak to the Word and I will perform it. That is My covenant and it can never fail.

Exposition of the Seven Church Ages

And in Him is all the fulness. In Him is all the fulness of God, all the fulness of the promise. When we're baptized into Him, we have every promise, that God made, laid at our fingertips. No sin is there. No death is there. And even sickness can't stay in His Presence. If Satan then puts his hands to you and tries to tempt you into something, you hold your Token in your hands and show it, that you are a redeemed product of Jesus Christ. Amen. Let your unadulterated faith wave that Token there, and say, "I am a product that Jesus Christ bought." Amen. Sickness flees!

63-1128e The Token

Well, that's one way it's yours, but still it isn't yours till you sign for it. And if you don't sign for it, he will have to take it back. You might see all your symptoms, the devil says, "Here it is; here's your cancer; here's your heart trouble; here's your crippled condition." Refuse to sign for anything the devil brings. He will have to take it back. Say, "I refuse to have it. I just won't have it, no, sir." He will have to take it back in the Name of the Lord. If you believe it, and confess it, and say, "I've accept Jesus Christ as my Healer," there's no affliction or disease can stay on you. Stay right with it.

51-0729e The Second Miracle

Hear that still small Voice, that depths of something that comes into the human heart that takes all foolishness away from you. It takes all the world away from you. It makes you hate the things of the world and love the things of God. That's the depths. That's the pool that reflects the stars of God's eternal glory. That's the thing that brings forth tears to the eyes, brings joy unspeakable and full of glory. It makes you stand when all other things will fail you. It makes... When sickness comes, or even death itself, it's still got the reflection of God's blessings in it. That little pool that's deep and reflects the heavens, not the riffling noise of the water. Riffling waters are not very deep. It's still water's that runs deep.

59-0301e What Does Thou Here?

Maybe, someday, after the--this journey's over, as I go across the nations now to the foreign lands and around, preaching the Gospel, let me leave this thought with you: My beloved children, my brothers and co-workers in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, be not weary. Take new courage this morning. Lift up your head. Lift up the feeble knees and hands that once hung down. Look unto the Author and Finisher of our faith, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who has give us these promises.

This Thing that I have tried to preach to you, through revelation, that was given to me by the Lord Jesus Christ, while I am, yet, ignorant and uneducated, illiterate, yet, Almighty God has placed It before the world, for It's infallible.

55-0109m Melchisedec The Great Prince And King

You're our God, and I love You, Lord. Oh, I adore You, You Rose of Sharon, Lily of the Valley. Oh, if I could reach out my arm and put it around You, Lord. I'm not worthy... Let me touch Your foot or something, Father. I know You're standing right here, right here at the platform, that glorious nail-scarred One, so close, so in another world, another dimension standing here. We see Your pressure and power of Your Spirit moving among our flesh, Lord. Oh, adulterous people as we are, and then, You moving among us, and sanctifying us with your Blood to fulfill Your Word, and pressing Your Holy Spirit into us to let us know things that's past, future, present.

O God, You're God. How I love You, Lord, how I adore You.

62-0408 Presuming

Oh, breathe on us tonight, Lord, that Oxygen of the Word of God in the power of His resurrection, that we can stay alive in this last wicked day. Breathe upon us, O Holy Spirit. That's it, brother. Breathe, Lord, fill us with Oxygen.

61-1231e If God Be With Us Then Where Is All The Miracles

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