A Living Epistle - Brother Jimmy Harris

A Living Epistle

BroHarris d319cShalom, I would like to greet the people and the bride of Jesus Christ around the world. I would like to try, by the help of the Lord, to set forth in order the declaration of things that are surely believed among us as Message believers. We are witnesses and ministers of the Word having a more sure Word of prophecy of these things, that ye might know the certain of these things that the Lord has called us by his grace to this end-time Message of Malachi 4:5, Revelation 10:7, and Luke 17:30. I would like to give a little testimony about myself and of my conversion and ministry that we are involved in at these last days that we are called to. I would also like to talk about the mission work in Jamaica and in India, of how Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, Hebrews 13:8.

My name is Brother Jimmy Harris. I was born in a little country town in Green County Georgia. The background of my family was Baptist and, as a little boy, I joined the Baptist church. I never did learn too much in school, nor participate too much in anything. I was an odd little fellow, real shy and never did understand my life. When I joined this Baptist church, I believe the Lord was trying to call me but I didn’t have anybody to help me. It reminds me of the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:27, when he read the scriptures one day on the way back from a revival, he was reading in Isaiah where the sheep was led to the slaughter, he said “How can I understand, except some man should guide me?” He didn’t understand these things that he read so the Lord caught Phillip up over to the place where the eunuch was so he could expound the scriptures to him, telling him that what he was reading was speaking of Jesus, the Christ. The eunuch believed him and was baptized straight away in the water there. That’s why we need a true ministry to led and guide us and Shepard’s to feed the sheep and instructions from the Lord Himself, the Great Shepard.

So then, I didn’t have anyone to instruct me or help me at that time so I went alone and finished high school. I was young at this time, around 1967 I think, and started to become more and more indifferent from what I was before. The shyness started to fade away and I started to get more involved in the world with drinking and things like that. I was just a sinner. So then, I joined the military services and found myself off to the Vietnam War which was a terrible war and I was badly wounded. While fighting in Vietnam around 9’oclock, the platoon I was with walked into a big ambush which wiped out about 200 men that were with me and, that I know of, only 2 of us were saved out of those 200 men. While in this ambush, I was shot 7 times. Fire and shooting was all around me. I was bleeding real bad and remember praying “Lord, don’t let me die here in Vietnam. Save my life Lord. Let me get back home and I will serve You.” I remember then that the helicopters came and a sergeant put me on a stretcher which lifted me from the ambush to safety while bullets ricocheted off the helicopter. I heard the pilot say, “We are under heavy fire. Let’s go with these two.” I fainted and didn’t awake till in the hospital.

I was in the hospital for 7 months in Okinawa learning to walk again. It was like it got worse and worse. It was almost uncontrollable. I could not help myself. I started to have mental problems because, coming back from the war, you have to re-adjust to the civilian life. It was just bad without God. War is trouble and Satan has caused all these wars and things. I gave a testimony in book form back in 1988 called “Living Epistles” and I believe that I’m a living epistle read of all men because I believe that our lives were ordained before the foundation of the world. He has made us into His own glorious Kingdom. I remember while still in the world I was involved with karate very heavily and a man that knew me before my conversion told me “no wonder someone didn’t kill you back there in the war.” Well, if it wasn’t for the grace of our Lord, no doubt they would have. I believe that I would have been dead before now. Of course, I didn’t know the Lord then, but see, He was looking over me, watching over me. I believe it was representation by predestination. One day in 1979, I was on my back porch drinking really heavily. I was not drunk but just drinking. I started to think of how good the Lord had been to me and the promise that I made (that if He would spare my life in Vietnam, I would serve Him when I got home). Well, my wife just about gave up on me because it got so bad and terrible but I thank the Lord a lot for her because she is my wife. Probably, if she was not my wife, she would have left me. But she bore with me.

