God’s Healing Grace in My Life - Sister Annie Ruth Colley

God’s Healing Grace in My Life

SisterColley c929bMy problems began back in 1979. I remember that I was putting some detergent into the dishwasher at school. While I was mixing it up it splashed into my eye. The ladies at school washed my eye out with cold water, but the dietician at school told one of the ladies to take me to the Decatur Hospital. The doctors there washed it out and put drops in it, then told me to go home and rest. I went back to work the next day. I was blessed because the Lord healed my eye.

I think it was in 1979 or 1980 one Saturday that my two sons and I went to buy groceries. Suddenly everyone started running and yelling. My two sons were outside of the car. It had caught on fire. I had already put some of the groceries in the car and two of the bags caught on fire and burned up. The car beside mine caught on fire also, but I thank God that no one was hurt. Someone called the fire department and they came and put out the fire. By God’s grace we were safe.

One day in the 80’s I was driving my father’s car. I was coming from work and I was going over to Snapfinger School to pick up my sister. The car began to smoke. It was going really slow. When I turned onto Snapfinger Road, the car caught on fire, but it did not burn up real bad. The fire truck cam and put it out. I was thankful that it was not serious. By God’s grace He saved me again.

Back in 1980, I went to work one day and I was feeling fine. As the day went on, though, I developed a mild headache. I took some medicine for it. It seemed to have stopped hurting for awhile, but on my home, it got really bad. At that time my husband was working at night so when I got home I went and lay down. My head was hurting so bad by that time that I could not think straight. I could not even pray. When my husband came in later, he asked me what was the matter, and if I wanted to go to the hospital. I said yes.



As we prepared to leave, my left eye began to close up. I started to see double. I was hurting so much that I could not remember to ask my husband to pray for me. So we went to the hospital. When we got there they took my blood pressure, gave me shots, and all kinds of medication. I was in the hospital for about three days. I had to stay home for about six weeks, going to the eye doctor three times each week. I was still seeing double in my left eye. One day while I was ironing my eye began to clear up. I was not seeing double any more. I have God to thank for that. By God’s grace I was healed.

I remember also back in 1980 I was at work using a machine called a Kobak. I was cutting vegetables to make salad. This machine has a very sharp blade, and I just happened to look away when I put my hand a little bit too far underneath the machine and touched the blade. I cut my thumb almost off, injuring my first finger. All the skin was cut off of it. I had to the hospital to get it stitched up. Again I was off work until my fingers were healed. I had to go to therapy three days a week. Again, by God’s grace, I was healed and able to go back to work.

About 1980 or 1981 we were planning to go to Tennessee. We were planning on leaving early that Saturday morning. During the night I was wakened by small rashes. I began to itch. At first it started on my forehead, then in my head, then on my face. I the got up and went to the bathroom and took a look in the mirror at myself. The rash was all over my body. I started back to the bedroom to wake up my husband and I fell down on the bathroom floor. I could hear, but I could not say anything. I heard the telephone ringing, but I could not answer it. My husband heard it and he came to see why I was not answering the telephone. He picked me up off the floor and led me to the bedroom. Then he took me to the doctor. The doctor checked my blood pressure and temperature, then gave me some medication.

The doctor asked me what I had for lunch and dinner. I told him that I had been drinking some light lemonade and I had eaten some processed ham that came in a can. He said that he did not know what caused me to break out like that. He told me to stay away from the ham and lemonade.

One day back in 1986 when I went to work my stomach was hurting, but not that bad. On my home, though, it began to hurt worse. When I got home, my son was there, but not my husband. He had gone to the store. My son said, “Mom, you should call your doctor.” He left because he was son his way to work. I talked to my sister and told her about the pain that I was having in my stomach. She prayed for me. Then I went and called my doctor. As he was talking and asking me questions, I dropped the telephone. I could not respond to him. He told me that he was going to send an ambulance to pick me up.

When they got to the house, they could not get in. They thought maybe they would have to break the door. By the time they were getting ready to cut the door down, my husband drove up. He asked them what was going on. They told him that they had gotten a call from the doctor to come out and pick me up because I was unconscious. My husband let them in and they began to work on me. That’s when they found out that I had a small tumor in my stomach.

I had to have an operation. The people from church came up to visit me. I was going to be operated on that Monday. I knew that friends and relatives were praying for me. Brother Dale and Sister Dale and some of the other brothers and sisters were there. My husband was also there. Before the operation, the doctor came into my room and began to explain to me about the operation and what could happen.

I was afraid, but I called on the Name of Jesus and I began to pray. After the prayer, my mind was at ease and I was not afraid any more. The operation took about six hours and when I came out of the recovery room, my husband, Brother Dale, and Sister Dale were right there. The doctor told them that the operation went fine. By the grace of God I was healed. I was out of work at least six weeks.

One day it had been raining and I was coming home from work. The roads were a little slippery. There was a car ahead of me which had slid off of the road, and another car in the curve. I did not see it until I was almost up on it. I began to put on the brakes, but my car hit right smack into the back of that car. The lady that was driving it did not get hurt because she was not in the car. It hit so hard that it bent my steering wheel in and knocked my glasses off. I cut my lip.

The police came, and the ambulance came and took me to the hospital. I arrived around 3:15 P.M., but they did not start working on me until about 4:30 P.M. I had to have three stitches in my bottom lip. I was out of work for about a week, then. I had to put my car in the shop to get it fixed.

About three months later, my husband and I were on our way to church in Gainesville when we got into another automobile accident. This time it was a four-car accident. A lady was driving and she stopped suddenly. The car behind her stopped, then a truck hit that car, and we hit the truck. By God’s grace no one got hurt. The other cars were not bent as much as my car. I did not have a car again for about two and half months, but that was okay. I still had my life. The Lord is still blessing me each and every day. I just can’t thank the Lord enough for what He has done for me.

Around January or February of 1994 I realized that I had a knot on my neck. It was not painful, I don’t think, but I know that it was there. My husband was concerned. He decided that I must go to a doctor and let them take a look at it. They diagnosed me as having a lymph nodes cancer.

It was operated on and most of it was gotten out, but then I had to take chemotherapy every Monday. By God’s grace I am healed because God is still the healer in my life. He healed me from 1979 up until now. I know God is real. When I first found out that I had cancer, I was afraid, but not any more, because God promised me that by His stripes I am already healed.

God Bless you
Sister Annie Ruth Colley

Sister Ruth went to be with the Lord the following year. She continued to be an encouragement to all who knew and loved her during her life time here.

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