2015 Video Sermons

2015 Video Sermons

2015 Video Sermons

15-1231 - The Back Part of God's Mind - Jewel (Watchnite...
15-1227am - Predestination Made Simple (Were You Represented...
15-1227 - Daniel 70 Weeks Pt.12 - Wade Dale
15-1220 - Daniel 70 Weeks Pt.11 - Wade Dale
15-1216 - A Pillow of Stone - Bob Black
15-1213 - Daniel 70 Weeks Pt.10 - Wade Dale
15-1209 - Mystery of His Will - Wade Dale
15-1122am - Predestination Made Simple (Gods Pattern) Pt.14 -...
15-1122 - Hanameels Field - Bob Black
15-1115am - Predestination Made Simple (In His Mind) Pt.12 -...
15-1115 - Daniel 70 Weeks Pt.7 - Wade Dale
15-1111 - Now Faith - Joe Greene
Song - I Know Your Hearts Cry
15-1108pm - What Is Your Comfort - David Gadman
15-1108am - Perilous Times - David Gadman
15-1108 - Daniel 70 Weeks Pt. 6 - Wade Dale
1968 Sermon at Christian Fellowship Center for Radio Land
15-1011pm – What The Spirit Saith - Keith Reid
15-1011am - The Brides Authority As Ambassadors - Keith Reid
15-1011 - Daniel 70 Weeks Pt.2 - Wade Dale
15-1007 - Abiding and Purging Time (Mission Report) - Luis Urrego
15-1004am - Come Let us Reason - Ryan Bonnette
Sunday School Kids Singing & Brother Luke's Pledge of Allegiance
15-0927pm - Unconditional Covenant Pt.14 (What Is The Seed of...
15-0927am - Unconditional Covenant Pt.13 (What Is The Seed of...
15-0927 - Daniel 70 Weeks Pt.1 - Wade Dale
15-0923 - Where the Carcase Is - Bob Black
15-0920pm - The Meal Barrel - Darrell Ward (Youth Service)
Not Yet, Daddy - Brother Darrell Ward
15-0920am - This Day I Will Give My All - Darrell Ward
15-0920 - Three Sons Names Pt.19 - Wade Dale
15-0916 - Time Tested Memorials of God - Aaron Roberts
Brother Pearry Green Funeral Memorial Service
15-0913pm - Unconditional Covenant Pt.12 (Seed of Abraham by...
15-0913am - Unconditional Covenant Pt.11 (Partial to Perfect)...
15-0913 - Three Sons Names Pt. 18 - Wade Dale
15-0909 - Unconditional Covenant Pt.10 (Believe and Believeth)...
15-0902 - Unconditional Covenant Pt.9 (Do We Believe In or On)...
15-0830pm - Unconditional Covenant Pt.8 (Faith of Abraham) -...
15-0830am - Unconditional Covenant Pt.7 (What is the Seed of...
15-0830 - Three Sons Names Pt.17 - Wade Dale
15-0826 - Unconditional Covenant Pt.6 (Two Immutable Things) -...
15-0823pm - Unconditional Covenant Pt5 (Has God accepted your...
15-0823am - Unconditional Covenant Pt4 (Abraham Believed) -...
15-0823 - Three Sons Names Pt.16 - Wade Dale
15-0819 - The Tabernacle of God - Nestor Espanola
15-0816pm - The Mystery of the Folded Napkin, Unfolded to the...
15-0816am - The Benefits of the Bride - Danny Del Mundo
15-0816 - Three Sons Names Pt. 15 - Wade Dale
15-0809pm - The Confirmation of The Promise - George Quinn
15-0809am - The Inspiration of Expection - George Quinn
15-0809 - Three Sons Names Pt.14 - Wade Dale
15-0805 - Unconditional Covenant Pt.2 (Covenant Confirmed) -...
15-0802pm - Compassion of The Christ Pt.2- Roel Soriano
15-0802am - Compassion of The Christ - Roel Soriano
15-0802 - Three Sons Names Pt. 13 - Wade Dale
15-0729 - Unconditional Covenant Pt.1 (Establish My Covenant)...
15-0722 - Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear - Bob Black
15-0726pm - The Glory of His Person Pt.55 (Sit In My Throne) -...
15-0726am - The Glory of His Person Pt.54 (Inherit All Things)...
15-0726 - Three Sons Names Pt.12 - Wade Dale
15-0719pm - 2015 Jamaica Trip Report - Wade Dale
15-0719am - The Glory of His Person Pt.53 (Called By Thy Name)...
15-0719 - Wheresoever The Carcase Is Pt.2 - Bob Black
15-0715 - The Glory of His Person Pt.52 (Speaks to Both...
15-0712pm - The Glory of His Person Pt.51 (Positive Attitude)...
15-0712am - The Glory of His Person Pt.50 (Making Known The...
15-0712 - Wheresoever The Carcase is - Bob Black
15-0708 - The Glory of His Person Pt.49 (Jugement Seat) -...

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