Well, I came up under deep conviction that day. I was weeping and crying and, in my heart, I started to repent. I went into the house and started to get the filth out, cleaning my house out. I didn’t understand myself. I started to read the Bible that my mama gave me which I had never read before. I kept it in a place and never did read it. I didn’t understand myself and, after awhile, people started to think I was crazy. On the job they started to mock me and make fun of me thinking that I had become a sissy. The very ones that I used to run the streets with and work with now had become my enemies. Well, I didn’t know much about the Bible and the things of the Lord. I didn’t know of no one that was saved that I could sit down and talk to about my experiences and what was happening to me because I didn’t understand it myself. So I just read the Bible and prayed everyday. Then, one Sunday morning, I was listening to the radio and found myself attending this Baptist church that I knew of at the time. It was the same church from my family background. So one Sunday morning I said to myself that I was just going to go there and join that Baptist church and become a member. Well, it was a large church (about 3000 members) and so, that morning, (I’ll never forget it) the pastor was preaching on the prodigal son and how he went off and spent all of his inheritance, lived unrighteous, and wound up in a hog pen, but he was still a son. So I was thinking about these things as I was going up to join and become a member. Well, before I could go up, there was a voice that spoke behind me. The voice said, “You are not going to join this church.” I didn’t understand that. It seemed like an audible voice. That was the first time I had ever heard that voice. I didn’t understand it but I was to understand it later on.

So then, one day on the job, I worked with a Pentecostal preacher that was a painter there at the car shop. He was talking about the Bible one morning and me, being a Trinitarian, not knowing the difference between the baptism or anything, he introduced me to the water baptism in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. When I seen it, I rejoiced over it (Acts 2:38) and how I read over it and how I missed that verse until now. So I let him baptize me in the lovely name of our Lord Jesus and, as he baptized me, I lost all my strength as I came up out of the water and I fell upon my knees and I saw a light come through the building. The best that I could understand, it came into my chest and I fell on the floor. I had no strength in myself, no control over myself, and I began to speak in this language, a heavenly language, for about 20 minutes or so. So then, when I returned home from the baptism, my wife looked at me strange and said, “why is your face shining?” I didn’t know my face was shining. I said “what do you mean my face is shining?” So she asked me where I had been and I tried to explain to her about this great experience that I had about this light coming through the wall there and knocking me to the floor and I was out there speaking in tongues. So then she wanted to go and to receive the baptism also.

So the following week she got baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus. So then, as I started to read scriptures that I read before, they started to become a greater light to me, a greater meaning to it, and I started to pray for my friends who had persecuted me and talked bad about me. I saw the Lord bring 3 of them to repentance. Not having heard of this Message at that time, I went back to the Baptist church. Still my wife and I could see a great change in our lives of how our marriage was being restored and how we would have love for each other like never before. So one day the Lord revealed to me, around December of 1982, and showed me a net that was spoken of in the gospel of Matthew 13:47 where it was said that the kingdom of heaven is like unto a net that was cast into the sea and gathered of every kind. I saw this net all around the world and it gathered all these spiders and roaches and all these kind of insects in this net. Then, when it was full, the scriptures say, they drew it to the shore, and gathered the good into the vessels and cast the bad away. So shall it be at the end of the world that the angels shall come forth (the servants) and separate the wicked from among the just and cast the wicked into the furnace of fire (that’s the tribulation) and there shall be weeping and gashing of teeth. So then, I didn’t understand this at all but I saw it. So then we see how the prophet would say how God would do anything: He would first do it, then reveal it and then make it manifest. He will make it known to you what He is doing in your journey as He brings you up through your Christian experience in your journey.

Then I understood that the prophet’s Message came and he said that it was denominationalism that was caught in this net on this earth because the world is out of course. They don’t understand. They are like a man that commits adultery; he lacks understanding, he doesn’t know that it’s destroying his soul so the foundation of the world is out of course. So I was on the wrong foundation and was caught into the net also but it was a gospel net. God started to show me in Revelation chapter seventeen that the false church was there. It was a whore with all its prostitute daughters and He was showing me this because He loved me. So after awhile a friend of mine in the Baptist church wanted to receive the water baptism so he received the baptism one day and then we came back to the Baptist church not knowing to come out of her at that time, but once in a service there my friend was slain in the Spirit and people started to gather around him and asking me “what’s wrong with him?” I started to try to explain to them that it was the Holy Ghost and what had happened and while I was doing that I began to speak in tongues.

