God, I'm Holding You to Your Word - Brother Ryan Bonnette

I really don’t know where to begin writing a testimony about the miracles God has wrought in my life. The list is so endless. I’m thankful that God has given Brother Joseph Canada and me a burden to gather the people’s testimonies together into a book so that we can all remember the things God has done for us, and give Him the praise for it all. It’s so easy to forget over time some of the wonderful things He’s done.

He has been to me a great help in time of need (Heb. 4:16). In my day to day life, any time I have a need, I just say a simple prayer and God leads me and guides me through the situation. I can’t count all the times I’ve misplaced something (wallet, keys, watch, etc.) and prayed for it to come back and I’d find it again.

I remember being at Brother Byler’s youth camp recently and having to watch Sister Amy Salas get thrown off of a 4-wheeler like a rag doll into a barbed wire fence. Only by the grace of God, she was not severely injured. A few minutes later Brother Joe Salas and I went out to search for the car keys that she had lost as she fell off the 4-wheeler.

It’s funny how we make everything hard on ourselves by trying to do things on our own before we ask God to help us. We began searching for the “needle in a haystack”. The keys had landed in a ditch which was overgrown with weeds. We couldn’t find them. After remembering that I serve the almighty Creator of the universe, I said a silent prayer that the Lord would help us to find the keys. A few seconds later, I picked them up and handed them to Brother Joe.



Another way that God helps me in my day to day life is with the tests I take in college. I think that I have a great advantage over my fellow students in the area of testing because they can only rely on their own ability to remember information on the tests. Thankfully I am not relying solely on my own abilities. My job is to study as hard as I can for the upcoming test and then, before the test begins, I take out my prayer cloth, slide it under my watch, say a prayer, and see God’s blessings unfold. I don’t know how many times my mind has gone blank during a test and I’d say another silent prayer: “God, I’m holding You to Your Word. You said that anything I ask in prayer, believing, I shall receive it.” (Matt. 21:22) Suddenly the answer to the test question would come to my remembrance.

God has also helped me on numerous occasions at the Fieldale Farms Poultry Processing plant were I work as a part-time painter. My job involves working around dangerous equipment, often in locations high above the ground in order to paint pipes, hand rails, pumps, chemical storage tanks, and many other industrial type painting jobs. Considering the manner in which I’ve had to crawl around such dangerous equipment so high above the ground, it’s only by God’s grace that I haven’t fallen or broken a leg or arm, or had any other injuries. I am very comforted to know that there is a guardian angel watching over me to bear me up lest I dash my foot against a stone (Psalm 91:12). Hallelujah!

Many times I’ve been in the middle of a painting job outside of the plant when a thunderstorm would approach. Again I would turn to the Lord and ask that He hold off the rain long enough for me to finish the job. On one of these occasions, I remember that, after I prayed, a few drops of rain began to fall. However, I stood my ground and said, “God, I’m holding You to Your Word.” A moment later the rain ceased and I was able to finish the job.

Many people would probably not give much thought to the things that I’ve written about so far. Maybe to some it doesn’t sound so impressive for God Almighty to do such simple things as helping me on tests, and helping me to find a set of keys; but that’s one of the very things that so fascinates me about God. He’s so mighty, so powerful, so magnificent, and yet He cares about the minute details of our lives! He’s so tremendous and wonderful, yet He can bring Himself down to such a humble form that He could be born as a helpless baby in a manger. Praise the Lord!!!

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell how God brought me out of organization and into the Message of the hour. I was raised in a Baptist church and taught Baptist doctrine, such as the Trinitarian doctrine, as far back as I can remember. I never really questioned any of it, but simply accepted it as the truth. Throughout my time in high school I became friends with people who were affiliated with a wide variety of denominations. Some were Baptists, some Methodists, some Catholics, and many others as well. Though we had different beliefs, all of us claimed to be Christians. The question began to rise in the back of my mind: “How can so many different people take the same Holy Bible and have such different beliefs about it?” Even I knew that we couldn’t all be right.

I remember thanking God once when I was still in the Baptist church that He allowed me to be born in the denomination that had the truth. However, I wasn’t satisfied with this assumption for long. I began to wonder how I could know for certain that what I believe is right and everyone else is wrong. I later realized that all of these questions were raised in my mind because God was dealing with me. The great mother eagle was beginning to call me out of the barnyard. Thank God!

During my junior year in high school, in the midst of all my confusion, I crossed paths with Sister Amy Salas. I noticed that she was very different from the other girls at school. She always wore dresses and never cut her hair. She did not present herself like other girls did in a seductive, revealing manner. She was modest and conservative. We began to get to know one another and she came with me to my church every now and then.

She continually invited me to come to her church, but I turned her down. I suppose I was simply afraid to go to a church where the people had such different beliefs than what I was taught. Finally I agreed to go with her to a meeting that Brother Dale was hosting in Gainesville. I saw things there that I had never seen in my back-seat-Baptist life! The people stood up in the middle of the service without being asked to, and they were shouting and praising the Lord. I honestly didn’t know what to think.

After this, I began visiting Spoken Word Church and studying the Message for myself, and God began to reveal His Word personally to me. Again, this exemplifies how God, as powerful as He is, works in such simplicity to carry out His perfect will and plan. He didn’t put a big flashy billboard before me to tell me that this is where I need to be. He simply sent one of His children to my school and allowed us to cross paths. That is a miracle in itself. Amy could have become close friends with anyone else there and possibly not ever even meet me. God made certain that we’d meet and thus He brought me to the truth.

There are many other miracles in my life that I could testify of that God has done for me. I am so very thankful to Him for His many blessings. He’s my Savior, my Redeemer, my Provider, my Comforter, my All in all, and so many other wonderful things. May God alone be glorified in my life in all that I say and do.


God Bless you
Brother Ryan Bonnette




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