. To receive Christ is to receive the Person, the Lord Jesus, then these other things will ..

« E-68 † Man come to me not long ago, and said, "Brother Branham..." an old junk truck, said, "I was a rich man two years ago; I sold my car lot. I done everything trying to find peace with God. I gave it to ministers." He said, "I went down to Billy Graham's revival; he told us to raise up our hands, and said we'd receive Christ. I did it. He told me it was over. But," said, "it wasn't, Brother Branham."
He said, "Then I went over to the Free Methodist, and they told me, I had to get sanctified, and shout, and then it would be over." Said, "I did, but it wasn't over." Said, "I went to a noted evangelist that you all know real well, one of the greatest in the Pentecostal field," said, "they said I must speak with tongues, and if I didn't speak with tongues, I didn't have the Holy Ghost." So he said, "I went in, the men worked faithfully with me, and I spoke in tongues. He told me it was over." But said, "Brother Branham, it wasn't. So what can I do; I'm--I'm just in a terrible place." Said, "I'm..."
I said, "How did it start?"
Said, "I was selling cars; my wife went down to the Pentecostal church. We were Lutheran." Said, "I went to church about twice in my life, and she went down and got the Spirit on her." That's the way he put it to me. And said, "He come... She come back and tried to get me to go." And I told her, "Now, honey, you go ahead; I'll give you money to help your church, but not me, I'm not religious." Said, "That went on for about a year. One day," he said, "my wife, she belonged to the Church of God, and she went up into the--up into Tennessee to a revival." (This was at Minneapolis.) And said, "Went up there."
And said, "I was selling a car, and I come back in, and I had my coat on. It was summertime. I set down by the fan," said, "I thought, wonder if I gave that lady the key to her car? I reached in my pocket, and I pulled out a little ticket, and it said, 'Where will you spend eternity?'" Said, "It struck me." Said, "I said, oh, well... Throwed it in the trash basket." Said, "Something said to me, 'You're past forty years old; that question must be settled. Where will you spend eternity?'" Said, I picked it up; I looked at it. I threw it back; I picked it up again." and said, "Tears begin to run down my cheek." Said, "Then I started hunting."

« E-69 † I said, "I want to ask you, brother. What Billy Graham told you is the truth." And I said, "What the Free Methodist told you, to shouting and get sanctified; that's all right. What Oral Roberts told you to speak in tongues for the Holy Ghost, that's right. And then it's not right. All those things are attributes of Christ. To receive Christ is to receive the Person, the Lord Jesus, then these other things will take place."
He said, "Well, you think I've ever done it? Or you think I could ever do it?"
I said, "You've already done it, brother." I said, "You were going down a road, hating religion, no religion at all, and you looked at this little sign, and something turned you. In two years, you've sought and hunted."
Said, "What happened?"

« E-70 † I said, "What is conversion mean? Turned around. You were going one time without anything, hating God, hating religion, going on, ignoring it. All at once, right there at your desk, you turned back up the road, hunting God, seeking God.
"What happened?"
"You was converted."
He threw his arms around me, started weeping, said, "Brother Branham, I've had it all the time?"
I said, "That's right. That's exactly right."

Said, "You know..." He said "Well, I've went to all of them; and they told me I'd crossed the separating line." Said, "You was a prophet, you could tell me what was wrong."
I said, "You don't need a prophet. The Word settled that."

« E-71 † Friend, no matter what you've done, if you still haven't got that real trust and faith in God, that real something, that's real in your heart, that you know you met God on them sacred sands, where you can go right back there on the backside of the desert, like Moses did, and meet Him there, and put you finger on the place, where it happened, it won't work. And if you think you've been there, and you still care for the world, you haven't been there. Your life proves it. Would you want to go there this afternoon, while we pray? If there's another one, raise your hand, say, "Remember me, Brother Branham."
God bless your hearts. That's good. God bless you. God bless you, back here, lady. That's right.

« E-72 † Now, excuse the rude way I had of bringing it, about these eagles, this afternoon. But I want to make it simple so you could understand it. Right now in His Presence, you receive Him as your--as your all sufficient One; God will take care of you from this day on, if you'll just open up your heart.
Now, don't say, "I have to shout." You might. Don't say, "I have to speak with tongues." You may do that. Don't say, "I have to dance in the Spirit." You may do that. Don't say, "I have to cry." But you may do that, and you might not. Receive Christ, then all the shouting, crying, speaking in tongues will follow that. But if you have that without Christ, you're only making a mock. Remember, you can have all the gifts and not have the Giver. Get Christ first.

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