So after a short time later we left the Baptist church and went to the Pentecostal church and started to attend there because in the light of the truth, the false is exposed and the light shines upon the Word in our hearts as Jesus said, “My words are truth.” So we walked in what light that we saw and started to attend a Pentecostal church. There was an alter call in the church and I just thought that I would go up and join the church because I liked it. It was like angels were there just like the prophet thought he was among angels at one time, so I thought the same because the women dressed good and the preacher was dynamic and had powerful deliverance in his preaching. So I started to go on up to the alter and again that voice spoke to me and said “this church will be alright for just a little while.” Well, there I was. I became a deacon and later on became a teacher. I went to prisons and taught the Word and to peoples’ homes and taught the Word and brought a lot of people to the truth and light that I had at that time. But there was still a hunger within me to this day. I was on the mailing list for the UPC (United Pentecostal Church) and while reading an article, something caught my eye about a Brother Dwayne Dean, a precious brother there in Florida, who had an ad about the “End Time Message.” So I wrote to this ministry for some information because I believed that it was the end time and I was so excited when I received some books from him. I received the CHURCH AGE BOOK, DANIEL’S SEVENTY WEEKS and the SEVEN SEALS and tape messages from Brother Branham which included THREE KINDS OF BELIEVERS and YE MUST BE BORNED AGAIN. I rejoiced but the light didn’t break forth at that time.

Then, later on, the Lord began to reveal that that was the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST because Brother Branham said that it’s Jesus Christ revealed in a new birth according to Matthew 16. So the Lord started to bless me, He would awake me at night and speak to me and show me things. One night He showed me that the pastors at the Pentecostal church were going to try to trap me and so that day they tried with their questions to trap me but I already had the answers for them. He showed me Revelations 12. Now this was in an early time of my experience before I really got into the message of Brother Branham. He showed me in Revelations 12 the man child, the moon, the church, the son and the law of grace. The Lord showed some great things to me during this time and how scriptures and the Message tied in with each other. There was a woman in a car wreck from Oklahoma. We went and prayed for her and the Lord raised her up showing Hebrews 13:8 and, as more of the Word was being revealed to me, the more the Lord spoke to me. One day He spoke to me about a water-well. It was my mother’s well at her house. They had a great drought there. Lakes were dried up but the Lord told me to tell the people to “call me in three days, for water will be in the well. But you go and speak in the well and call for the water.”

So then, in three days, water was in the well. My wife and I rejoiced over this Word and this great miracle that had happened. God does great things and how great He is to reveal it to His people. So around January of 1985, the Lord gave me a rainbow covenant. He showed it to me one morning while going to work around eight o’clock. I saw a beautiful rainbow and He spoke out of the rainbow to me and asked me “what does the rainbow mean?” I said, “Lord, it’s a covenant in the time of Noah that you would not destroy the world with water no more.” He said, “no, it’s between me and thee.” I began to shake and tremble and cry because the presence of the Lord was so great. But I felt so unworthy, so unrighteousness. Then He spoke and said, “It is not because of your righteousness, it is because I promised I would.” He said, “you shall not see death.” Well, some may take that as spiritual death, but I take it as being physical death that I will overcome because He said that He shall rein until the last enemy is put under His feet and we know that the last enemy is death itself. So then, on a Saturday afternoon while teaching a class at this Pentecostal church, a strange man came into the church. It could have been an angel. I don’t know. I can’t say. He was just a common-dressed man that came in and sat down and he asked me if he could say something and I said, “yes of course.” So he said, “I have a word for you. The Lord sent me to you with a message and it was that you have a ministry to preach the end-time Message, Brother Branham’s Message, that would overcome death.” My heart burned within me like those on the road to Emmaus as Jesus spoke to them because it tied back with what was previously spoken to me by the Lord and He already showed me the rainbow that morning around 8 o’clock and we know that 8 is Eternity. Oh, how great God is!

