The Simple things of God - Sister Anna Kinnard

The Simple things of God

SisAnna c950dWhen I first came to Spoken Word Church, I worked a full-time job and a part-time job cleaning offices. One evening I was cleaning a toilet rim and it had a sharp piece sticking out and when I ran my fingers under the rim, it sliced my index finger next to the nail on my right hand. The cut would heal and then break open again. One time Brother Sam was talking about how his hands cracked open and bled. It was then that I told him how my finger would crack open and then heal again. He told me he would pray for mine and I could pray for his hands. It wasn’t long after that that my finger healed and I’ve never had a problem with it since.

Another time, I had a couple of warts, one on the middle finger and one on the palm of my hand close to the thumb base. Sister Harris and I were talking about warts and that Christa, at one time, had warts on her hands and how she prayed and God took the warts away. Then I took it to the Lord about my warts. I prayed and forgot about it. Then one evening, Al and I had Kristen and Jeremiah out with us and we were on our way home. Jeremiah started talking about the warts he had all over his hands and I was going to show him the warts on mine. When I looked, they were gone. Then we asked God to take away Jeremiah’s warts like He did mine. A couple of months later, Jeremiah’s mom told me his warts were gone.

The simple things of God in our lives are so often overlooked and I thank God for all the wonderful things He has done in my life. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the saving and healing power of Calvary!

God Bless you
Sister Anna Kinnard

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