And he was speechless

And he was speechless

And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless.

«  66       †        Then when he came in and he found one man now... Now, there's only one door to come through, because there's where the garments was given out. And he found a man at the supper table, without a garment on. He said, "Friend, what's you doing here? Why haven't you got a garment on?" And the man was speechless. He came in by a window, some other way. He didn't come by the door. And every man that comes by Christ, into the Body of Christ, receives the Holy Spirit, the Robe. He's standing right there, to put It on you, just as soon as you come in. See? That's what He's promised and that's what He does.

«  E-22       †        Brethren, there's no big me and little you then, when you come by the way of the Door. And then He found a man back there that didn't have a wedding garment on. He come in some other way besides of the door. And Jesus said, "Friend, what are you doing here?" And he was speechless. And you try to climb up your own moral stepladder or by some creed or some church, brother, you're going to find yourself the same way. Every man that comes by the Door is going to get the same robe. And that robe is the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Every man pays the same price. A lady said to me, said, "That woman standing at the back of the building, screaming and crying," said, "well, I--I just... well, that would worry me." Said, "Why, it--it just makes chills go up my back to hear her crying, shouting." I said, "It did?" I said, "If you'd ever be fortunate enough to get to heaven, you'd freeze to death then, when you come up there, hear all that screaming, crying, and shouting up there. Why, they cry 'Holy, holy, holy,' before Him day and night. All the time."


«  E-66       †        So then, it showed that he come in by a window, or come the back door, or bypassed the door. Jesus said, "Friend, what are you doing here?" And he was speechless. See, God's got an approach, and we must come that approach. And every man that comes that approach, dies to self, comes to Christ, regenerated, born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, the robe of God's righteousness given upon you, and you live for Christ from then on. You're coming God's provided approach.


«  E-20       †        Now, when this man, he was speechless; he couldn't say nothing. And he was... The bridegroom ordered him to be bound and cast into outer darkness. But he had gotten there, all right, but what did it indicate? That he'd... Either he might've come in a window, or come in the back door, or he'd come some other way besides the provided way. And he was cast out. And there is a provided way today; that isn't by our creeds or by any other thing but by Jesus Christ. He is the way. And a man comes to God through Jesus Christ, receives the Holy Spirit, and is robed just like the rest of them that comes, rich or poor, all made alike. No one can enter in, only by Him. In one place, in St. John 10, He said, "I am the Door to the sheepfold." If we enter into the sheepfold, we have to come by the Door. He is that Door.


«  106       †        Now, what do you think when the Bridegroom come back and found a man sitting there without a Wedding Garment on? Said, "Friend, how'd you get in here?" And he stood speechless, it showed that he come some other way besides the Door. He come in a window, he come in a back door. And He called him a friend, showed he was a church member, "Friend, how did you get in here without a garment on?" Now, Jesus said this, Himself. And He called to the porter, He said, "Bind him, foot and hand." And he was cast out into outer darkness where there'll be weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. That's Christ's Own Words, (Right.) "He was cast out." Because, it proved, without the Wedding Garment, he come some other way besides the Door. If he would have come by the Door, he would have received a Wedding Garment.

«  107       †        Oh, listen to this! Then if the Wedding Garment is the baptism of the Holy Spirit, how are we going to be represented any other way? If the first church age had to come by the Door, Christ Jesus, be baptized into the Name of Jesus Christ, receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost, to put on the Wedding Garment, how are we coming any other way? If you come by the Methodist, by the Baptist, or by the Pentecostals, or any other denomination, you will be bound and cast out into outer darkness. You've got to come by Christ Jesus, the Way, the Door, the Truth, the Life. Amen!

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