Then this stranger continued and said, “Have you heard of William Branham, the prophet of the end-time?” I said, “yes, I believe he was a prophet and I’ve been reading his books and tapes.” He told me that “his ministry was to rise up in this end-time” and he said that “Martin Luther King was a type of the black people” and he asked me if I had been downtown to see his grave.” I said, “no, I haven’t.” He said, “he was buried not in the ground but on top of the ground.” About then a sister asked him, “will Martin Luther King be in the resurrection?” He said, “No, because he only typed sanctification under the reformation.” Well, I didn’t understand the reformation at that time but he said, “Brother Branham’s message will have to raise and you will have to take it to the people. You will be preaching in foreign lands, the Caribbean’s and things, preaching this Message and those in the Pentecostal denomination have died out.” So I asked him, “where is the True Church? If I am not in the True Church, then where is the True Church?” He pointed to Brother Branham’s Message and walked out the door, not to be seen again. So then, I began to study more and more of the tapes and Messages of the prophet and I began to realize that I had to find some place or somebody or somewhere that this Faith and Revelation is being preached because I knew that this man, William Branham, is the prophet for this end time age and day and I tried to talk to my pastor about this Message but he could not see It. My wife and I became discouraged with the Pentecostals because of so much unbelief there where, at one time, we thought we were among angels. So for one year or more we prayed and prayed for the Lord to speak to us about another assembly to go to. It’s so good to be led by the Lord. So many people go before the Lord and don’t wait but we waited for one year in prayer and finally left the church at that time. As the scripture says, “it has become an habitation of devils and unclean things in this end time.” I got in contact with a brother who told me about a church in Atlanta that had all the books and tapes of Brother Branham. So my wife and I started to attend this New Testament Church in Atlanta. Brother Wilson Hembree was the pastor at that time and was a very fine brother in the Lord. We attended the church for about five years and got an opportunity to go on my first mission trip to Jamaica with Brother Hembree and met Brother Thomas Braidy that was in the meeting that Brother Branham preached in 1965 called, “What is the Attraction on the Mountain.” His wife was healed in those meetings. He was a very fine brother in the Lord. We had fellowship around the Word in my home when he visited America.

I have met lots of fine people since I have come into this Message that were in those meetings, but I have met very few with this Revelation of Jesus Christ. There maybe some that I don’t know of but there are very few true ministers that I’ve met with this Revelation. The prophet brought the truth and this Message will produce a Bride for Christ, and It has. Well, around January of 1988, the Lord started to speak to my heart about the Message “CHRIST IS THE MYSTERY OF GOD REVEALED.” He started to reveal to me that Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed. Notice that it’s in a three-fold Revelation. This mystery has been hid from the foundation of the world, the very purpose and plan that God had for a people. Brother Branham preached this Message in 1963 after he preached the Seals. We know out of the Seals come the Seven Thunders, the divine mystery truths that is to give us Rapturing Faith. In 1963, he preached the Seals and then went on and preached “CHRIST IS THE MYSTERY OF GOD REVEALED.” I started to attend minister meetings at that time and a brother was speaking on the subject, “CHRIST IS THE MYSTERY OF GOD REVEALED,” which was tying in with this third pull that God was trying to show me. Brother Branham said, “if you fail, come back to this Message ‘CHRIST IS THE MYSTERY OF GOD REVEALED.’” (See quote below)

“Do you get it? If you fail, come back to this tape again. I don't know how much longer I'll be with you. Remember, this is the Truth of THUS SAITH THE LORD. It's the Truth. It's the Scripture.”

He said to come back to this Message, not the seals, but the three-fold Revelation of Jesus Christ. “CHRIST IS THE MYSTERY OF GOD REVEALED.” The division in the Message today is because of lack of this Revelation. So then, the Seventh Seal is in a three-fold revelation. It’s in a three-fold manner which is Hebrews 13:8, All of God in Christ, All of Christ in His Church to restore fallen Eden back. The third pull, the manifestation, the opening of the Word to manifest Christ in the earth, like the sixth seal having a three-fold purpose, the sanctification seal of the Word, the begotten of the Word, the planting of the Word, is Calvary. All these things then became alive to me (these seals, the book of redemption, the end time plan of redemption) but I wasn’t hearing anybody preach these things according to Matthew 16 as a personal revelation. They were preaching messages of Brother Branham, but not as a personal revelation. So then, we prayed for the Lord to speak to us, and He did speak to us about this assembly here in Lula where Brother Dale is pastor and about the church in Erwin, TN where Brother Woodby is. I saw that the third pull was already in operation, that the Word was opening to some more people with the manifestation also because the Lord had already revealed it to me in a negative form. And by this spoken Word, Mark 11:23 & 24.

