Healing in My Life - Sister Gail Addison

Healing in My Life

SisteGail a33beWhen I started to write about healing in my life and in my family, I thought about my pastor, Samuel Dale. Through his faithfulness and love, and his walk with Christ, he has taught me God’s Word and to believe for it. Saying this, I will share some of the things Christ has done in my life.

Thanking the Lord Jesus Christ for His Word, His promises, and His faithfulness. Let me start by saying, sometimes we think it can never happen to me. But it can. The devil’s strike is fast and if it were not for the Lord’s hand on His children, we would all be dead, or worse. Without the power of the Lord, I don’t know how anyone makes it through this life. Our Granddaughter was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was about two-and-a-half years old. From the beginning, something within me said “all is well,” but as days went on, some despair set in and all I could do was cry. She was so little and so sick. What her mom, dad, brother, and sister went through was heart-breaking.

All being believers and filled with deep faith, we asked the churches to pray, and we put her picture on the pulpit at our church. Ministers from all over the world, who preached at Lula, sometimes Bro. Reed, Bro. Harris, and Bro. Dale would hold her picture up for all to see and pray for. Bro. Dale prayed and Bro. Gibby held her close to their hearts. She went into remission and was healed. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness. Today, she is a beautiful, curly, blonde-headed young lady.


My mother, Mrs. Ward, was in her young 80’s. How many times the church prayed for her I lost count. There were different times we waited for her last breath, but prayer brought her back and she lived until last May and passed at age 87. I turned my ankle, outside our church one Wednesday night and my weight made it hurt. Bro. Gibby prayed for me and I was healed.

My cat was sick and the vet said he could do no more for her. She would probably just pass on. I asked the church to pray for her and they did. She’s still alive today. That has been three years ago. From the life of my family members to the life of my cat, our God is mindful. He cares for all things because they were created by Him. How can you know the Lord as a healer? For me, I can say because it’s in His Word that He has healed me before I ask, and most of all, it has been made real to me through the healings of my loved ones, my friends, and myself.

Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He went through implants and radium. The Lord touched him and healed him. Again by His stripes we were healed. I thank the Lord for His patience and grace while He waits for me to come to a point that I can believe Him and take Him at His word.

I fell and had to have nineteen stitches beside my eye, forty-six stitches in my hand, and fourteen stitches on my forehead. The Lord healed them and it didn’t affect my eye. A heavy car part fell on my foot and it could easily have been broken but the Lord touched me and it was not broken. Again God’s faithfulness is beyond anything human words can express. But how I thank Him for those healings I have shared with you and the many, many more that I have not.

God Bless you
Sister Gail Addison

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