...at one time were we all white or colored?


«  153       †        22. At--at one time--at one time were we all white or colored? Of the two, which one was the curse put on?
Now, as far as we know, I couldn't tell you whether Adam and Eve were--were white, or brown, or yellow, or black. I cannot tell you. No one else knows but God alone, I guess, Who's back there. Now, in the... As we come all of one language and one people until the tower of Babel, a confusion. And then their languages went different. And as far as we know, they were all one people till that time. And they broke up and scattered in different parts of the world.

And some... You take a animal; you take any life that eats off of a certain soil, it'll turn that color. I--if there's a hunter here, you just follow me a few minutes. Go down into Mexico and get the coyote; take up here in Arizona and get the coyote; you go up in the north and get the same coyote, and watch the three colors. Get a Gila monster that's raised in Texas, and get one that's raised in Arizona, and look at the difference in them (See?), 'cause it's the soil they live in. See?

 «  155       †        And now, the Chinese--the Chinese is a--a yellow person, Japanese, and so forth, and a Chinese. The Ethiopian is a--is a colored man, or the Negro that we have now. And he went down in those dark countries down there.

And they--and--and they were... And then the white man was the Anglo-Saxon people which we are. And--or the--or the people here, what we call the white people, they come from England which was formerly called "Angel land." And because they were white, and blond, and so forth... They scattered up beyond and Norway, and so forth--up in there. And they all come out of the Anglo-Saxon people.

 «  157       †        Now, which was first and which was cursed? There was none of them. I know where you're trying to get to. You're trying to get to Ham. I know where you're going, to Ham's people.

Now, there was Ham, Shem, and Japheth. Now, Ham, he did--he did not try to hide his father's nakedness, but laughed and made fun of him. And God put a curse on Ham for looking to his father's nakedness and not trying to cover up his shame. And Shem and Japheth backed up and threw their coats over their father when he was laying naked. And now, God told Ham that his generation would serve the others.

 «  159       †        Now, if you thought that was a curse of turning dark, well then, the Jew's dark also. If you'd think that would be the--the--what we call the colored man or Negro of this country that's here now, you ought to go over to India. The Indians are way darker than the Negro. I've been in both their countries. Here's the--the Ethiopian down there from Ethiopia, and the African, the colored man that we know today. They're down there, many of them still in the primitive--in their tribe. Just about like we was when Jesus come...

The white people was just as primitive as the--the native of Africa is now, worse perhaps. Remember, two thousand years ago we were naked tribesmen out there with a--with a bow and arrow and a stone axe for hunting (That's exactly right.), we Anglo-Saxon people. That's exactly right. So which was which?

I'll tell you the ones today that's cursed is the one that refuses Jesus Christ. That's all. The one that accepts Jesus Christ is blessed.

«  162       †        Now, you can't say... I'll go up, get the Eskimo out of that land up yonder. And there he is up there; and that man is darker than the colored people that we have here. I'll go over to India and get the Indians; and he is--he's not a colored man, he's really black. He's blacker than any--just real black color. And he's what is called... And he's an Indian. Well now, in Africa we get some of the African people that are... Some of them are light colored; some of them are almost like white; and some are--are different ways.

You go to Jew; you say all the Jews are dark complected. The Jew is a brown person, but I've seen a many one red-headed with blue eyes, fair skin. See?

 «  164       †        So the whole thing is this: we all come off of one tree. That's right. And we was all cursed through the fall of Eve. And we're all saved through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Amen. There it is. So there's no curse. Accursed is them that does not believe, but blessed are those that do believe. So there's neither one, friends, the black or the colored man, or the white man or the yellow man. Them... If the black man was cursed by being black, then the yellow man is just halfway cursed. And then the--and then the yellow man--and then the brown man, he's just two thirds of the way cursed. See? And then, the African's about four-fifths cursed. And I guess the Indian is really the cursed then. Oh, my. How nonsense. No. It's the different climates and things the people lived in. They turned...?... off and so forth. There's different...

 «  165       †        Or look at the American Indian. Many of those... The Navajo out there is a darker race of people than our colored Ethiopian people in this country: the Navajo. The Apaches are... They're kind of a--a copper color. And the different tribes... See? So right there amongst the Indians, right here, you find the black one, and almost... And the Cherokee is almost as pale as we are, the Cherokee. And there's right here in this nation, the different tribes. So you see, you can't say they're half cursed and all the way cursed. They was none cursed because they're black. They wasn't cursed because they were yellow or because they were white. There's only one curse that I know of, and that's unbelief of Jesus Christ. (I know, Donny; it's time for me to close, but I got two more questions.)

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