MARK 11:23.24
“For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

I called for a missing check one day and it came. By trade I was a body repair man and one day I needed to paint a man’s car but it was raining. You can’t paint in the rain so by this revealed spoken Word, this spoken Word is the original seed, the Lord spoke and said, “What did Joshua say when he was in the battle?” Well, he said, “Sun stand still.” So I spoke by the faith that God gave me and the rain stopped that day and we finished the job and painted the car. That doesn’t make me anything. I just want to testify of the goodness of the Lord and how His Grace has appeared unto us bringing His great salvation. Another story of His grace was my wife’s mom and dad had a bad accident on the freeway. They were both badly wounded and went to separate hospitals. My wife was crying and I prayed and asked the Lord to spare their lives. The doctor said that her mom’s nose, jaw, and ribs were broken and that they were going to have to remove her right eye. At about four O’clock that next morning the Lord awoke me and revealed unto me that they would not remove the eye. I awoke my wife and told her that they will not remove the eye and that I say so. I told her I prayed and asked the Lord and now He revealed it to me. (Mark 11:23) It’s what you say. You have not doubted. It’s what you say and I spoke it from my own revelation. For Jesus said, “it’s what you say, it shall be, and you shall have it,” so I spoke it. The doctor tried to remove the eye two times. The children signed the papers for the eye to be removed but she was dismissed from the hospital with her eye and with no jaw or nose broken.

I have seen the Lord Jesus confirm His Word many times showing that He is Hebrews 13:8, “the same yesterday, today and forever.” The Lord changes not, but only in His form. The Bride is the last form that He takes up. For the Bride is the Word made manifest. It’s Him, the same as He was yesterday. He did it and now He is revealing it in human form, in flesh, as the Son of Man, the Bride type, the second coming of Christ, the Bride coming out of the church, our own organizational ideas. Christ is in His Bride. Oh, how I thank Him for that true Revelation of Himself. He has done and gave Himself at Calvary. He gave His soul for a ransom. He gave His soul so that He can come back in my life. He gave His life’s blood that it can become spirit in my life. My eyes have seen His manifestation in my day, in my life, and in other’s lives.



Well then, I was preaching one night and a friend of mine that I testified to about the Lord that followed me into the Message wanted me to pray for him. For he had a big bump on his eyes and he wanted them to be taken away and I asked him if he believed what I preached was the truth and he said he did. Well then I prayed and the next day his eyes were normal again. You know that I am just a witness of these things, of what Brother Branham said would be. The Bride has a ministry. The second fold of the three-fold revelation will make it manifest the kingdom is being restored. I am just telling now of my testimony of how I believe the Lord was training us and bringing us to the Message because it was a slow process. “Word on word, line on line, precept upon precept.” He’s building up the stature of a perfect man. He’s bringing us to the very image of Himself, the very form.

Now, Ephesians 4:30 tells us that He that descended is the same that also ascended that gave gifts unto men. Some He gave apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers for the perfection of the saints until we come to the very image of the stature of a perfect man. The Prophet preached these things. Now the ministry is a five-fold ministry. So then the true five-fold ministry is to perfect the saints. Now we believe we are part of this ministry.

So I will tell about my call to this ministry. Well, I believe, according to the prophet’s Message and the Bible, that apostle Paul was a true pattern messenger of the true ministry. A pattern is something that everything ties back to and he said he was called to make the mystery known that was hid before the foundation of the world that was a three-fold revelation and is the complete mystery that we must make known in this end time. Paul prophesied that we should not all sleep, talking and speaking about the bride of Jesus Christ, but we shall be changed at the last trump, for the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with a voice of the archangel, Michael, the Lord Himself. He prophesied there would be a change and He went on and gave a grace of marriage and divorce and we know that the seven thunders are the divine mystery truths that are in the seven seals. One blast went forth and seven thunders uttered their voices when Brother Branham went out to Tucson. So then He said these seven thunders are the divine mystery truths that lay within the seven seals that will give us rapturing faith. So, after the seals break, then out of the seals come eternal blessings of the Message “WHO IS THIS MELCHESIDEC,” “MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE,” “THE RAPTURE,” and He said the change. What is the change? It’s just a change of the body. So then it has to connect with the rest of the Bible. Take us back to Genesis, all the way through the Bible. It was a mystery that was hid. So then, in “MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE,” now we are getting rid of our carnal mind, our old husband. We had too many husbands. See, we were committing fornication and all sin is forgiven without, but the sin of fornication is sinning against your own body and there was no grace given for this until this great Message came in this end time. As Message believers, we should look for these things being revealed. It is an individual experience that God deals with us on, personal to you as Jesus said and as ?????Bro. Branham????? said in CHRIST THE MYSTERY OF GOD REVEALED. I also want to say this, not toward anybody, but I want to say that I believe that I have seen the third pull in manifestation several times and by the opening of the Word I’ve seen it work. But the prophet said that it won’t work like it ought to until the squeeze comes on.

