What about Sunday School?

885-Q-223 223. Now, Brother Branham, what about the Sunday school? Brother Branham, about the Sunday school (All right), should it be before the preaching service?
Yes, we've always had it that way. Have the Sunday school before the preaching service. And that gives a chance for the little fellows who attend Sunday school to dismiss their classes. And if--and if they want... The little fellows don't understand it; they have to set all the way through the preaching service and then have Sunday school, the little fellows are wore out. Let the Sunday school be first; have a set time, just at one set time that Sunday school goes to session. Sunday school superintendent is supposed to see to that, that that Sunday school goes to session at a certain time, set time. And it's dismissed at a certain time. All the Sunday school's allowed so much time for that, and then dismiss.

886-Q-224 224. Should the teacher for the adult class be someone other than the pastor?
If it's so agreed. If the pastor wants to teach the Sunday school and then bring the message later, that's fine and dandy if he wants to do the double service. But if he doesn't, then have your adult Sunday school teacher (See?) for your adult class. And then if a--if the pastor has somebody else there in mind, and the person wants to do it, give yourself thirty minutes, or whatever you're going to allow your Sunday school for, thirty or thirty-five, forty minutes, whatever it is.
And there should be a bell set here. And when that bell is tapped, that means--or either the church bell, when it taps on the outside, that's dismissing Sunday school. And when that bell rings, that means everything come to order right there.
There be so much time then for a hymn or two, whatever you want to sing. Not too much time, you'll wear the people out by keeping them too long. See? And just tap the bell, have a hymn and whatever you're going to do, and then send your classes to the place. And immediately when that time comes, say it's going to be at--at ten o'clock, or ten-thirty, or ten-fifteen, whatever it is, tap that bell and every teacher dismisses their class, come to the audience out here. And then... And give the report, Sunday school report, and then dismiss the whole thing, and let all that wants to stay for preaching service be next. See, then it's in order.

886-67 Question? How many... [Someone asks Brother Branham, "Then we have a split class, in other words?"--Ed.]
Oh, yes, you should have. A--a three-year-old can't understand what a fourteen-year-old would understand. I think I got that a little farther:

886-Q-225 225. How many classes should there be?
You should put your classes in... Like a little bitty class that wants to have flannel-graph; that's too much for a fourteen-year-old boy or girl. See? You should have someone to take a class for those little babies, some old mother or something who knows how to take care of them. Other classes, I think, should be somebody who's more able to present the Word. See? And there should be classes. To say now, there'd be like a class of from the... At least three classes...
There should be a little bitty baby class; there should be from about five years old. And all the others under that should be kept with their mother, and taken to the nursery if it's necessary during the time of--of the preaching, if they go to carrying on. That's what the nursery's out there for.
And I think that the--the classes should be arranged from like the little babies about five or six years old up to eight or nine, ten, something like that. And then from ten years old on to fifteen should be in a--the teenage class. And then the adult class over the fifteen, 'cause they... If they're old enough to--to... Nowadays they can get a job and they're wanting to vote at that age almost; so they--they should be able to hear the Word, but come out in the main auditorium and have that.

887-Q-226 226. Who should be the teachers?
There you are; that's up to you to vote your own teachers in. And you ought to do that. Put them in there; get somebody. And meet with the church, and say, "Who's... Who here feels led of the Lord?" And then get a qualified teacher. And then let it be done. It's got to be strictly business, brethren. If the teacher can't qualify to it, then change teachers.
When the time comes, as under God, if I feel like that Orman Neville can't no more qualify to be pastor here, I'm going to mention it to the church. When I see one thing here, think that you deacons couldn't qualify to be deacons, I'm going to mention it to the church, that, "I find out there's a certain deacon out here doing something he shouldn't do, and he doesn't keep his post of duty," and so forth like that, or a trustee, or whatever it is. I can't vote it in or out, the church has to do that, but I'm certainly going to present it before the church. See, because that's what I should do. That's what I'm supposed to be. As overseer, I'm supposed to look and see what's going on. We're going to heaven, not out here somewhere to a rally or something to have a lot of fun and run over one another, and play baseball. We're here having the most gracious thing there is on earth, the Word of God, and it's to be carried on in godly order.

887-73 Who should be the teachers?
That's up to you to select them. But I would take... For the babies, I'd take an old woman, some that can do that. But for the teen-agers, I'd take some teacher that's strict, and not just going out here and having wiener roasts. That'd be all right if they want to go on a wiener roast, but just put all the thing to that... Put it to the Word; let somebody who's able to hold the Word. And it's going to be, this church stands not for... Wiener roast is all right, and--and little picnics that you want to go together and fellowship, that's fine; that--that's what you should do to entertain the children. But in this place in here, this is the Word of God. Wiener roast is when you get together, something like that, but not in this house of God. And these know, of course we know we don't believe in this here foolishness of--of--of parties and everything like that around here; we--we... You know better than that.

888-Q-227 227. Who should be over the Sunday school to keep it in order?
The Sunday school superintendent. That's what his business is. He's not supposed to have anything to do with the deacons, trustees, pastors, or nobody else; he's got a office of his own. Whoever your Sunday school teacher is, I know not. But that Sunday school teacher is supposed to see that every class is in its place, and every teacher is present, or substitute another teacher for that teacher if they're not there on that day.
Then just before the Sunday... While the--the lessons are going on, the Sunday school superintendent is to go by and take up the offerings that they've had in there (the Sunday school collections), and the report of how many present, how many Bibles they had in this class, and so forth, and make a report of it. And then stand before the audience just before the preaching service, when he's give a spot to do it, when they have the Sunday school report after the Sunday school's over, tell how many teachers, how many present, how many of the whole Sunday school total, the whole--whole total of offerings, and so forth like that. Deacons, trustees, pastors, are not supposed to do that. They have nothing to do into it; that is the Sunday school superintendent's job.
And then if he sees that the Sunday school needs certain things, then he is to present that to the--to the trustee board, and the trustees has a meeting upon it first. And then the trustees, if they find that there is sufficient funds and so forth, through the treasurer, then this can be purchased; if he wants something another for literature, or whatever it is, or some Bibles or something, they want to buy a Bible for the one, you know, that can find the most words and quote the most Scriptures, some prize or something they're going to give away like that, present, and they want to buy it through the church. Then let that be presented to the--to the--to the--the deacons. And then let them find out if it's--if it's--if it's in the treasury. See?
And then I think that takes care of them five questions on that.

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