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The Bride Will Not Go Through the Tribulation, but will be Persecuted
Quote - People who follow the Pillar of Fire will certainly have a rough time
He has given a voice TO the bride. That voice is IN the bride.
And that moving of the Spirit comes only to a life consecrated to the Word.
When the rapture takes place, will the young children that do not know right from wrong go in the rapture
When the rapture takes place, will all believer's families, wife and children go? They are in faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord?
..keep your homes and things, but you belong to the Catholic church
JOB 38 - When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy - when they seen the plan of salvation,
Peter, James, and John; and they seen the Kingdom of God come in power, they seen the coming of the Kingdom of God rehearsed.
we are all represented there in transfiguration
We should never pray to change God's mind; we should pray to change our min
God don't want you to be frowning. God wants you to be happy. The human heart was made to be happy.
the church and Christ become so close together till Christ becomes visible among us, and raises the dead, and we go into the rapture.
I don't care how many albums Elvis Presley writes, of all the good religious songs, he's still possessed of the devil.
when you think on your past, it'll either drive you to God or drive you away from God
He wouldn't bring you in, if you wasn't worthy. He knows your heart.
Golden Nuggets from VGR #4
He judges your heart, what you want to be.
What is that Pillar of Fire? It's the Angel of the Lord. What is the Angel of the Lord?
I don't know how many is be, going to be saved in that, that that's the... that last moment to--to Rapture that little group
Don't Be Crabby - I think, one of the horriblest things is to see a--a man or a woman that's constantly complaining
Tension - it's been a blessing thing to me
..Adam so loved Eve that he went out with her. Christ so loved the Church that He went with her
By your natural birth, you come after Eve, who committed adultery. That's the reason you was born an adulteress. You're a sinner,
I'd probably went out there and been interceding for her right away. And then, see, that, God didn't want us to do that, perhaps. So, "We know that all these things work together for good to them that love God."
But every man, no matter whether he's the pope, priest, bishop, whatever he is, he dies because he's a--he's a hybrid. That's exactly. He was born between Satan and Eve.
The Alter of Fire
"I got the baptism, the Holy Spirit." That still has nothing to do with it. That's just only a temporal gift for you. The real gift is your soul down in there, see, that was born of God
How many ever remembers when Elijah Perry was raised from the dead that morning
it was You, Jesus, the anointed One that anointed the body of flesh to show that in the last day You'd make Yourself manifested in human flesh.
Joshua - the reflection of the sun that was traveling across the earth from day to night, that's what Joshua commanded to stand still;
Best Description of Agapao love
If it was pollen from Mary, then the dead rise not
..If you want to see a miracle, become one
The evidence of the Spirit was those who could receive the Word.. (What is the new Birth then?)
So, this Church has got to come to perfection, in order to bring the resurrection
Mark might've raised up and said, "You know what? Brethren, let's just accept It by faith, because we're obeying." No, you're not fully obeying.
The blood of Abel could not hide Cain, see, but the Blood of Jesus can.
You believe you're saved. You act like you're saved. You say you're saved. And you associate with those that are saved, and it works salvation
Statistics shows that ninety-eight percent of the people are saved are saved before they're twenty-one years old
you are wearing the wedding band of predestinated, unmerited grace, a wedding band of grace unmerited of your own. God did it, Himself
Golden Nuggets from VGR #3
Order of Events in the Scripture
Golden Nuggets Quotes from VGR #2
when you're born again, you have faith - Stature of A Perfect Man
And he was speechless
Rapture Quotes
and the sons of God shouted for joy, when they seen the plan of salvation
It was a revelation from God that made the difference and gave Abel eternal life
..and you'll never prosper at all till you turn and surrender yourself to Christ
. To receive Christ is to receive the Person, the Lord Jesus, then these other things will ..
that always makes a bad home for any kid to be raised in, that when unbelief and faith tries to mix
..You turn your back on God; what do you do then? Seal yourself away, and take the mark of the beast
...Healing is already yours.
"I am the Resurrection and Life," and I'm in Him
....Now, can't you see that you can't put your trust in healing campaigns
God isn't complete without you...... (the complete fullness of the Godhead bodily" dwells in His Church)
.. The Word Itself is Spirit; it's Spirit in Word form. And then, you see, when It is quickened or brought to Life,
...you become the Word, as you receive the Word
. Then, we are united under One vindicated Headship, that is, Christ, the Word of God
..our heavenly Father sometimes chastens us with sickness, permitting Satan to do it, to try us sometimes
Golden Nuggets Quotes from VGR
...it becomes a living soul
..no believer should ever marry an unbeliever
..he should've come through the womb of Eve
Life is like a leaf hanging on a tree
What is The Message of The Hour?
Faith is a Revelation , a Substance
Confess It
Jesus was not "Just a man", but God in Flesh
Jesus of the New Testament is Jehovah of the Old
Three things that you must not do..
By four death messengers killed It; then four Life messengers will restore It
You don't accept It; It accepts you
The voice did not say, "This has become My Son," Jesus WAS the Son.
Adam, breathed the breath of Eternal Life, and he become an eternal person with God
...a time come forth when He could express Himself in fullness of His Godhead, Deity, through His Church
Just because that you accepted Christ as personal Saviour, that doesn't mean that you're going in the rapture
If you've got Eternal Life, that Life that's in you always was
..it was the self same Person
Everything is named Jesus, for it's the only Name that God ever had (Name of God)
The baptism of the Holy Ghost made a way for the Holy Ghost Itself
Jesus doesn't come down and save you then. You've been saved ever since Jesus died, but you just accepted your salvation.
For it can only be known by revelation, and you can only be saved by revelation.
If You Keep Your Soul You Will Lose It
The Devil believes and trembles
"I Believe The Message".. That's good. But you must..
God will reveal it to you
You don't remember it, neither do I; but we was before the foundation of the world
It is inspired, It is God in letter form. See, It's the attributes of God speaking fore, forth,
Oh, that is, if he's a true eagle, he will understand the message of the hour
What is the new birth then?..It is the revelation of Jesus Christ personally to you
The biggest part of our faith is mental faith
Until he's regenerated, born again, I'd advise that young man to never marry a woman
..you'd never be saved until you believe in your heart ..., and raised up, and confess it
Do you think it's you speaking?......is it the individual, or is it the Spirit of the living God?
If You Say To This Mountian..(You Are Deity Speaking)
I seen something last night that thrilled me more than...
No man never sought God... It's God seeking man..
Was God a man? Certainly. "Let us make man in our own image."

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