..and you'll never prosper at all till you turn and surrender yourself to Christ

E-30 I went around there, and Doc was standing there talking to the intern. I waited till he left. I put my arm around doc, I said, "It's all over, doc."

He said, "Do you think he's going to make it?"

I said, "He has done made it." Christ... Amen. Talk about an approach.Yes, Job, thinking maybe, that his children might sin, peradventurally, he said, "That they may sin, and I don't--I don't know about it." So he only had one way that he could make the approach. And that was under a burnt sacrifice.

E-31 So he took the burnt sacrifice and made an offering for his children. He sacrificed for each and every one of his children, that maybe... Listen, see, maybe they had sinned. Maybe they never sinned around Job. Maybe he didn't know nothing about it. But knowing that they were out in the world alone...

I tell you; what we need today is more good, old fashioned praying mothers and daddy's for their children. If we had that, would be the greatest support to do away with juvenile delinquency I know of. First, give me old fashion mothers and daddy's who pray for their children.

E-32 Looky here, boy or girl, this afternoon. If you've got a mother or dad like that, the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart, that's your mothers prayers you're walking over the top of. Remember that. And you'll never prosper at all till you turn and surrender yourself to Christ. That's right.

Now, Job said, "They may have sinned." So he offered the best that he had, all that he knowed, because that's all the approach he had to God. So he killed one lamb for his own approach. He killed another one for one boy, and another one for another one, making a burnt sacrifice for each one to have a way of approach to God. God seen the honesty and sincerity.

E-33 Oh, you say, "Now, Brother Branham, now wait a minute. I don't believe that the influence of the father... I believe it's an individual affair." True. But we are commissioned to pray for one another (That's right.), and to offer up our loved ones to God, that He will save them.

Now, notice. In all of this Job kept his mind on God in offering the sin offerings, that if they did sin, maybe the approach... You say, "Well, was that in the New Testament too?"

Yes. Certainly does. Well, he said, "If I get saved in my house, should I leave my house?"

E-34 Not unless you have to. I'd stay right there. For Paul told the Philippian jailer, said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thy and thy household shall be saved." That's right. The sanctified wife sanctifies the husband. Live like a Christian. Be like a Christian. Pray all the time. Believe that God is there, and is going to answer your prayer. Offer it through the provided approach.

E-35 That's the way Job did; he had an approach; that was through the burnt offering. So he taken a burnt offering, and went out and offered it, and approached God in behalf of his children. You see it? He had an approach. So he used the approach in behalf of his children. "Now, God, here I come with this lamb, I'm offering it for John. Now, if he has sinned, Lord, I pray You forgive him." See? See? Through the approach of the burnt lamb, because that's the only thing he had to approach in.

E-36 Now, if you ever notice, how that when the disaster struck Job's home, and the children was all killed and everything... And all Job had was destroyed. God wasn't rebuking Job. He was only purging Job. Amen. I like that word, a purge.

The branch that bears fruit, then God purges it, that it'll bring forth more fruit. The trouble of it is, we think sometimes God's angry with us. But He's only trying to purge us that we'll bring abundance of fruit, giving us a few trials. The Bible said that they're worth more to you than precious gold.

E-37 Did you ever know, that every son that cometh to God, must first--first be tried, whipped, child whipping correction? It's not easy. When God gives you a whipping, you go out here and say, "Well, I'll mingle around a little bit." God will give you a real old fashion spanking for it. And I tell you, if we had more of that in the natural today, we'd have better children. God wants His household straightened out. So He gives you a little whipping, so you can get straightened up. Makes you love Him more.

My father used to give me whippings, and I thought, "Oh, my." I wished I could call the old gray-headed brother, father of mine, back from the other lands today. I would respect every whipping he ever give me. I never got even as much as I needed. I thought so then, but I don't now, because it corrected me. Though he didn't do right himself, yet he wanted me to do right. Amen.

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