Learning to Trust - Amy Salas Stewart

Learning to Trust

The weekend of November 4th was a weekend thaSisAmy 263c8t God was really dealing with me. It seemed like everything was put into my path to test and try me, and everything was going wrong. Ashleigh, Jeffrey, and I had all decided to drive to Covington, Georgia, for a youth banquet that Brother Daniel Gissendaner’s church was hosting. We all had a lot of other things that we could be doing for schools and elsewhere, but decided to go anyway.

Friday night we were supposed to leave by 5:00 P.M., but Ashleigh’s car battery messed up. Every time she stopped at a traffic light her car would cut off, and this was the car that we were planning to drive on the trip. Finally, around six o’clock we went to pick her up at the Mitsubishi place. We decided to take my Mom’s van instead.

We got on the road about 6:30 and the banquet was supposed to start at 7:30. With the heavy traffic we knew that there was no way that we were going to make it on time. We tried making good time and that’s when things started really happening! First, I missed the exit that we were supposed to get off at because there had been road construction. They totally changed the place where you were supposed to go. So, we got off at the next exit and tried back-tracking, but that didn’t work. We decided, then, to stop at McDonald’s, get something to eat, and get some directions.



We got our food and the directions, and got back on the road. This time we decided to pray. Our parents had suggested doing that before we left and we hadn’t listened. Now, we decided that it was about time we did. It turned out that the directions we had been given were totally wrong. After going the wrong way for about 30 minutes I called my Dad. We back-tracked yet again and finally found the right road.

We knew that after all this we were definitely going to be late. We figured that Satan was just trying to stop us from being at some good meetings. We thought that we would get there in time for at least some of the preaching. We were all laughing and having a good time despite the fact that we were running so late when suddenly there was a *BOOM*! While we were sitting at a red light some lady rear-ended us.

After everything else that had happened already that evening we thought that things could not get any worse. We pulled over into a gas station and waited on the police. We were overjoyed to find that there really hadn’t been any damage done to either car. The impact of the crash should have caused damage, but somehow God had stopped that because we had prayed.

We finally got back on the road again and arrived there just in time for five minutes of preaching and the closing prayer. We were all just happy to be there safe and sound. Everything for the rest of the weekend went awesome. There were great meetings and great fellowship. We knew why Satan had tried to stop us from being there. He kept trying to distract us, though.

My Mom brought us my car on Saturday since we had gotten in the wreck with the van on Friday. On Sunday morning, while I was loading up, I set my purse and my jacket and some other stuff on top of the car. I was trying to clean out the back seat so that some girls who wanted to ride with us to church could have a place to sit. I got everything off the top of the car except my purse! For some reason I totally forgot about my purse.

We were about half way to church and had already gotten lost again when I realized that I didn’t have my purse with me. We drove back to all of the places that we had been and looked on the sides of the road. It was nowhere to be found. We knew that Satan did not want us to be there for some awesome services. We decided to go back to church anyway and pray about it.

I told the deacon as soon as we got there what had happened, and he put in a prayer request about it. I tried to calm myself down and just concentrate on the worship service, but a woman’s purse is her life. I had everything in it—my driver’s license, social security card, debit cards to my accounts and my parents’ accounts, my savings account information, everything.

The church there prayed, and our church back home prayed as well, for it to come back. I felt a peace come over me and I knew that it was going to come back. We finished the service and went to look one more time before heading home. Meanwhile, my parents were at home cancelling all of my accounts when they got a phone call. Someone had found my purse and was trying to find me! When he brought me my purse everything was left in it just as it had been before I lost it. Oh the power of God’s love!

God Bless you
Amy Stewart

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