that always makes a bad home for any kid to be raised in, that when unbelief and faith tries to mix

« 64 † Ahaziah was--was the son of Ahab, had been brought up in the kind of a home that--that was a--a lukewarm home. It wasn't altogether Christian. His mother was a heathen. And his father had married out of fellowship, married a woman that was not a believer.
65 And that always makes a bad home for any kid to be raised in, that when unbelief and faith tries to mix together.
66 And, now, if the father would have been a real strong man in his faith, the child might have had a better opportunity, but he--he didn't. He didn't have
. He knew that there was God. He knew that there was a Jehovah. And then he... his mother's gods, and so forth. He was all confused. Then after the death of his father, this boy in this condition, kind of a mixed up, one way and another.
67 And if that ain't a picture of the lands today! One in the family is this a way, and one another, and one going this way and one going that way. No wonder we are producing so much juvenile delinquency, and all other kinds of stuff, under the name of Christianity. It's because there is no unity. There is no real call out, and stand for God.

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