Now, the seven thunders is the voice of God and the voice of God spoke when the seals broke. So it’s by the opening of the Word that you’ll be able to speak the voice of God (Mark 11:23,24) and that the keys of the kingdom of heaven are given unto you, that whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. The manifestation of these things, water in the well by the Spoken Word, an eye not removed, and rain stopped by the Spoken Word.???? Brother Branham had three manifestations. The Lord spoke to him to speak the Word. That was “Thus Saith the Lord.” But when it came down to the bull that morning, he spoke, I believe, in the revelation of his own faith. God didn’t have to tell him to do anything. So then, I am telling you these things of the way God was speaking to me about this third pull. So then I came to the revelation of DANIEL SEVENTY WEEKS of this end-time Message and preached and taught them and came into the seals in about 1994. I preached the seals and out of those great seals comes Revelation and for the last couple of times we have seen the 3rd pull work.

One day my wife, my daughter and I were coming down I-20, the expressway, and a tornado was coming down the expressway. We became so frightened and so afraid. It was our natural selves. I thought about how Peter was on the ship that day so afraid that he went and awoke the Master and said, “Master, Master do you care not that we perish?” The Master didn’t speak unto Peter and them because of their unbelief but he said, “Peace be still,” and the waves and storm ceased and they said, “what kind of man is this that controls the winds and the waves?” So I was just thinking about this while turning down a road on the expressway and, as Brother Branham says, “When He comes, every time He comes, something good just happens.” And so that day, while going down the expressway, it was so dark with black skies that we were sore afraid and all of a sudden I raised my hand and He spoke through these lips of clay and said, “Peace be still.” All of a sudden the tornado started to roll back the other way from the expressway. It was just like the film, “Ten Commandments,” if you ever saw it. When Moses spoke to the red sea the clouds started to roll back. That’s the way the tornado started to roll back. My wife was there and can testify of these things. They were not done in a corner but were for the testifying that He is Hebrews 13:8, “the same yesterday, today and forever.”

Then, another time, I was on my way home from work. I was driving in my car and my car was an old car that had been driven for many years. In fact, it has over 400,000 miles on it by the help and blessings of the Lord. Well, we were driving home one day and the gas gauge had stopped working awhile back and I never did get it repaired. So we were on the way home and the engine started to sputter and it stopped. The car was out of gas. Well, I had a couple of dollars with me but I didn’t have my gas can with me so I couldn’t walk to get gas. So I called my wife to tell her to come by and get some gas for me but couldn’t get an answer. I walked to the car and back to the phone booth, back and forth, but couldn’t get an answer. So I started to just walk home which was a long ways away. It was getting dark and I was in a bad neighborhood. A lot of dope people there. People were talking to poles and trying to get into other peoples’ cars. It’s just terrible in the night time when those things happen and I believe that every time I have seen the 3rd pull, it was because of a great desperation that comes upon my heart.

Well, I just thought I would start to walk home but, then, a great desperation came. A thought change, like Brother Branham said about Moses, that Moses picked up the thought of God and He put it on his lips and it wasn’t Moses. It became the Word of God and the Word materialized and was made manifest. So this thought came to me, “Go put your key in the car, crank it up, and drive it on home.” This was not my thought. It was His thought. So I went back to the car, put the key in it and, sure enough, it cranked right up like it had plenty of gas in it and I took it on. Oh, what joy I was in. I was excited! I was rejoicing! I was praising the Lord and, all of a sudden, I was thinking again, “I better pull over and get two dollars of gas when I get to the service station. Surely I will make it home then.” So then, you know how the natural mind is. I started to pull into the service station and then He spoke to me and said, “Did not I tell you to drive it on home? Do not disbelieve.” So I said, “Lord, thank You,” and I drove it on home.

