The Grace of Jesus Christ - Brother Chris Griffin

The Grace of Jesus Christ

BroChris ea11bGreetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I guess I can start off by saying that I had many ups and downs from the age of 18 to 27. That would be from the year of 1992 to 2001. Now my testimony is of the grace of Jesus Christ and how He has brought me to His Message of salvation. How during this time I graduated high school in 1992, went to Jr. College in California, and after that I joined the Army.

Now what I thought was freedom happened in September 2001 when I started working at a Mercedes Benz dealership. The job was not far from my home so I walked to work until I got a car. Once I got a car which was an ’87 Cadillac. I was ready to move out with two of my friends. Soon after I moved out, my car kept giving me trouble, and finally broke down. My grandfather helped me get a ’97 Cadillac Deville. Now I thought I really made it, I had a good job, a nice car, and had the privacy that I always wanted. Now notice, for you to know what the Lord did for me, you have to know what kind of person I was. I never went to church except when I was a little boy. Unknown to me, I had a lust devil, a cigarette and marijuana devil, and an alcohol devil on me that I knew nothing about. The tattoos that I have only remind me of being in the world. I listened to nothing but rap music because I wanted to be a rapper. I thought I had everything I needed. In October 2002 is when I can see now how the Lord was trying to get my attention.


My mom got so sick, she almost died and my car kept over-heating, and it was going to cost me a lot of money to have it fixed by the Cadillac dealership, but I got it fixed for a cheaper price. My mom had gotten better, but I had a chip on my shoulder and was very defensive from the things that were happening to me. I ended up ruffling the wrong person’s feathers and I was fired from my job. In December, we had to move out of the apartment. My stepmother would not let me come back home, but by the grace of God, before I even asked her, my grandfather told me I could come stay with him. While I was trying to keep that apartment, I sold a lot of my stuff. I still had my car so I moved from College Park to Southwest Atlanta. My grandfather welcomed me with open arms. He just wanted me to pay that car note. I bounced around from five different jobs. It seemed as if each one of those jobs had something about them that it just didn’t work out. I held on to my car for as long as I could. At the end of September 2003, I got used to taking all of my things out of the car because the bank told me that they would come get the car and one night they took it.

I looked for employment the best that I knew how. Then one day while passing the job that I have now, my brother asked, “why don’t you try over there?” The next day, I went and filled out an application and got the job two days later. I was happy to get the job for one, to pay my bills, and second, to get back to my worldly activities. I started working in October 2003. A month later, I got to know all of my co-workers. Every now and then, I would listen in on the conversations Bro. Jimmy and another man who I later found out to be Bro. Donnie and Bro. Mark. I finally got a chance to have a full conversation with Bro. Jimmy and something happened. I started having questions, because I had only read Psalms and Proverbs, and Bro. Jimmy was talking about what was in the book of Genesis. So the more we talked I had to go back to Genesis to understand what he was talking about. Bro. Jimmy one day let me read his testimony and I was blessed to read about what Jesus Christ did for him and his life. Then he spoke on water baptism, and I didn’t know if I had been baptized or not. I asked my mother and she said “no, I left it up to you.” So that was my answer, and I knew it had to be done. Even though I was still out in the world, I knew I had to stop smoking pot and cigarettes before I could even attempt to ask someone to baptize me. Bro. Jimmy told me well I can baptize you and you don’t have to come to attend my church ever. Bro. Jimmy just wanted it to be done in the correct way (Acts 2:38). These conversations took place in the month of February 2004. Some of you that are reading this testimony witnessed my baptism. Since that day, I have not smoked any marijuana or one cigarette, and not one sip of an alcoholic drink.

The Lord Jesus Christ I believe once I came out of that water, He took those desires off of me. Now, all true Bible believing Christians know that this is a very hard way, but it is God’s Way. God just doesn’t pull you all the way through and say that you have overcome. This is a fight and I fight daily, because we must fight if we must reign. When I came under conviction, I gave away all my rap C.D.’s. Notice the type of person I was, I wouldn’t let my own brother borrow any of my C.D.’s, and I easily gave them all away. My love for sports has died out. I could care less who wins or loses the game. I am in a life or death situation. I choose Eternal Life. Notice I had some of those gold teeth that those rappers have, they were worth about 450 dollars and I threw them in the trash can. The Lord Jesus has taken these minor things out of the way and has shown me the truth of the Word before the devil could show me a lie about the Word.

When Bro. Jimmy gave me a Church Age book, something struck and I wanted more. I finished the Church Age book and he gave me the Seven Seals book. I finished the Seven Seals book and he gave me the Hebrews Series. I finished that and he gave me the series on Israel and the Church. I finished that and he gave me Daniel Seventy Weeks. I finished that and he said he didn’t have any more books. God was graceful enough to let me receive His Message through His prophet, Bro. William Branham. I never doubted it. Something inside knew it was the truth. The simplicity of it, the Message just seemed so clear to me. By God’s Grace, I see the Word and the Message with a clear understanding, yet some of my family members think I’m crazy and they think that I’m judging them, but no, that’s the Word that’s doing the judging. I love them and try to show them the truth, but I can’t talk to them. I have to be careful of what I say because they will reject the Word because they have in the past. In closing, dear brothers and sisters, be thankful if you can talk with your family about the Word of God because I can not.

Don’t feel sorry for me because the Word says “separate yourself from unbelief,” just as Abraham had to separate himself from Lot (Psalm 69:8, Genesis 13:5-15). The Lord Jesus has dealt with me in dreams or just revealing my mistakes through the Word. I love to be able so see where I’m wrong because correction is Love. We know not what each person goes through, but my specialty was hanging out in the world with worldly people. So I know a worldly person when I see or meet one by how they act or talk and I can tell when someone is turning in that direction because I just came out of the world. Our road is a tough one, so learn from your mistakes and don’t get soft. Be strong and of a good courage, because the Mount Zion showdown is at hand. For me, this experience with the Lord is just as supernatural as anything, because I know what kind of person I was. These things I could not do in myself, but it was the grace, mercy, and power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless you
Brother Chris Griffin

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