But, you know, the 3rd pull does not have any unbelief in it; no unbelief, just perfect faith and that’s what we need for the change of these bodies is perfect faith. That’s why I believe that I am called to preach this end-time Message and speak of the things that the Lord has given us. Now I’ve tied it back to the prophet’s Message and the Bible. Paul’s patterned messenger had signs and wonders following him and I believe that’s what’s wrong today, so many signs and wonders, Jannes and Jambres are in the land. The anointed ones at the end time are here. The fallen angels are here. See, people are following after signs and things but I have never followed after signs because signs follow the believer. The Lord has always shown me things and then these signs will follow. So this is the true pattern of the Message, the Word running in continuity. When you take the Word out of continuity you break every promise of God. You throw the whole promise of God out of continuity and misinterpret every word. So then, we are speaking of our ministry, the five-fold ministry, that is given for the perfecting of the saints and I believe that we have a five-fold ministry to perfect the saints. It’s the desire in our hearts that predestinates us. It’s according to our desires the way He called us before the foundation of the world.

So then, back in the times, very early times, I knew a precious brother from India, Brother Jeevan Prakash. I had a great desire to help him in the ministry. Now we’re going to talk about the mission work for a while. I had a great desire to help him. Before then I was just sending money to addresses of missionaries that a brother gave me that was in the mission fields of Mexico and different places. I would just send them a little money at a time to help them on the mission field. I was introduced to Brother Prakash through Brother Phil Kemp. One day, as we talked, I felt that I wanted to support him in his ministry there in India because he told me about his ministry of helping the lepers and orphans and he was doing the work of an evangelist and things. So I started to help them. In Lula they were only supporting one ministry at that time. I tried to introduce him to the ministry at Lula church so that we could start to support him and so we did. I also had a direct desire to try to get help for Brother Braidy but it took a while for us to really get into this plan of God that I believe He had for us before the foundation of the world to help in missions. So we really could bless Brother Braidy because they really needed help. So when we went the last time to the mission field we saw how the churches have grown. Five different major churches have grown from Brother Braidy’s work there and, through the help of the Bride of Jesus Christ, not only us, but other people around the world. The Bride around the world is helping the needy in other countries. Brother Arlington was over in Cuba preaching the Message. At that time we were preaching the last message over in Jamaica on ADOPTION, MANIFESTATION TIME, THE THREE FOLD MANNER OF JESUS CHRIST and THE CHANGING OF THE BODY. We believe it’s time for these things and we’re trying to set forth in order a declaration of these things which are more surely believed among us.

So now I have a more sure word of prophecy and all these things that are read of the prophet and the things that are read in the Bible. I believe Christ has come out of the Bible and Christ is the mystery of the Bible and He is the prophecy of the Bible but Christ has come out of the Bible. The Life has come. So then, He has come out of the Message, the prophet’s Message. Christ comes out of the prophet’s Message. Brother Branham said that the seventh seal will come back for us. It’s the BRIDE coming, coming out of the ages. So then Christ has no hands but our hands to do this work today. He has no feet but our feet to lead me and you in this way. We know that He is the Way, the Truth and the Light. He has no tongue but our tongue to tell the men and people how He died and gave His soul that they can come into the kingdom. He has no help but our help to bring them to His side, Calvary, which is the Word. We are the only Bible that this careless world will ever read. We are the sinner’s gospel. We are the Lord’s last Message, the seventh angel Message, the last trump, and the last seal. They all sound the same thing.

So, how can we hope to help Him and hasten His return? We surely will meet Him in the air. Brother Branham said it and the Bible said it. We will meet Him in the air. When Brother Branham went beyond the curtain of time, he saw the souls under the alter so the angel told him to come back to earth and they wanted to come back to earth to get their bodies. So we can meet the promised son in these bodies. These bodies have got to be changed. It’s not that we get a new body. That’s a great error around the people of the Message today. They believe in organizational idea’s that we will get a new body. But a new body doesn’t show redemption because it’s the same body that went down that came up. There are people in the Message today that are preaching that Jesus didn’t rise in a natural, Eternal body that was changed and glorified. So how is it that we get a body like His body if ours are not glorified? If it’s not changed, it’s not quickened. Quickened means “resurrection” which means “alive” so that we can meet Him in the air. So then, we truly need power today so we all can be Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, and awakened. Let us stay awake. For those seven thunders are to wake us up again because we were dead in trespasses and sin. Sin is “unbelief.” So wake up in this hour. For it’s the hour that you think not that He appears. He shall appear the second time without sin unto salvation to everyone that believeth. His appearing is here. His coming is here. Then let us walk in holiness so we can meet Him with cheer in the air and meet Him with the Shout in the air. Hallelujah!! We thank the Lord for these great things that He has shown us in this end-time and pray they have been a blessing to you.

God Bless you
Brother Jimmy Harris

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